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Christians Must Elect

Their Next

State Representative

Forget a top-down attack on the power in Washington. Special interests and a hostile national MSM are too powerful.  Anyone who attempts a frontal assault at their strengths has always and will always be decimated.

Fortunately, the power in Washington has an Achilles heel  - the nullification of the 17th Amendment.

This would be fought tooth and nail, but if Christians kept to their guns, the  Washington corruptors could not stand a chance. 

The secret for the nullification of the fraudulent and unconstitutional "Direct Election of Senators" 17th Amendment means you first put into place a super majority of state representative with a Christian and patriotic backbone. One who loves his country and our Christian Western Heritage above all else.

And the good news is that getting good representatives at the lowest levels of State government are surprisingly easy to get.

Small minority groups get their way.

Why should majority Christians never get their way?

The trick for majority rule is that you have to actually have a goal of electing a good representative for the Christian majority and diligently work that goal.

Everyone else have been.

Far smaller minority groups like Teacher's Unions and Jews are prime examples of what a little organized effort can achieve, even against all odds.

Districts which are majority Christian, as most are in this country, can certainly disagree on everything else under the sun, but must come together for the sake of country and religion, in order to retake control of the federal government.

Far easier to agree on what you want at the local level, where most are either liberal or conservative, Protestant or Catholic, and old community or a young community, a rural community or an urban community, than at the federal level where a few are winners, but most will never have their needs met.

Just too many groups at the federal level to please hardly anyone.

There is only one Constitution, easily read, and one Bible.

How hard can it be for Christians to support the Bible and the Constitution.

Does not matter if you are rich or poor, man or woman, black or white, old or young, urban or rural, the Bible and the Constitution is what has always united us, and both are under attack.

In particular, Christians need to support the New Testament half, as Jews have insured that the Old Testament part is amply represented.

To that matter of Jews.

New-York-City-based, Jewish-owned MSM and New-York-City-based, Jewish-owned Goldman Sachs have surprisingly little influence in the Kansas 12th District primary Republican election, or the Idaho 8th District primary Republican election, or the North Carolina 9th District primary Republican election,

For that matter, the Up-State New York's 2nd District primary Democrat election is not controlled from New York City. Up-state New Yorkers do not like the city folks much.

If you looked at an electoral map of Illinois, you would think it was a Red State. The rural parts of Illinois, with all their state districts, are conservative, while the ultra-liberal, mega-city of Chicago wags the tail.

The majority winning the primary, most times means you have won the general election by default.

The secret to tiny minorities winning is that they are totally focused on the primary. For they know that...

If you lose the primary,
you can never win the general election.

Goes to show that if your guy did not win the primary, he cannot win the election.

So you have to focus on the primary.

And that is the second secret.

The Primary is much easier to win

Since most any general election involves a close call of 50% Democrat and 50% Republican, right off the bat you need a little more than 50% of all the votes.

And this is when the idiots who never follow politics decides to show up and vote for their favorite glamor candidate pushed by the Judeo-MSM.

Now, the same 50%/50% goes at the primary level.

And at the primary level, the only ones who show up to vote have a great "special interest" to be there, be it a teacher's union or a group of Jews.

Between one primary opponent and another primary opponent, you only need a little more than 50% to win the primary.

Half of half is a quarter.

To win any State election, you only then need little more than 25% of the vote -- in TOTAL.

But even before you have organized your friends and family, most candidates for State office will already be poised to receive the 25% of the total vote at the primary level.

Hence as little as 5% to 10% concentrated effort on the side of a candidate makes all the difference in the world.

Your 5% to 10% at the primary election is the difference between winning and losing the general election.

This is what the teacher's unions have always known.

This is what the Jews have always known.

And this is why it has always been so important for Jews to stop any effort at devout Christians to organize.

Churches are threatened by the IRS if they are political, but Synagogues get along just fine.

Pretty much any organized group of people could swing such an election in their favor.

When your organized group are all the Christians in the community, where the Christians number in the 70% -90% level, then there is no reason why a candidate with strong defense of Christianity cannot be elected.

And since your community has 90% to 95% patriotic Americans in your community, then there is absolutely no reason why you cannot elect a candidate who stoutly defends this country.

Teacher's Unions know how this works, so why cannot Christians figure this out?

Method to Elect
Real Christians to
Real Christians

1) Each Christian Church in a State district selects one representative from among their congregation to represent their Church.

2) All the selectors from each Church in that district gather in a political Legislature of Churches.

3) The political Legislature of Churches selects a candidate to represent them in the  primary most likely to win, be that Democrat or Republican.

4) The selected candidate to run for State office can be one of the selected from among them, or someone else they draft to run.

5) The selected candidate who will run for office must agree to do everything in his power to nullify the unconstitutional 17th Amendment, reserving for themselves the sole right to appoint the United States Senator who will represent their State.

6) Each churches' representative must report back to his/her congregation whom they need to support in the primary election and later in the general election.

7) Needless to say, all the Churches must provide sufficient campaign contributions for the Christian candidate selected and generously voluntary support to that candidate for the Christian campaign to win. 

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