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February 2016 AD

Nullify the 17th

All it takes to recapture our country is for 26 States minimum up to 30 States optimally, to nullify the 17th Amendment, arrest the illegal imposers in the Senate, and appoint their own rightful Senators to represent their State.

30 States voted in George W. Bush, so 30 States is doable to retake Washington.

No need to sell the idea that the "Direct election of Senators" Amendment was a mistake and needs another Amendment to repeal it, as the "Prohibition" Amendment was found to be ineffective and vastly more destructive, requiring it to be repealed by another Amendment.

You cannot repeal what was never legal in the first place.

The Constitution's Article V does not allow for the States to ever lose their right to vote, so nullification of the 17th Amendment, presuming to steal away every State's right to vote, would be an easy sell to the public.

The States properly in control again could order that Presidents and Supreme Court justices who will not abide by the Constitution to be impeached and removed from office.

Federal agencies could be throttled by a Senate ran by the States.

This federal government now ran from New York City would once again be ran by the majority of the States, as the Constitution provided.

Action now would not be a better time.

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