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February 2016 AD

Rand Paul

Does Not

Lie to You

Can you think of a time when Rand Paul or his father, Ron Paul, has lied to you?

Considering other politicians....

Is Donald Trump honest?

Can you believe anything New York City Values Donald Trump tells us conservatives, when he admits that he lied about being a Democrat all his life as just a "white lie" to cover the cost of doing business in Democrat New York City? 

He has donated money and been supportive of Bill and Hillary Clinton, saying that "[Hillary] would have been a great President".

If Trump admits to lying about his beliefs toward liberals his whole life, why would you believe he is telling the truth to conservatives about his beliefs toward these last several years?

Whom would Donald Trump help? 

A good clue is to note where Donald Trump's heart truly lies is to realize that Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate who has Jewish relatives, with his converted-to-Judaism daughter, his Jewish son-in-law, and his Jewish granddaughter.

This added to his deep business ties to New York City Jewish banksters like those at Goldman Sachs, and you can see why "The Donald" gets well over 50% of all the New York City-based, Jewish-owned MSM.

On his best day, not even 50% of Republicans think much of Donald Trump.

Dangerous that ultra-liberal Jewish MSM are thinking about Trump more than 50%.

Is Ted Cruz honest?

Can you believe anything so-called "evangelical Christian" Ted Cruz says in defense of Christianity, when as an honored guest speaker to a gathering of deeply persecuted Christians he says, "I will not stand with you, IF YOU DO NOT STAND WITH ISRAEL"

I'm not talking about persecuted Christians who could not pray while being forced by the State into attending public schools.

I'm talking about persecuted Christians who have been raped and beheaded by Muslims for their religion. 

These are the  persecuted Christians Ted Cruz will not stand by.

If Ted Cruz will not stand with persecuted Christians from the Middle East;
If Ted Cruz will only stand with Jews in the Middle East;
Why do you think Ted Cruz will stand with us Christians here in America
When the Jews running America come to persecute them?

Whom would Ted Cruz Support?

We can only guess whom golden-boy Ted Cruz, with his Goldman Sachs wife and his Goldman Sachs sweetheart loans, supporting the Jewish-owned New York City-based Goldman Sachs, will stand by.

Is Rand Paul honest?

Should we have leaders like Rand Paul, who are calm, collected, and well reasoned; who truly cares for this country and our Christian religion; one whom we can count on to tell us the truth?

Or do we need leaders who are demagogues, secretly and deceptively working for the ones who are destroying this country?

Once again, the old adage holds true.

If the Jewish-owned MSM
talks about you on the national stage,
it is only because they want to talk about you.

If the Jewish-owned MSM
allows you to talk on the national stage,
it is only because they want you to talk.

If the Jewish-owned MSM
wants people to listen to you,
it is only because they want people to hear you.

Once again, the Jewish MSM has picked whom Americans will be picking for their President.

Same of course holds for Democrats.

You can pick Hillary Clinton

The wife of the man who appointed two Jews to the Supreme Court and the self-proclaimed woman-behind-the-man who never arrested a single New York City Jewish bankster robber-baron, other than Jew Bernie Maddoff, who only got into trouble because he mostly stole from his fellow Jews.

You can pick Bernie Sanders

Meaning you can cut to the chase and actually vote for a real Jew outright who unashamedly admits to having an affinity to Soviet Union Judeo-communism.

How about an REAL Choice?

The Pauls have always been an outstanding real choice.

The Pauls have always put America first.

The Pauls have always put Christians first.

Did not Rand Pauls' father tell us there would be terrible backlash from Muslims following our senseless invasions of their countries?

Did not Ron Paul predict we would spend untold billions of dollars fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan only to be faced with a greater threat like ISIS?

Did not Ron Paul predict the New York City banksters would bankrupt the country and there would be a terrible economic collapse as a result?

Do we really have to wait for the dollar collapse of the $20 trillion dollar federal debt for us to realize that Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul were absolutely correct?

Doesn't Ron and Rand Paul fight back against corrupt centralized Washington elites?

Why do we not all get behind Rand Paul for President,
whom the Jewish-owned MSM love to label as a man whom
"Americans should not waste their vote on because
(we have deemed for you that) he cannot win"?

Or rather, we don't want to win.

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