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February 2016 AD

New York Values

Ted Cruz tell us his mother is his rock-solid link to his claim that he is a natural born citizen.

Then in the Republican debate on Jan 14, he says that Donald Trump's Scottish mother disqualifies Trump from his own claim of natural born citizen.

Which is it Mr. Lawyer Cruz? 

We have discussed how the Founding Fathers believed that an American women freely marrying a foreigner and freely moving to his foreign country to make it her home is prima facia evidence that she had renounced her American citizenship to take up the citizenship of her new family and new country, and that all the laws of Congress could not change the meaning of the Constitution; hence, Ted Cruz was born a foreigner. 

There is nothing natural about Ted Cruz's claim to be a natural born American citizen.

On the other hand, Trump's mother moved to the United States, wanting to be an America, she married an American citizen, thus automatically granting her the status of derivative citizen, (see USCA Title 8, Section 1453) and had an American son named Donald Trump, who is a natural born citizen.

Ted Cruz's famed Princeton law degree and his $1 million dollar per year salary at a law firm failed him here. 

Or Ted Cruz was just doing what lawyers do, as depiceted in the Jim Carey movie "Liar, Liar".

Hence, it was only a matter of time until Donald Trump played the song, "Born in the USA" at one of his rallies.

In retaliation, Ted Cruz accused New-York-Arrogant-type-proud New Yorker Donald Trump of having New York Values and would play the song "New York, New York".

Not a bad play, as Donald Trump has been a New York City styled Democrat far, far longer than he has been a Trojen Horse Rockefellow Republican pretending to be a common-sense Conservative Republican.

Supposing New York Values was a derogatory term, what are the New York Values Ted Cruz would believe we should to be against?

New Yorker Donald Trump had New York values because:

  1.   All the Jewish-owned MSM media outlets Republicans hate so much for liberal bias, are those who are trumping favorite son Donald Trump and are located in Donald Trump's New York City
  1.   All the Jewish-owned Madison Avenue campaign propagandists Republicans hate so much for degrading our culture, are those who will be trumping favorite son Donald Trump and are located in Donald Trump's New York City
  1.   All the Jewish-owned financial sector firms Republicans hate so much for 2001 stock market bubble manipulation, 2008 mortgage bubble debacle, ongoing 401k fees theft with corporate takeover to boot using your own money; and last but not least, the 2016 upcoming dollar collapse, are those who are trumping favorite son Donald Trump and are located in Donald Trump's New York City.
But wait a minute!!!!

Ted Cruz
New York Values

Ted Cruz appears to have FAR WORST "New York Values".

1) Ted Cruz's wife worked for NEW YORK CITY Goldman Sachs

His NEW YORK CITY Goldman Sachs wife had a 6 figure income at the time Ted Cruz was hauling in north of $1 million/year at a law firm.

2) Ted Cruz took campaign loans from NEW YORK CITY Goldman Sachs and Citibank

Ted Cruz's wife was his tie to a $1 million dollar sweetheart loan deals he received for his US Senate campaign from Goldman Sachs and Citibank.

3) Ted Cruz's NEW YORK CITY campaign loans were unreported, making it illegal

What made Ted Cruz's loan bribe absolutely illegal was that he failed to disclose the source of the money to the election committee as required by law.

But violating election laws, for a Law and Order candidate was NOT the worst of the offenses done by Ted Cruz to Texas.

Ted Cruz took bribe money
from outside his state
for his Texas Senate Race

4) The sweetheart loans from NEW YORK CITY Goldman Sachs amounts to a bribe

Would this be a corporate bribe of a Texas official by a national corporation, or is this a NEW YORK CITY bribe of a Texas official?

Or both?

5) The bribe by NEW YORK CITY banks amounts to illegal outside influnce on Texas

NEW YORK CITY Jewish money was helping to decide the election in Texas.

This is the ultimate definition of CORRUPTION!!!

NEW YORK CITY Jewish money in Texas elections is not looking out for the interests of Christians in Texas.

NEW YORK CITY Jewish money in Texas elections is looking out for its own interests and I promise you NEW YORK CITY Jewish-owned banks expects a payback.

6) The NEW YORK CITY bank was itself a RICO operation in the mortgage crisis

This NEW YORK CITY bank was just fined 5 billion dollers for its illegal activities in the 2008 mortgage bubble

Why no one went to jail and why RICO charges were not leveled at this NEW YORK CITY bank proves how deeply corruption has set into the federal government.

Ted Cruz assocciated with a corrupt, criminal NEW YORK CITY bank ran by mobster Jews will be seen as detrimental to his supposed support of the average American.

Explains why these Jewish bank mobsters need to fund candidates like Ted Cruz who would look the other way as they rack in billions of dollars from Christian Texas citizens and then not arrest them for their criminal behavior.

7) Mobster Jews run this NEW YORK CITY bank

Shows why Ted Cruz is so quick to tell Christians,

8) If Ted Cruz is beholding to mobster Jews, then he is an agent for Israel

The question you have to ask yourself about Ted Cruz and the upcoming Presidential election is,

"How much out-of-country money Ted Cruz will accept to make himself President of the United States?" 

And would that money come from Israel, or would Ted Cruz continue to accept American Jewish money, deeming this to be just as good?

P.S. as an aside: With BILLIONAIRE CORPORATION FUNDED Ted Cruz a hair's breath away from overtaking BILLIONAIRE Donald Trump for the Presidency, this totally invalidates Jewish Jonah Goldberg's thesis of their being "The bogeymen of the ‘billionaire class’".

P.S. Yes I know that Hillary's husband took Chinese money to run for President and was also a Jewish puppet who among others, appointed 2 Jews to the Supreme Court as his repayment to the Jews who got him elected. We will concede that corruption is a given on the Democrat side, but Republicans are supposed to hold themselves to a higher standard -- such as those values espoused by the often dismissed true American patriot Rand Paul.

Ted Cruz Didn’t Report
Goldman Sachs Loan
in a Senate Race


As Ted Cruz tells it, the story of how he financed his upstart campaign for the United States Senate four years ago is an endearing example of loyalty and shared sacrifice between a married couple.

“Sweetheart, I’d like us to liquidate our entire net worth, liquid net worth, and put it into the campaign,” he says he told his wife, Heidi, who readily agreed.

But the couple’s decision to pump more than $1 million into Mr. Cruz’s successful Tea Party-darling Senate bid in Texas was made easier by a large loan from Goldman Sachs, where Mrs. Cruz works. That loan was not disclosed in campaign finance reports.
Those reports show that in the critical weeks before the May 2012 Republican primary, Mr. Cruz — currently a leading contender for his party’s presidential nomination — put “personal funds” totaling $960,000 into his Senate campaign. Two months later, shortly before a scheduled runoff election, he added more, bringing the total to $1.2 million — “which is all we had saved,” as Mr. Cruz described it in an interview with The New York Times several years ago.

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