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January 2016 AD


Now Proud Member of

Axis of Evil

Our greatest partner in the Middle East (other of course than "The only Democracy in the Middle East, lol), Saudi Arabia, that well known hater of our First Amendment freedom of religion and freedom of speech, has just religiously executed a rival Shiite Muslim cleric for merely expressing his free speech rights of concern for his people and his religion.

Now, in the old Constitutional America, who actually revered the First Amendment right to the free worship of religion and revered free expression regarding your religion, yes, that old Constitutional America, would have condemned this barbaric act in the harshest words possible.

Probably would have recalled our ambassador.

May even have cut off military sales of F15 fighters and AWACs surveilance systems.

And in the most extreme, could possibly have called for "regime change".

But that was the America of old white men.

In today's America, we simply say, "Watch out. You may make the other side mad at you".

The U.S. State Department said
Nimr's execution
"risks exacerbating sectarian tensions
at a time when
they urgently need to be reduced,"

- Saudi Arabia Cuts Diplomatic Ties With Iran,
Foreign Minister Says

In today's America, we favor the Judaic nationalist religion of Israel, while we favor the Islamic nationalist religion of Saudi Arabia, holder of Islam's holiest shrines.

No other way to view this -- We have become the Axis of Evil.

Our Constitution is spat upon by our leaders who will not defend Christians at home, but turn a blind eye to Saudi and Turkey backed ISIS to back this most barbaric of religious sects who would never consider tolerating any religion but their own sect and would not allow any speech but their own.

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The Christian Solution             First Release: March 15, 2008