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December 2015 AD


Jewish Family

It's not that Trump doesn't know the score.

In grand Trump fashion, Trump tells it straight to Jewish faces that Jews want to control our politicians with money.

However, the audience did not offer any negative response when Trump told them, “You’re not gonna support me even though you know I’m the best thing that could ever happen to Israel. And I’ll be that.” He continued, evoking a stereotype about Jews, money and control, “And I know why you’re not going to support me. You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money. Isn’t it crazy?”

According to AP, he added: “You want to control your own politician.”

-The Times of Israel
-"Trump courts Republican Jews with offensive stereotypes"
-Rebecca Shimoni Stoil

Facts are that Jews know they don't have to control Trump with money. They control him with something far better -- his family --  since his daugher has become Jewish.

Stalin also had a Jewish son-in-law and we know how that turned out for Christians.

Concerning the quote from above. All taken out of context in grand Jewish propaganda style.

To the ordinary quick-read-and-move-on crowd, i.e. ordinary Christians who don't hang on every word spoken about Jews, he is seen as stereotyping against Jews.   Hence he cannot be show to be in the pocket of the Jews.

No big deal. Trump is a sexist, a bigot, a racist and now an anti-Semite. Who cares!

On the other hand, to the truly concerned, i.e., Jews who do hang on every work spoken about Israel and Jews, what Trump really said was that UNLIKE THE OTHER CANDIDATES, he is not here to BEG FOR MONEY and move on to ignore them later. He sincerely just wants Jewish support.  (As he's getting by the truck loads in Jewish MSM support, which is the theme of this article.)

Additionally, fact, is, they know all the skeletons in the Trump closet, having worked so closely with him over the years.

Looked at through a historical lens, a billionaire Manhattanite from Queens and a Jewish socialist from Brooklyn should be standing at the pointy end of the pitchforks, not leading the mobs holding them.

Nearly all of the famous populists hated the East Coast, the super-rich and the big cities.

A good number — but not all — of them disliked Jews.

And yet, what you might call “blue state populism” is here.

Jonah Goldberg 
talking about the populism of
Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

"How are you going to F***k me?"

That ugly question was the negotiating stance of the main character of Michael Lewis's book, "The Big Short".

Before he made any deal to benefit himself, he always had to know what the other guy was getting in the deal for his own benefit.

"The Big Short" is a Jewish-produced movie out at the time of this writing, made from a book by a Jewish author, about how Jewish short traders figured out that Jewish Wall Street traders in New York City were screwing the American Christian people.

And the story revolved around how these short traders wanted to buy short options, but knowing Wall Street traders never made a deal unless they were going to "F**k the other guy", which in this case, that would have been them.

The American people need to understand that our Jewish-owned mass media does exactly the same thing. 

They are constantly trying to F**k America.

Of course, you say you know that already....

Really? Then why are you supporting Donald Trump ?

  In Star Wars,
George Lucas creates both
the characters we cheer,

as well as
the characters we jeer.

Likewise, our Judeo-MSM all huddled together in New York City, all of the same tribe of Israel, where all affiliates ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CNN, all team up to create a Hollywood script for their surreal movie version of "The Presidential Race."

They have done this in the past, as when, at a time liberals were on the upswing, these Judeo-MSM created and gave special billing to a "BLACK Messiah".

Conservatives saw through this knowing full well that it was more like a media-created "BLACK Frankenstein".

How quickly conservatives become deceived by the same Jewish-dominated MSM press they so distrusted in the not-so-long past.....

Now when conservatives are on the upswing, in this current Presidential cycle. these same Judeo-MSM create and give special billing to "FAR-RIGHT Conservative" and "We can't stop him!!" Donald Trump.

Yeh, right!  A billionaire from their home city of New York City who hobnobs with them on a daily basis, has been a Democrat all his life, attends Clinton weddings and contributed to Hillary's campaign.

Not since Wendle Wilkie have Republicans been so hoodwinked.

(See the last hoodwinking, "Blueprint for Covert Ops of an American Election")

Any characters in this Good Guy / Bad Guy Star Wars saga the MSM don't want or need, such as ones like Rand Paul who do not contribute to the story the Judeo-MSM want to tell, are simply written out of the script. Given few if any words to speak.

Lucas doesn't really care who comes to see his movies because he is targeting all of them to come see the movie. 

Lucas is a very good Democrat.
  1.   He knows girls will come to view and awe over an empowering female Rey,
  2.   Blacks will come to see brooding and mistrustful Black Finn.
  3.   Lucas panders to Hispanics as well when Hispanic ace pilot Poe roars on the scene. 
  4.   Even white Baby Boomers, now on the sure-fired Democrat vote getter for old people, Social Security, get to see the geriatric white Hans Solo, geriatric white Luke Skywalker and very geriatric white Princess Leia, (now demoted to a mere general).
  5.   Last but certainly not least, even thugs will attend to see the new and improved evil  Darth Vader.  
So long as everyone comes to see his movie George Lucas gets rich.

And that is the way the entire mass media industry works.

They create the characters in their plays we watch.

As long as both the good and the bad actors are their own creation, they care less who wins the election.

Ronald Reagan actually was an actor and everyone knew it and loved it. He was very comfortable around Hollywood Jews and had plenty of jobs in that industry due to Jewish producers and directors, so you have to know that is evidence Jews trusted Reagan to deliver the nation to them.  Reagan was famous as the first Republican to have an overwhelming amount of Jews in his cabinet. We little-guy Republicans called them Neo-Cons, and their primary sense and duty was not America, but to create wars in the Middle East to support and defend Israel, where America would take the brunt of Islamic backlash.  Only with Jewish trusted and backed Reagan did the Jewish Commissars of the Soviet Union feel comfortable and safe enough to let their guard down and complied when Reagan demanded them to "Tear Down This Wall".

Bill Clinton, the MSM proclaimed "First Black President", had Jewish handler Dick Morris and in a return favor, Clinton delivered two Jews to the Supreme Court.

Obama has never been anything but an bad actor, hardly able to read the words on his teleprompter, if he even understood the words.  But Jews like David Axelrod handled him into the presidency and it helped that there were no Republican Woodward and Bernstein around to investigate his flimsy background. Obama has also delivered two Jews to the Supreme Court.

The bad actor of this season is undoubtedly "The Apprentice" and beloved "Saturday Night Live" host actor Donald Trump to rival the always bad actor Hillary Clinton.

So long as the choice is Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, the Judeo-MSM knows their man will support the only concern they really have -- Israel.

With no real Christians and no real American patriots among them, the Judeo-MSM will continue to be safe to rule America.

Does Donald Trump
better fit the character of
Savior Luke Skywalker
Dastardly Kylo Ren?

The beauty of Trump is he fits all casting for parts to play.

For conservatives, it screams irony that this TV-series host of  "The Apprentice" "You're FIRED!" and recent host of ultra-liberal Saturday Night Live, has become conservatives' favorite son for ranting against the liberal Judeo-MSM.  How can they really believe and trust him in this?

Famous actor and even more famous GE spokesman Ronald Reagan also won the Presidency on that ironic twist of kettle calling the pot black when he railed against GE-owned NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC.

As for the other side, to Judeo-Socialist followers of Jewish-backed Hillary and out-right-Jew and Judeo-Communist Bernie Sanders, Trump cannot be viewed too badly.

For decades, Trump hobnobbed as a liberal Democrat with all the Jewish elites in New York city, having cut many deals to build their skyline. So when he says he can negotiate a deal, the Jews know it will be a deal Jews would like.

Trump does, however, have deep ties to the Jewish community.

He is the only presidential candidate who lives, makes deals and hobnobs among some of the world's most prominent Jewish power figures on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

--Farah Master

To Jews, blood runs deep and Trump is the only candidate who can trace his family to the clearly Jewish roots his daughter is putting down.

Trump's daughter married a Jew, who became a Jew, which makes his granddaughter a Jew. Regardless of Trump's made-up war on women persona, liberal Jews see him as a trusted gentile who would advance a good life for his Jewish daughter and Jewish granddaughter.

He's also the only Republican candidate with Jewish grandkids:

his daughter, Ivanka, became Orthodox after marrying real estate scion Jared Kushner. The family keeps kosher, observes the Sabbath and attends the upscale synagogue Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun.

--Farah Master

Trump hobnobbed with Jewish fellow Casino owner Sheldon Adelson. So the immoral Jewish crowd is obviously not worried about a Trump presidency -- who would fail to morally support Israel.

Top Republican Party donor Sheldon Adelson said on Friday he met presidential candidate Donald Trump earlier this week and that the two American billionaires broached the issue at the heart of Adelson's political agenda: support for Israel.

--Farah Master

To prove that immoral Trump would morally support Israel, Trump does not make any dastardly hateful speech mocking Jews, instead, Trump agrees that he has deep loyalties to a foreign country by way of his Jewish business dealings, and by way of his close Jewish family members.

On the subject of Israel, Trump added,

"Sheldon knows that nobody will be more loyal to Israel than Donald Trump."

--Farah Master

Trump was a Democrat for most of his life, same as Ronald Reagen.

Trump has given at least $100,000 (to the Hillary campaign).

In the 2006 election, Politico reported, Trump donated $5,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and $20,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The National Republican Senatorial Committee got a modest $1,000.

Trump’s Word Isn’t Worth the Hot Air
-  Debra Saunders

In 2011, Trump gave $5,000 to the campaign of California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who had been a fierce supporter of San Francisco’s “sanctuary city” policy.

In 2013, he gave her another $1,000.

In 2015, he says that he wants to build a wall across the Mexican border and that Mexico will pay for it.

Trump’s Word Isn’t Worth the Hot Air
-  Debra Saunders

On that basis, Ronald Reagan, union leader of the Screen Actor's Guild, won over both  pro-union Democrats and anti-union Republicans.

Reagan famously fought the federal union of air traffic controllers, but he did nothing to protect private business unions who were being destroyed by job exportation to China.

So Trump has his part to play on the vast MSM stage and the MSM has given him billions of dollars of free advertising.

You have to worry when the same media whom your candidate complains of is the same media who are plastering his name all over their airwaves -- as a hater of their airwaves.  What?  Who would fall for this MSM trick?

If only Rand Paul's "radical ideas" were touted as much, so that "thinking people" could "shake their heads in disgust", perhaps Rand Paul would best Trump's 40% approval rating, and our Constitution would have a much better chance to survive than having a second Constitution-hating tyrant in the office.

If instead of a immoral wealth-reducing casino owner was running for President, we had a moral wealth-producing business owner such as Alan Mullay; the man who saved Boeing from the up-start Airbus, before saving Ford from the 2008 Wall Street meltdown, then America may actually have a chance of surviving TOTAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE!

If instead of "tyrant commanding" Obama and Trump, we had "humble Constitution obeying" Rand Paul, then America may actually have a chance of survival TOTAL CONSTITUTIONAL COLLAPSE!

If only we had a trusted Christian running the country instead of untrustworthy JUDAS, then America may actually survive a TOTAL MORAL COLLAPSE!

America and the world is at a Death Star moment.

By Farah Master

MACAU (Reuters) - Top Republican Party donor Sheldon Adelson said on Friday he met presidential candidate Donald Trump earlier this week and that the two American billionaires broached the issue at the heart of Adelson's political agenda: support for Israel.

While the mega donor didn't disclose his degree of backing for the front-runner in the race for the Republican nomination, he did say he found Trump to be "very charming" and called his standing in the crowded candidate field "unheard of."

"It was very nice," the gambling tycoon told Reuters in a rare interview in Macau when asked if he had met Trump, who leads in opinion polls of Republican voters. "He was very charming."

Hours later, Trump returned the compliment to Adelson, telling Reuters, "Sheldon and I have been friends for a long time. He is an amazing man. I am the only one who doesn't need his money. But I would love his support."

On the subject of Israel, Trump added, "Sheldon knows that nobody will be more loyal to Israel than Donald Trump."

The meeting and Trump's pro-Israel stance - coming after more ambiguous remarks a few weeks ago - could pave the way for a deeper relationship between the two men, a month and a half before the first Republican nominating contest in Iowa.

Israel is, by far, the most important issue to Adelson, a fierce supporter of the nation and close friend of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Adelson also owns the newspaper with the largest circulation in Israel, a free daily.

The 82-year-old chief executive of Las Vegas Sands Corp , the world's biggest gambling company by market value, made his comments a few days after hosting the latest debate among Republican Party presidential candidates at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, where and his Israeli-born wife, Miriam, an accomplished medical doctor and philanthropist, live.

Adelson said much of his discussion with Trump was about Israel.

"He (Trump) had talked about potentially dividing Jerusalem and Israel, so I talked about Israel because with our newspaper, my wife being Israeli, we are the few who know more about Israel than people who don't," Adelson said.

Courted by most of the Republican candidates and widely expected to be the party's top donor in the November 2016 presidential election, Adelson said earlier on Friday during a news conference that he may wait until February's primaries to decide who to back. He described the field of Republican candidates as "all very good".


Some 14 candidates are still in the race for the Republican Party nomination. The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll showed Trump leading the field with support of 31 percent of Republican voters, followed by Texas Senator Ted Cruz at 17 percent, pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 13 percent, Florida Senator Marco Rubio at eight percent and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush at seven percent.

"We like a lot of the candidates, some more than the others," Adelson said during the interview in Macau, the world's largest gambling hub, ahead of the formal opening of his new St. Regis hotel in the former Portuguese colony,

"It's changing every day. I saw in the news today that Trump said his percentage approval was 41 percent. Out of 14 candidates, 41 percent is unheard of."

Asked what characteristics he would like the Republican party's nominee to embody, Adelson said, "They have got to be able to win."

Trump's brash, off-the-cuff style has not dented his popularity, despite predictions to the contrary. But on Israel, he did find himself in trouble two weeks ago, and he also angered prominent Jewish leaders with his comments on Muslims.

Speaking to the Republican Jewish Coalition in Washington, Trump wavered in answering a question about whether he would consider Jerusalem the undivided capital of Israel, drawing boos from the crowd.

Palestinians want East Jerusalem, captured by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war, for their future state. Israel regards all of Jerusalem as its indivisible capital, a claim not recognized internationally.

A week after Trump spoke to the gathering of Jewish leaders, and in the wake of a shooting by two Muslim radicals in California that killed 14, Trump proposed barring all foreign Muslims from entering the United States. His call drew the immediate ire of some prominent Jewish Republicans.

Trump does, however, have deep ties to the Jewish community. He is the only presidential candidate who lives, makes deals and hobnobs among some of the world's most prominent Jewish power figures on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

He's also the only Republican candidate with Jewish grandkids: his daughter, Ivanka, became Orthodox after marrying real estate scion Jared Kushner. The family keeps kosher, observes the Sabbath and attends the upscale synagogue Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun.


In Macau, Adelson also made his first public comments confirming his family's acquisition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper.

The $140 million deal to buy the largest paper in the state of Nevada, an important swing state, had been shrouded in secrecy.

Described by Forbes magazine as the 15th richest man in the United States, Adelson said his family had bought the paper as a financial investment, dismissing speculation the deal was aimed at controlling media in the United States.

"The Review-Journal is already on my side of the political spectrum," Adelson said.

"This newspaper has been making money...we left the (everyday) operation in the hands of the owner from who we bought it."

"We are not going to hire an editor, we left it up to them (current management), period. We may take some of the positive characteristics of our Israeli newspaper and add them to there but that's all just suggestions."

(Additional reporting by Michelle Conlin in New York; Editing by Anne Marie Roantree, Kenneth Maxwell, Howard Goller and Mary Milliken)

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