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Gun Control

Talking Points

Blown Away!!

Obama did federal background checks on Mexican drug lords in his "Fast and Furious" program. Of course they all failed the background check, but Obama gave them guns anyway.

Obama did federal background checks on his "moderate Muslim" friends in Syria, but the military-grade weapons seem to all be in the hands of ISIS now. 

(Who can point to a moderate Muslim
who is trying to violently overthrow his own government? 
Please, name one.)

Obama did a total of four federal background checks on Syed Farook, knew he had traveled many times to the Middle East, but gave him 4 deadly guns anyway.

Obama had virtual unlimited NSA and TSA and Homeland Security surveillance capability to monitor Syed's communications, but was completely blind-sided.

But you Mr. and Mrs. America need your guns taken away and all your communications tapped.  You can't be trusted. 


We have finally reached the point all courageous Second Amendment champions have been warning us would happen one day.

This is exactly why Americans need guns, and probably why they should start using them soon.

Beloved Jewish
"Anti-Defamation" League,

DEFAMES and gets it completely wrong

The Jews of the ADL didn't even have Muslims on their radar. They were completely fixated on Christians and so completely missed this Muslim terrorist attack.

Shows the first thoughts on their minds.

Which is, of course, hatred toward American and the Christians who make up America.

Nothing was immediately known about any of the suspects and officials have noted recent drops in violent crimes after a two-year spike. But skinheads and neo-Nazis have shown pronounced influence in the area east of Los Angeles known as the Inland Empire.

The Anti-Defamation League has cited examples in both San Bernardino County and neighboring Riverside County of the Comrades of Our Race's Struggle, the Inland Empire Skinheads, the Nazi Low Riders and a splinter group called Public Enemy Number One.
-- NYDaily News

Syed Farook
blows away all the
Jewish MSM talking points

  1.   Syed was a "model Muslim family man", complete with a wife and a son
  2.   Syed was an "American citizen" we are constantly told
  3.   Syed was "Living the American dream" with a $70,000/year job
  4.  Syed was an "Environmental Inspector", and we all know anyone who protects the environment would protect us
  5.  Syed was living in the most tolerant, inclusive, multi-cultural, enlightened and accepting place for Muslims in America -- Jewish-controlled Los Angeles
  6.   Syed's victims were in "the safest place in America for guns" -- California
  7.  Syed's victims were in "the safest place in California for guns" -- a California government office
  8.   Syed's wife was a "female Jihadi", when we are told that only young men are jihadi
And yet, at the end of the day, the only corrective action proposed by the federal government, is for you to have more gun control laws imposed on you.

That is the Jewish MSM mantra, and they stand by their mantra.

Obama calls on
Israelis Jews
to give up their guns

Nah, I was just joking with you.

“We have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world,”
Mr. Obama told CBS News in an interview taped Wednesday.

The message you know is that only Jews can be trusted with guns. 

If you don't believe that, look at pictures of ordinary young Jewish men walking down the streets of Jerusalem with machine guns.

Israeli Jews carry machine guns in the streets

Would  be nice if Obama, instead of saying that America is the most violent place in the world because of our guns, would instead insist that all Jews in Israel should be forced to give up their guns first.

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