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December 2015 AD

Who let this


loose in NATO?

Crimean War II is about to begin.

Meaning: Not much has changed since the first Crimean War.

Meaning: Jews are still jerking our chain

With the capture of the Byzantine capital Constantinople in 1453 AD, Muslims finished off the 1,000-year-old Christian Byzantine Empire. 

The Ottoman Turks renamed the captured city Istanbul and made it their own capital.

400 years later, or 1853 AD, a regrouped and resurgent Christian power under the Russian Czar was on the verge of retaking Constantinople.

And this would have happened, along with the freeing of the Holy Lands for Christians, had not Christians from England, along with Christians from France, not come to the aid of Muslims, to both side against the Russian Christians.

Imagine that. Englishmen and Frenchmen, both Christians, putting aside centuries of hatred and mistrust between each other -- English fighting French -- French fighting English -- in order to protect and defend Muslims from Christians.

The last time England and France were united was when they united to fight the very Muslims in the Crusades, they were now both defending.

The irony is overbearing!!

Indeed, English Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli (rhymes with Israeli, as he was born  Jewish) was the main promoter of war with Russia, (along with a lot of Jewish propaganda in England).

Jewish Disraeli's reasons for sending English Christians to fight Russian Christians to protect Muslim Ottoman Turks, had more to due to the fact that he preferred his own Jewish family members to occupy Palestine in the upcoming years instead of Christians retaking Lands in Palestine which belonged to them, rather than in what historians define as  engaging in a strange Geopolitical "Grand Strategy". Whatever that means.

(Jerusalem was a peaceful Christian city in 639 AD when the Muslims first overran it)

Yes, we know, Disraeli professed to be a converted Christian. so it was perfectly natural that he would protect poor defenseless Muslims against mean Christians.  (sarcasm you know).

But the fact is that Jews hated the Christian Czar worst than they hate Putin today, for the Czar's goal in 1853 AD was to reconquer Constantinople, which they would have fought tooth and nail.

Meaning that an exhausted Ottoman Empire would have had no reserves left over to protect Jerusalem from Christian reconquest.

Jews wanted Jerusalem for themselves, so they had to oppose the Christian Czar.

France's leader of the day, Napoleon III, was a renowned fighter of the Papal state and his reasons for sending French Christians to fight Russian Christians to save Turkish Muslims, was due to a secret, (but barely secret) loathing of Christianity.  France was a Catholic country, but Napoleon III obviously had no spiritual respect for the Pope.

And of course Napoleon III had to re-fight the same battle of his grandfather, Atheist Napoleon's battled against the Christian Czar in 1812, where they got their nose royally bloodied in their retreat from Moscow on Christmas Day of 1812.

Not that America is pure in these self defeating misdirections.

President Ronald Reagan defended Afghani Muslims, home of the upcoming women-abusing Taliban, against what was then suppressed Christians under the Jewish Commissar-driven "atheist against Christians only" Soviet Union.

For real American back-stabbing, President Bill Clinton first demonised Serbian Christians, as he made saints out of Kosovo Muslims, and then proceeded to bomb the hell out of Serbian Christians.  Americans bought the Judeo-MSM propaganda hook, line and sinker, and hardly anyone protested as American bombs blew Christian arms and legs off, so that Muslims could have yet another Muslim country in Europe.

Recently, Russia had just won the Crimea back from Ukraine after America helped with a coup d'etat to overthrow the elected Ukrainian leader, and Russia was properly demonised by the Judeo-MSM over it, don't you know.

Would not take much to believe secular NATO, will now use Christian blood to justify protecting Muslims in member state Turkey in a Second Crimean War.

Yes, after first getting approval from England and France, the Ottoman Empire declared JIHAD on Russia in 1853, and today, after getting approval from NATO that NATO will protect them, Turkey's leader ordered a Russian plane shot down, arrogantly refusing to apologize, and hence, declaring war on Russia.

The word of a Muslim Turk

Turkey's claim about Russia violating its airspace

The Word of a Christian Russian

Russia claims it did not violate Turkey's airspace

Hume, decisions, decisions, whom do you want to believe?

November 24th, 2015, the first day of World War III, Turkey says it had warned this Russian-speaking pilot 10 times, yes 10 times, in English naturally, to not to fly over its airspace.

That became the excuse Turkey gave in shooting down a Russian plane.

Because you know as well as I do that the borders of our NATO ally Turkey is sacred.

Even our trusted President Barrack Hussein Obama immediately sided with Turkey on this one.

And John Kerry, Secretary of State, I also understand has now sided with North Vietnam, er... I mean, Turkey.

Putin wants an apology, and Turkey feels it does not have to apologize, but instead, that Russia must apologize for violating its airspace.

Yes, Turkey's borders need protecting at all costs. 

Funny thing: even Putin agrees Turkey's borders should not be violated!!!

Russia was just trying to help

protect Turkey's borders

Yes, Turkey's borders are sacred.

Russia knows that and Putin's heart goes out to Turkey.

Turkey was totally helpless to stop ISIS from shipping hundreds of trucks sloshing full of contraband oil across Turkey's borders each and every single day, which was greatly helping fund ISIS.

In fact, Turkey seemed totally unaware that ISIS operates across their border: they told the world that ISIS was not anywhere close to the Turkish border.

So it was only natural that Putin was bombing these ISIS filled oil trucks and oil terminals, in trying to help Turkey protect the sacred borders of Turkey.

And this is all the thanks Boy Scout Putin gets for his good deed of the day.

FACT CHECK: Turkey's version of their CIA, named MIT, are secretly helping these ISIS terrorists. Turkey is a terrorist state Turkey is the enemy!

Putin is also helping Turkey

protect the borders of

fellow NATO Ally Greece?

When armies of young Islamic men calling themselves "refugees", cross over Turkey's border with Syria into Turkey, again Turkey seems helpless to defend its borders.

Or at least I haven't seen them put up much of a fight.

Not to worry though, Turkey just helps these invaders in turn to invade across Greece's borders, where they thereafter invade across the borders of every country in Europe.

Putin again to the rescue.

Putin is bombing these "human trafficking" caravans, which helps protect Turkey's borders and the borders of every nation in NATO, including the border of the United States.

Again, Boy Scout Putin gets nothing but scorn for his moral courage.

FACT CHECK: Turkey does not care that its borders are violated this way and cares not that they have violated Greece's borders with a massive army of refugees.

Putin is also helping Syria

protect its borders with Turkey?

Since both Turkey, along with beheading-capital-of-the-world Saudi Arabia and the United States, have all openly made no secret of their plans to violently overthrow the rightful government of Syria, would it be any surprise that Turkey had no respect for Syria's borders?

How could Turkey help with the overthrow of the government of Syria without violating the borders of their next door neighbor Syria.

Not too neighborly.

And pretty damm hypocritical to speak of Russian planes flying over a mere sliver of Turkish land, EVEN IF TRUE, when Turkey is actively crossing Syria's borders by supplying Turkmen rebels with weapons and other assistance!!!!

FACT CHECK: Not only crossing Syria's borders to help Turkmen, but making bombing raids into Syria to kill Kurds, OUR ALLIES!!!

How did Third-World Turkey

Shoot down the Fighter Jet

of a Super power?

Turkey claims that Russia crossed a teensy weensy finger of Turkish land you see in the picture above.  (Unless, you believe this Muslim country is engaging in Islamic lying, or Taqiyya, and instead believe Putin, the Leader of the Free World.)

How was hick, backwoods, third-world, Turkey to defend itself from this horror?

Well we have discovered that Turkey used AMERICAN BUILT F-16s and AMERICAN BUILT TOW MISSILES to shoot down the Russian plane and Russian helicopter.

And now like a scared little brat, Turkey is peeing itself hiding behind the skirt of NATO.

Whose side is Turkey on?

Most Americans had thought Turkey was our NATO ally.

We thought they wanted to help us defeat ISIS.

We thought that Turkey was afraid the Islamic Fundamentalism would strike them as well.

But once again, Putin seems to be on the right path here.

Turkey has indeed sided with ISIS.

To be more exact, the Turkmen in Syria, being of Turkish descent, were deemed off-limits by our American Commander-in-Chief. 

Since we cannot make "our ally" mad at us, we were not bombing Turkmen terrorists.

Not only that, but our wonderful Commander-In-Chief went further than not bombing Turkmen terrorists. 

"Gun-control for Americans ONLY" Obama, was arming these Turkmen Islamic thugs with AMERICAN BUILT Anti-Tank Rockets.

( which they then used to shoot down a Russian helicopter on a search and rescue mission for the downed Russian pilots.)

Oh, sorry, a little overkill here, but AMERICAN BUILT Anti=Tank Rockets are not an appropriate weapon to take out ISIS men carrying mere machine guns.

(unless and instead you believe that "anti-gun" Obama was really supplying those advanced weapons to "civilians" in order to take out Assad's tanks, an aim which he has not exactly kept a secret.)

Putin being a little more down-to-earth and not hung up on multi-tasking 20 different allegiances at once, and having no Satanic alliance with either Muslim Turkey or Muslim Saudi Arabia, rightfully believed these Syrian Turkmen terrorists to be the enemy of the Syrian government and decided it was his job to bomb them.

This greatly irritated Turkey to see their rebellious kinsmen, whom Turkey was helping financially, materially and spiritually, being slaughtered by Russians, so they thought they would invoke the NATO shield in their defense after they had triggered World War III or at least the Second Crimean War where Christians in NATO defend Muslims in Turkey against Christians in Russia.

But really,

Would you rather have

Russia or Turkey

as a member of NATO?

I think this question needs to be raised and answered.

Turkey respects no one's borders when Turkey is responsible for :

  1.   Allowing ISIS terrorists oil and terrorist money to cross Turkeys borders with Syria to be used against Syria.
  2.   Allowing Muslim refugees to flood across Europe's borders from its borders, especially violating Greece's borders.
  3.   Violating neighbor Syria's sovereignty with impunity to help ethnic kin Turkmen overthrown the government of Syria and destroy Kurds helping protect Syria's sovereignty.
  4.  Arming their own ethnic Turkmen group enabled as terrorists in fighting other ethnic groups in Syria in the illegal overthrow of Syria's government
  5.   Killing Kurds in Syria with Syria overflights in helping overthrow Syria and violating its right to exist.
  6.  Not respecting that Russia was asked to help protect Syria.
  7.  All done before Turkey consciously, with NATO's consent, to shoot down one of Russia's fighter jets with American-made jets and then cowers behind the NATO shield wanting all of us to protect their sorry hides.

Why do we have a backstabbing Muslim Turkey in NATO, and deem NATO's purpose to be a deterrent to the Great Christian Nation of Russia?

Why do we believe Jewish lies? 

Jews not have the best interest of Christians in their heart.  They want divide and conquer to keep everyone fighting.

Why do we not throw Turkey out of NATO and beg Russia to join us?

If this country really had a true democracy, as the Judeo-Liberals keep telling us we have, I think I know what the answer to these questions would be.

What Does Putin Plan on Doing for Thanksgiving?

My Russian translation may not be exact, but I thought I heard Putin planned on having the murdered pilot cremated, along with the cremation of an additional 3,000 Turkmen.


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