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Hero Snowden Falsely Maligned

I think we now know why the CIA and FBI missed the Paris attacks.

If the CIA Director, the former CIA Director and the head of the FBI all cannot corrrectly connect the dots on this small bit of intellignce about the impact of Edward Snowden in the Paris attacks, then I want to know how in the hell they ever qualified for these jobs in the first place?

This is why they cannot outfox an Islamiscist with an IQ of 60.

And from this, we can deduce who has blood on their hands.

Before we get into Pulitzer Prize winner Glenn Greenwald's rebuttal to all this crying for a renewed expansion of spy powers, we need to set up the playing field.

First off, there was no evidence that the Paris Muslim terrorists used encryption of any kind, due to the fact that the Paris Muslim terrorists were largely related to each other or close neighbors and unlikely to have used encryption.

Instead, they probably just talked face to face with each other.

But does not stop our intelligence agencies from twerking us to hand over more of our privacy and freedom to "protect us" from all the Muslim Terrorists whom they are PROUDLY allowing entry into our country.

Oh, and this is all the fault of Edward Snowden.
  1.   FBI Director James Comey, reiterated on Wednesday the need for the intelligence community to have access to encrypted data in order to detect threats to national security. "If we're going to be good at what we do, we need to have cooperate better (between the government and the Internet providers). In the absence of effective cooperation, we are left in law enforcement like police officers patrolling a street with 50 ft high walls on either side." 
  1.   CIA Director John Brennam has suggested that revelations about mass spying have made it harder to find terrorists. Saying of Edward Snowden, "Any unauthorized disclosures that are made by individuals who have dishonored the oath of office that they raised their hand and attested to undermines this country's security".
  1.   Former CIA director R James Woolsey was a little more blunt, telling MSNBC: “I think Snowden has blood on his hands from these killings in France.”

Glenn Greenwald Responds

Glen Greenwald calls intelligence agencies liars (at 19:11 minutes)

"We have not heard such blatant shameless lying from intelligence and military officials since 2002 and 2003 when they propagandized the country into invading Iraq based upon utterly false pretenses."

Evidence-driven reasons why what the intelligence agencies are saying are utterly false:

 1) Large scale, mass terrorist attacks perpetrated before anyone every heard of Edward Snowden.
    1.   2002 Bombing of the nightclub in Bali
    2.   2004 and 2005 attacks on the trains in Madrid and London
    3.   2009 mass shooting spree in Mumbai
    4.   2013 attack on the Boston Marathon

The terrorists have known for decades that we are spying on them.  Americans thought the spying was only overseas.

What Edward Snowden taught us (22:08)

What Edward Snowden taught the world is not that the U.S government was trying to spy on the terrorists, everyone knew that including the terrorists. What the Snowden revelation showed the world was that it isn't just the terrorists they were spying on, but everybody in the world.

Proof of Lies about Snowden reforms at 22:30

The incredibly mild reforms resulting from the Snowden revelations, where it was implied by CIA director Brennam that the reforms were blinding them, did not actually hamper or hinder Intelligence detection of the upcoming Paris attack.

1) The Snowden reforms put in place by Congress applied only to domestic metadata collection and not remotely to their ability to spy on foreign nationals on foreign soil.

2) The Snowden reform bill has yet to be implemented. The U.S. government is still collecting data exactly as they had been doing prior to Edward Snowden.

U.S. Government itself bears responsibility for strengthening ISIS at 23:45

1) Armed and funded groups in Iraq and Syria which have ended up in the arms of ISIS

2) Obama's drone program, going around the world killing Muslims, is a major recruiting tool for ISIS

3) The closest U.S. allies in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qater and other middle eastern tyrannies, have been funding ISIS more or less directly

4) Then the CIA and NSA have only one mission, to find terrorist plots and in the case of the Paris attacks, they have profoundly failed at their job.

5) They don't want anyone to blame them, so they say, "Don't look at us for having failed in our job to find these terrorist attacks, BLAME EDWARD SNOWDEN"

Snowden did not release any secrets at 25:50

The New York Times itself published many many Snowden documents.

This is a really important point.

All these people want to say that Edward Snowden is to blame and even has blood on his hands because of what he revealed to the world.

Edward Snowden himself did not reveal a single document to the public.  He could have uploaded them to the Internet or made them public in other ways.

He came to the leading journalists and said, "I'm not the one who should be making decisions on what should be released to the public."  I want you, the leading editors at the leading newspapers to decide which of these documents should be published."

So an honest assessment is to blame the media journalists at the New York Times and the Boston Globe and others for the Paris attacks.

Too many Journalists are mindless servants to the government at 29:00

Their Journalist jobs are secured and their careers advanced when they kneel down and crawl on their hands and knees over to these officials and get whispered into their ears what they are supposed to say and they go and print it.

Former CIA Director Woolsey is a lying neo-con at 31:36 Woolsey.32:07  Greenwald

It’s absolutely remarkable that James Woolsey, of all people, is the person who has been plucked to be the authoritative figure on the Paris attacks by leading media outlets such as CNN and MSNBC news, when he is by far one of the most extremist and radical neoconservatives ever to be puked up by the intelligence world. He not only was one of the leading advocates of attacking Iraq, he was one of the leading proponents of all of the lies that led to that invasion, and has been calling for war and other sorts of really extremist policies, and disseminating lies to the American people for decades. And so, to hold him out as some sort of authority figure, some kind of like respected elder intelligence statesman, on these attacks is just exactly the sort of thing we’ve been talking about, which is the state of the American media. Not one person has challenged anything that he said. 

Former CIA Director Woolsey is the one with blood on his hands

And so, I think if you want to talk about who has blood on their hands, personally, I would look first to ISIS, the people who actually shot those people in the Paris streets. It’s really weird. Usually after a terrorist attack, nobody is allowed to suggest that anybody has blame other than the terrorists themselves. But for some reason, in this case, leading establishment figures and journalists feel free to go around detracting—distracting attention from ISIS and saying, "No, it’s not ISIS that has blood on their hands, it’s Edward Snowden." For some reason, that’s now allowed. So, if that’s what we’re doing, if that’s the game we’re playing, I would look to the U.S. government first, because they failed to find the plot despite huge amounts of money and unlimited power to do so, and because they’ve done all sorts of things to strengthen the group that apparently bears responsibility for this attack.

The US government knew a Caliphate was forming

One of the three most important military officials of the entire war on terror, General Flynn, who was the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency... is saying that the U.S. government knew that by creating a vacuum in Syria and then flooding that region with arms and money, that it was likely to result in the establishment of a caliphate by Islamic extremists in eastern Syria—which is, of course, exactly what happened. They knew that that was going to happen, and they proceeded to do it anyway. So when the U.S. government starts trying to point the finger at other people for helping ISIS, they really need to have a mirror put in front of them, because, by their own documents, as that extraordinary clip demonstrates, they bear huge responsibility for that happening, to say nothing of the fact that, as I said, their closest allies in the region actually fund it.

The US cause chaos and instability, destroyed the economy, infrastructure

And then, just to take a step further back, The Washington Post six months ago reported what most people who pay attention to this actually know, which is that what we call ISIS is really nothing more than a bunch of ex-Baathist military officials who were disempowered and alienated by the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and the subsequent instability that it caused, and then the policies of the—the sectarian policies of Prime Minister Maliki in basically taking away all of the power of those ex-Baathists in favor of Shiite militias and Iran-aligned militias and the like. And so, essentially, what I think everybody at this point understands is that the reason there is such a thing as ISIS is because the U.S. invaded Iraq and caused massive instability, destroyed the entire society, destroyed all of the infrastructure, destroyed all order, and it was in that chaos that ISIS was able to emerge. So, again, if you’re looking for blame, beyond ISIS, the U.S. government is a really good place to look.

The Media are big corporations needing positive relations with the US Government

So, as far as why the media is willing to sort of spread these claims so uncritically, I mean, you know, there are complicated reasons. I mean, one is that the media itself is very nationalistic, and they get wrapped up and caught up in the sort of uber-patriotism and jingoism as much as non-journalists do, and see the world through that lens. Another is that they spend a huge amount of time with these government officials. They are in the same socioeconomic sphere. They talk to them all day and night, because that’s where they get their stories from, is the ones that are fed to them by officials. And so they see the world through their lens and also, at the same time, want to serve them and please them in order to continue to get sources. A lot of these people are people who work for large corporations, and large corporations want to keep positive relations with the U.S. government, and so report favorably on them rather than in a way that would anger the government, because that’s not in their interest to do.

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