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December 2015 AD

10 Questions 


Bernie Sanders

The liberal CNBC debate moderators were justly ridiculed this week for their unwashed bias against the Republican Presidential candidates they were interviewing on Oct 28, 2015.

Part of that accusation came with a case that the same hard questions are not asked of Democrat candidates. Instead of hard ball questions thrown at Democrats, Nerf balls are thrown at them.

NPR recently had an interview of Bernie Sanders, and they too should get a follow-up question session with these questions.

These are the 10 questions Bernie Sanders should be asked.

NPR Question #1 of Bernie Sanders

We will start our questions with an easy one Mr. Sanders.

The Democrat Party says it is the party of  new hopes, fresh ideas, diversity, tolerance and inclusiveness.

How do you feel that the Democrat Party upholds those beliefs when all your Presidential Candidates are old and white?

NPR Question #2 of Bernie Sanders

Ron Paul had always ran as a Republican for Congressman, even though he said he leaned toward being a Libertarian and as a result, Ron Paul was always criticized by the MSM for not being a true Republicans, and by Republicans as well, when he ran as a Republican in the Presidential Republican primaries. 

You have always been in the Liberty Union Party which is a Socialist Party, or you have been an Independent candidate, always, always calling yourself a socialist, then and now, but this year, you became a Democrat for the first time, and you are running as a Democrat in the Democrat primary.

Why do you get a pass by the MSM, and by other Democrats, to call yourself a Democrat -- trying to lead all Democrats -- to be the ultimate Democrat -- as their President?

NPR Question #3 of Bernie Sanders

OK, you told us you are a "Democratic" Socialist. Would that be along the lines of Adolph Hitler who was democratically elected to office in Germany as a member of the German National Socialist Worker's Party?

Would you be the same kind of socialist supporting working Americans as Hitler was a socialist supporting German workers?

NPR Question #4 of Bernie Sanders

We understand, Mr. Sanders.

Since you are Jewish, Hitler killed your family, so you could not support that form of "Democratic" Socialism.

Well then, considering that you are Jewish and your Jewish brethren were instrumental in developing the overthrown of the Christian Czar and undemocratically creating the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, would it be fair to say that you are in full approval of the socialism ran by Stalin.

Stalin was our ally in WW2 you know, so would Stalin be an ally of Bernie Sanders should he still be alive and in office today?

NPR Question #5 of Bernie Sanders

So you say that Stalin was no true socialist, since he turned on the Socialist Jews and they all had to emigrate from Russia after WW2 ended in 1945 -- to help establish Israel just 3 years later in 1948.

Therefore, you would not support Socialism as defined by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Perhaps the true socialists were your fellow Jews who left the Soviet Union and founded Israel.

So indeed, these socialist Jews from Russia established a socialist Jewish state of kibbutz communal farms and segregated themselves from the native Palestinians with a Two-State Partition, one for Jews and one for Arabs.

Our question to you would be why Jewish socialists in Israel did not socialize with Arabs who had been living there beforehand?

NPR Question #6 of Bernie Sanders

You say that the Arabs did not want to socialize with Jewish Socialists. We can certainly understand that.

But you also say that Israel is just a Democracy today and not even a Democratic Socialist country anymore.

So why should we follow ideals of socialism  proposed mainly be Jews, if Jews refuse to follow those ideals in a country of their own?

NPR Question #7 of Bernie Sanders

Years later, in the early 1960's, Fidel Castro was a socialist supported then and still today by American Jews from Hollywood.

As you know, a famous Democrat name John Fitzgerald Kennedy invaded Fidel Castro's Cuba in an attempt to undemocratically overthrow him in an incident called The Bay of Pigs.

As President of America Mr. Sanders, would you condemn former Democrat President JFK as a hater of socialists and apologize to America for the historical hatred of Democrats against Socialists?

NPR Question #8 of Bernie Sanders

A few weeks ago, we here at NPR documented the country of Socialist Hugo Chavez's Venezuela's where there is a critical lack of basic food for their people in our article entitled "The Nightmare Of Grocery Shopping In Venezuela"

As you may know, the socialist government, runs their own grocery stores.

We covered a shopping day for Anny Valero and said this:

       "Anny Valero and Yossmy Benaventi came away from a recent shopping trip with sardines, diapers, detergent and a few other items. They had to produce their son's birth certificate to prove the baby was theirs and that they really did need the diapers."

With you as our first avowed Socialist President, would Americans have to produce birth certificates to feed their babies?

NPR Question #9 of Bernie Sanders

  1.   With the Holodomor massacres of the Soviet Socialists,
  2.   With the Holocaust massacres of the German Socialists,
  3.   With the Israeli Socialists actually trying to wipe Palestinian lands off the face of the Earth with Settlements in Israel and now in their West Bank,
  4.   With Cuban Socialists imprisoning their people in their own country, and
  5.   With Venezuela's socialists refusing to feed their own people without those people producing the proper papers,
  1.   "Why Mr. Sanders are Socialists so anti-social?"

NPR Question #10 of Bernie Sanders

One last question Mr. Sanders.

Last time we interviewed you, you said, and we quote,

"God, we have got to do everything we can to end this kind of horrific racism or anti-Semitism. And I have spent much of my life trying to fight that."

If your life's quest was in fact not to promote Socialism, but instead was to support and defend Jews against anti-Semitism, how then would you support and defend a nation whose majority are Christian and whom you admit you fear and you would fight against?

Let me ask about another word and what it means to you.

At a town hall meeting, a student town hall meeting the other day, you took a question from a young Muslim woman who was upset about what she felt was discrimination.

And as part of your answer you said, I'm Jewish.

What does being Jewish mean to you?

Let me - I'll answer that. And let me just respond to that.

What I heard in her voice was fear.

I think she wanted to be an engineer. A very bright young lady.

I don't want to see kids in America being scared because they're hearing people on television and the radio saying these really ugly xenophobic and racist things.

This is the year 2015. We have come a long, long way as a nation. We've elected an African American as president.

All of that does relate very much to the fact that I am Jewish. When I was a young boy,

I can remember in the community that I grew up in, seeing people in the community who had numbers that were on their arms.

You've just pulled up your sleeve here, going on your forearm there.

These were the Nazi identifications, the numbers that they put on prisoners in concentration camps - more than a few.

And I certainly was aware of the fact that much of my father's family was killed in the Holocaust. Just a couple years ago, my brother and I went back to a small town in Poland where my dad grew up. So it was a very traumatic experience for me as a young man to know that my father's family were killed by Nazis, killed by Hitler.

And that left, you know, if not intellectually, at least an emotional part of me which said, God, we have got to do everything we can to end this kind of horrific racism or anti-Semitism. And I have spent much of my life trying to fight that.

Senator Sanders, thanks very much.

Steve, thank you very much.

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