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Decenber 2015 AD

San Francisco

America's Hell

There are none more sanctimonious - and LIBERAL -- than San Franciscans.

They make an Ivy League Frat house seem like a Church's welcoming party for Special Olympic kids.

Multi-million dollar homes for this exclusive club of 1%ers, who look down upon "fly-over" country.

San Francisco is an Environmental HELL

California's Ultra-Liberal enclave is San Francisco.

San Franciscans are the nation's greatest loud-mouthed environmentalists, yet they have viciously raped their own habitat, an environmental eyesore grosser than any American city could ever NOT hope to achieve.

San Frans have demolished the inherent gorgeous natural beauty of the bay area, destroyed all of nature by paving the entire peninsula from coast to coast with gray ugly concrete.

They have built one house attached to another house, built on top of yet another house. They have left absolutely no room for nature -- only man!

And ugly cannot begin to describe how the buildings in San Fran looks.

Take away the Golden Gate bridge and what does San Francisco have to offer? 

You may say they have sea lions basking in the sun on ugly man-made piers, because their natural beach has been paved over by these greedy hypocritical fake environmentalists, but speaking of this is pure sickness.

God knows what San Fran would look like if they were able to pave over the bay itself.

If you really want to see how liberals take care of nature, you have to visit them in San Francisco, in their LIBERAL HABITAT, to see how much damage man is capable of inflicting upon a defenseless nature.

Orange County is an Environmental HEAVEN

In contrast to San Francisco, California has a Ultra-Conservative enclave of several cities, commonly grouped together as Orange County.

If you were to travel there, you would see a forlorn desert transformed into a beautiful oasis.

Unlike San Francisco, the surrounding inspiring mountains, like Saddleback Mountain, remain un-encroached upon by humans. There is stunning greenery everywhere -- parks, walking trails, biking trails, and the buildings are as beautiful as the environment these Republicans have created from nothing.

So if you want to see how Conservatives treat nature, you need to visit them in Orange County, in their CONSERVATIVE HABITAT.

San Francisco believes itself to be above the Law

When has San Frans ever thought the law applied to them?
  1.   This is the home of mind-altering LSD, from Timothy Leary's day.
  1.   This is the home of the Sexual Revolution perversion.
  1.   This is the home of Homosexual and Lesbian Perversion.
  1.   This is the home of Marijuana dispensaries.
  1.   This is the home of the illegal alien Sanctuary City.
All laws of any successful civilized society for eons.

Yet, these gay perverts screamed about "THE SOUTH" disobeying "THE LAW" on gay marriage in Kentucky, which had been on the books all of 5 minutes before they appealed all the way to the Supreme Court -- as if they would ever travel to Kentucky anyway.

San Francisco needs to be leveled to the ground

This New York City on the West Coast wanna-be has gone too far, too many times.

The then-legal slave industry was abolished by Northern States after they illegally reinforced Fort Sumter, now part of the Confederacy. That is -- they invaded.

To handle these lawless, Neo-Hick, environmental terrorists in San Francisco, the next  conservative President needs to immediately reinstall federal troops at The Presidio and given The Presidio back to the National Park Service.

Ultra-liberal Neo-Hicks cannot help themselves -- they will "protest" and have "sit ins".

To the rest of the world, this signifies invasion and threats, so the federal troops should have orders to defend themselves with return fire.

With this war declared against the good people of America, like the Romans did to Carthage, San Francisco should be completely leveled, not one stone on top of another, and stripped of all their human feces.

San Francisco, with its beautiful weather year round, should be a national park for both nature and all Americans, not just a place for the filthy hypocritical rich who can afford a million dollar, ugly run-down hillbilly shack on the side of a steep hill as they nanny the rest of us.

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