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November 2015 AD

License to Kill

All this talk about "Black Lives Matter" is used in comparison to say that the white boy, Devan Guilford, will not get justice in being murdered by a policeman, because he's white, was apparently right on the money.

An investigation by the local police department cleared this policeman of all wrongdoing.

Apparently, believed by the police and many who left comments about the "PUNK kid, a teenager questioning authority is grounds for summary execution by the State with no recourse to innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, as Mathew Cooke so elegantly points out in his Youtube video:

Here is the other side's take:

The Examiner Oct 17, 2015

Reports CNN on Oct. 16: “Deven Guilford was shot seven times by a Michigan sheriff's sergeant in February after the 17-year-old attacked the officer on the side of a snowy highway, according to a report from the Eaton County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.

The officer, Eaton County Sheriff's Sgt. Jonathan Frost, was cleared by the county prosecutor in June after an investigation into the teen's shooting death.”

Deven was unlawfully stopped for flashing his lights at officer Frost, who knew his lights were too bright on his new police car.

Hence, the boy respectfully did not understand why he was being arrested.

The boy complied when asked to get on the ground, was tasered. Shocked and surprised, had a reaction to being tased.  Imagine that.

This reaction gave cause in Sgt Frost's mind to execute Deven with not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, but seven bullets.

Many are saying that Deven deserved to die for not genuflecting upon demand to the almighty police.

From what I say of the video, seems to indicate a need for ordinary citizens to be armed in the face of a crazed armed police force.

But all this aside.  What is the gorilla in the room everyone is missing?

Rogue Cop's crime covered up

That's right. The County prosecutor blamed the victim and covered for the perpetrator of the crime.

A police officer, with a superior knowledge of the law, trained in taking down suspects, experienced with years of police work, has an awesome responsibility in relation to a young 17-year-old kid he confronts.

A fiduciary responsibility in terms of finances.

Police officers know better than to kill as a first resort to handling a routine traffic stop.

The government official attempted to cover up the crime of one of their own.

So, where does that leave us?

Priest Molestations

Anyone remember priest molestations?

And you say, "How does this relate?"

Another situation where an older, experienced and trusted adult came into contact with a younger inexperienced boy to commit a crime. 

The crime of statutory rape on one hand and the crime of murder in the other.

Both deserve prison time.

But the civil cases for millions of dollars in the priest molestation was in saying that the Church had the responsibility for law enforcement, that the Church covered up the crimes and that the Church knowingly move priests around.

Yes, the Church has a moral responsibility in regards to sin, but not a law enforcement responsibility.

In this shooting case, the lawsuit will be about the county covering up the crime and wherether of not their insurance should pay.

But the real point is that both crimes were and are the responsibility of police and the courts to handle crime -- murder in one case and statutory rape in the other.

None of the governmental police departments in the areas the priests were in were ever sued for not arresting the criminal priest. 

No, the Bishop who took the confession of the sinning priest, was charged with the crime as an accomplice.  Attorney-client privilege is better protected than the confessional.

No Christian forgiveness allowed in a court of law --- years and years and years after the fact.

Law Enforcement not held accountable in Priest Molestations

Point to be made here, is that the government's courts went after the Catholic Church for tens of millions of dollars, after the government's own law enforcement failed to act.

The correct responsible party for law enforcement was not held accountable in the priest molestation cases.

Made into a Federal Case

We will see if a murdered young white boy's grieving mother will see any justice from our court system.

Seems to me this case should have been filed in the State courts.

Interestingly, they filed in a federal court, and the feds have no love of the States who created them.

So we will have to wait and see.

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