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November 2015 AD

Smith and Wesson

travels to Israel

Israel declared itself to be a knife-free zone, but horrors -- Muslims continue to buy illegal knives.

And double horrors -- they bring these illegal knives into the knife free zone.

Israel declared itself to be a rock-free zone, but Holy Halloween -- Muslims just illegally make their own rocks.

And Fredie Kruger scary -- Muslims throw rocks at Jews and call them bad names.

By Ben Brumfield and Greg Botelho
Updated 5:27 PM ET, Fri October 16, 2015

The recent knife attacks have confounded Israeli authorities. They have spent millions to prevent suicide bombings with high concrete barriers and to stop rockets from Gaza with the Iron Dome anti-missile system.

But a knife is easy to obtain and carry into a crowd.

Obviously need more laws to clamp down on illegal knife ownership and the illegal manufacture of rocks ....

Meanwhile, on the opposing side, Jews are killing Muslims every day with guns.  So, to fix that problem, Jewish lawyers are lining up to file lawsuits against the Jewish gun owner and against the Jewish gun store he bought the gun from from and against the Jewish gun manufacturer who made the Jericho rifle used in the murder and against the Jewish ammo manufacturer, for violating the sacred civil rights of the poor abused Palestinian Muslim native minority, ruthlessly persecuted in a WHITE Jewish majority country of recent WHITE Jewish immigrants from WHITE Europe.

"Can't we all just get along -- White Jews and People of Color?"

.....Oh sorry, those would be an American Jewish solutions to Christians having a single-shot 22 rifle or a 12 gauge shotgun in their own country. 

And that Iron Dome in Israel? -- yeh, America built it -- and paid for it -- for Jews.

Jewish citizens get to carry

fully automatic weapons and grenades

Assault Rifles in Israeli Citizens Hands

Truth, as seen in this photo, the Israeli Jewish cousins of our American Jews, the ones who proudly say they have a dual citizenship with Israel, are running around in "THEIR PROMISED LAND" with fully automatic assault rifles and tear gas grenades.

The Jewish leadership of Israel is even strongly demanding all (Jewish) citizens carry machine guns; again, as you can see in the photo above.

Also in this photo, you don't see any of his fellow liberal Jews running for cover, screaming that "He has a gun!!!", calling 911 asking for a SWAT team of guys with guns to show up and kill the guy. They are just carrying on with their lives.


Palestinian Muslims

have been disarmed

 In Israel, the way they treat their RELIGIOUS MINORITY is to disarmed them.

How do I know this religious minority has been disarmed?

Because they are only using rocks and knives.

Muslims are second-class citizens in Israel.

While the Jewish puppet Obama is endlessly promoting even more gun laws to remove guns from the hands of MAJORITY CHRISTIANS, when MAJORITY CHRISTIANS are attacked in their BLACK CHRISTIAN church in South Carolina or at a community college in Oregon with a focus on killing WHITE CHRISTIANS going to school, all the while Obama remains silent when the Muslims he has imported into America attack CHRISTIANS -- when it comes to Israel -- Obama and our Judeo-MSM are all pitying the armed-to-the-teeth Jews being attacked by "Zombie Muslims". 

How do you say, chutzpah???

Muslim Minority in Israel

allowed to be dehumanized

Muslims allowed to be characterized as a Zombie threat....only in Israel, LMAO!

The article this story was written around is repeated in full at the bottom. Nicely, it has attached, a very enlightening comments section. The Jewish commentators are easy to spot. They are the ones rabid and foaming at the mouth about characterizing Palestinian Muslims as rabid.

Comments such as these would get any American Christian fired from his job, thrown out of his bowling league, ostracized from his church, vilified as a Nazi storm trooper; and otherwise not tolerated and hated.

But the Jews in this comment section just pat each other on the back to see who can defile and dehumanize Palestinian Muslims the most.

  Comment : Larry wants to slaughter 1026 innocent women and children Muslims for every bad Muslim man.  How would that play with our Jewish anti-death penalty crowd?

Larry wrote:
"The Arabs who wish to be called Palestinians set the bar in the Gilad Shalit exchange. Any attack on Israelis should be responded to in a ratio of 1027 to 1. "

Comment :  More demands to round up all the Muslim families, Nazi style, and slaughter them. Would probably use gas chambers for efficiency sake, one would guess.

Dan Austin wrote:
"The way to stop a terrorist who doesn't care about his own life is for him or her to know with absolute certainty that their actions will bring harm to their own loved ones. How many terrorists will voluntarily die attacking Israelis or anywhere else if they knew with absolute certainty that their actions meant the certain death of their parents, brothers, sisters, wives, or children?"

  Comment : This guys basically says Muslim children to too dumb to learn, or don't need to learn.

Kris replied to Dan Austin:
"I always hear about Palestinian schools, what in the world do they have to teach children? No real economy. The only thing they teach them is to hate Israel and how to throw rocks properly"

  Comment : There you go. The rationale to slaughter an entire minority in your country. Just call them sub-human. And didn't Jews object to being called sub-human themselves in Nazi Germany?  More chutzpah!

tomf replied to Dan Austin"
"you confuse these people with humans!"

  Comment : Dian believes that Jews won Palestine "fair and square" lol -- just like European Americans won America fair and square with their invasion being met by Indians armed with bows and arrows, right?  LMAO.  Silly Dian -- You can't say you have won the war when the other side is still fighting the war. Wasn't that the lesson from the Christian Crusade to take the Holy Lands, now applicable to the Jewish Crusade?

Dian adds to Dan Austin's comment:
"They should also grow some cojones and announce that they will NEVER give up the land they won lawfully in the 1967 and 1972 Wars. Per International Law, they won that territory fair and square; therefore all this talk about occupation should stop once and for all."

  Comment :  Quite a few of the comments are more sensible. David for instance is on the right track, but just does not piece together the entire picture. He just thinks they are being inconsistent -- that is, hypocrites.  Truth is that jews in America and Jews in Israel are not being hypocrites.  They want  ALL NON-JEWS to be disarmed. Does not matter whether the disarmed is Muslims or Christians, in America or in Israel, so long as rich Jews can have armed guards -- to protect them from bad guys don't you know.

David wrote:
"Funny how Israeli's can buy a gun for protection while their fellow tribe members in the US congress want us disarmed...
 Think about that; per capita, more non-Jews in the US are killed by Blacks than Israeli's are killed by Arabs, yet we're often lectured by this group that we shouldn't own a gun.
 Their hypocrisy stinks & is offensive. "


Jews in Power

use their power

Cannot make this more clear.

Jews want the Christian majority in America disarmed, as much as they have already disarmed the Muslim minority in Israel.

Make no mistake, when the Muslim minority is disarmed in a Jewish nation, it is because Jews have the power and the will to do so, and they are not bending over backwards to insure their minority rights are secured.

And think this out: 

When the Christian majority is disarmed in a Christian nation, while still being attacked by armed non-Christian atheists and still being attacked by deadly armed non-Christian Muslim terrorists, or armed by Obama OPERATION FAST AND FURIOUS drug gangs; while at hte same time, this country has armed every Muslim thug terrorist in the Middle East to overthrow their lawful country, it is not because the Christian majority has placed disarming themselves as their biggest priority, but because the Jews who own the mass-produced national news services in America have made it a major part of their agenda to control America for themselves, so they can use America to help Israel.

Israelis invest in firepower


knife attacks


Oct 15, 2015

Tel Aviv (AFP) - Cars are double- and even triple-parked outside a gun shop in Israel's coastal city of Tel Aviv. Inside, customers jostle each other as they wait to be served.

Israelis fearful of a rising number of knife and other attacks by Palestinians are increasingly turning to firepower for personal protection.

Seven Israelis and around 30 Palestinians have been killed in an upsurge of unrest since October 1, with many of the attackers wielding blades.

One man at the store does not even bother to remove his motorbike helmet or interrupt a call on his mobile as he orders and pays for a box of bullets.

"The last time the shop was so busy was probably in the 1970s. I've never before seen such stress or panic," says owner Iftash Ben-Yehuda.

He is now having to ration some of his wares, estimating demand to be about four times higher than normal.

"There's been a shortage of tear gas grenades in the country for a few days, so I limit them to two per customer and give priority to women," the 37-year-old tells AFP.

Smith & Wesson, Glock and Israeli-made Jericho models top the handgun sales league, costing anything between 2,000 and 4,000 shekels ($500-$1,000, 450-900 euros), he says

"In a knife attack or a shooting, an armed and well-trained civilian can be a game-changer, neutralising a terrorist in seconds. This can mean the difference between an attack with one or more wounded and one with several people dead."

Under Israeli law, apart from members of the police and forces and private security contractors, only civilians living or working in areas deemed at risk, such as Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, are allowed guns.

Out of a population of 8.5 million, some 260,000 Israelis hold gun licences.

However, a spokesman for the public security ministry told AFP that in the past 10 days, the number of gun licence applications has risen "by tens of percent".

Israelis would appear to be actively responding to appeals by officials to be vigilant and stay on the alert.

Exceptionally, security guards have been asked no longer to leave their firearms at the workplace, and civilians with licences have been urged to keep their weapons on them -- and make sure they are visible.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat is setting an example.

The former paratrooper, armed with an automatic weapon and spare ammo, invited television crews to join him as he patrolled flashpoint areas of Arab east Jerusalem in his SUV.

- 'Get the Glock' -

Israeli forces took the east of the Holy City in the 1967 Six-Day War, and later annexed it.

In the West Bank, most Jews -- men and women -- carry guns when they come out from behind the barriers and barbed wire circling their settlements.

"Last week, when my neighbour was attacked by young masked Palestinians who stoned her car and the army took 20 minutes to arrive, I said to myself 'Right, now's the time to get the Glock from the gun safe'," Aviva Yisraeli, a mother living in the Tekoa settlement in the southern West Bank, told AFP.

Since then, whenever she drives anywhere the pistol is close to hand.

Not everyone has welcomed the call to arms.

Lawyer Smadar Ben Natan, a leader of a coalition of anti-firearms groups called Gun-free Kitchen Tables, says a series of welcome regulations has halved the number of civilians allowed to bear arms over the past decade.

She believes it would be "very undesirable" if such policies go by the wayside "at the whim of a temporary situation".

The lawyer cites to AFP the case of a Jew stabbing another Jew on Tuesday in the mistaken belief that he was an Arab.

"In the long run it is obvious that more weapons creates more danger, not more security but the opposite," she says.

"Encouraging civilians to use firearms on the street could lead to very unfortunate results; it is not always easy to tell who is a terrorist or not."

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