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September 2015 AD

Promised Land

Final Solution

(Editor's note: Published two days before September 23rd, which many say is the end of Shemittah. The end of the 120th Jubilee. Updated the day before.)

In this Shemittah year, we must remember the goal of many Jews. In case you ever wondered when the Jews would ever be satisfied, (other than controlling the entire world), in regards to the final borders of Israel, here are two eye-opening maps.

Geo-politics, after all, is a Jewish game.

But first, a little history...

When the Ottoman Empire was carved up by the Jewish-dominated English following the Jewish-won World War 1, the Jewish map makers saw to it that the Ottoman Empire was carved so that Jews could one day gradually enlarge, in stages, into their full,  pre-destined  Promised Land.

The way was safe...that other threat to Jewish claims on the Holy Lands, The Christian Czar of Russia, heir to the Byzantine Empire, had been brutally eliminated...him and his family lined up against a wall and shot. 

There would be no Christian Czar occupying the Holy Lands after the Ottoman Empire fell.

But this still required a grand deception by the Zionist organizers.  A grand deception to deceive both ordinary Jews and Gentiles alike.

Israel would need Jews to fill it and hold it.

Lots and lots of Jews were needed. Jews who were nicely settled in Europe and not wanting to leave a luxurious life among Christians with all of Europe's pleasantries, in exchange for the rigors of frontier life in a potentially unsuccessful Israel among insanely hostile Muslims.

So these Zionist master-planners needed to secure a temporary home during WW2, where all the Jews could be secretly gathered, so that the world's sympathies would go out to them in a fake Holocaust.

To accomplish all this, the Jewish Commissars, who had taken over in the Russian Bolshevik Revolution, would start off exacting their revenge on the "Anti-Semitic" Ukrainians they had hated with a vengeance for centuries, by starving 7 million peasant  Christian families in the atrocity called the Holodomor of 1932-33. 

This was all a huge secret of course.

The average American knew nothing of Jews under Stalin wiping out 7 million Christians when they signed up with Stalin to go fight Hitler, simply because our Jewish press failed to report on the atrocities.  The press was too busy covering Hitler being elected one would suppose.

For the very few who suspected, no Crimes Against Humanity charges against Stalin or any of his Jewish henchmen would ever be leveled, because we needed that depraved dictator Stalin we would call Uncle Joe, to help eliminate what our Jewish MSM told us was the ultimate depraved dictator, Hitler.

And if you dared speak a word of what you knew or suspected you would be labeled a Nazi.

With an entire Ukrainian countryside eliminated of its human population, the homes of these 7 million poor Christians souls would now be opened up to house the 6 million Jewish families Hitler would help the Jews round up from across Europe and transport east in boxcars.

Yes, Hitler wanted Jews out of Germany and out of Europe. Does it surprise you to know he would do such a thing?

These Jews would be absolutely required to fill  Israel, so these Jews waited out WW2 in the homes of the dead Ukrainian Christians. 

Isolated from one another across the Ukrainian countryside, yes, some even in concentration camps for effect, ordinary Jews themselves were deceived into thinking they and their family were a blessed exception to a sea of dead Jewish tribesmen; NOT a tiny part of a scheme involving millions and millions of their fellow Jews.

Following WW2, many of these 6 million "displaced persons", believing the propaganda of their own Zionist leaders, would voluntarily end up in Israel and 3 years later, in a feat Jews had been unable to accomplish in 2,000 years -- Israel was formed.

The ENTIRE Promised Land (1)

The ENTIRE Promised Land (2)

Jewish Domination - Stage 1: Tiny Palestine

Exactly 2 Jewish jubilees ago, or a mere 100 years ago in Jewish history, under the protection of victorious English Christian soldiers, dot-sized Palestine would become the landing dock for the new Israel.  From 1917 to 1948, especially after WW2 don't you know, Israel would swell with Jews, making Palestine a Jewish-majority region and overwhelming the local Muslim population.

The creation of Israel was the completion of this first stage.

Jewish Domination - Stage 2: Modern Israel

Exactly 1 Jewish Jubilee ago, or 50 years back,  Israel provoked  her neighbors to invade in what became  known as the  Six-Day War. Israel consolidated control over Jerusalem, as well as, obtained the Golan Heights from Syria, obtained the West Bank and obtained the Gaza strip, which today we just call, Gaza, and finally, took control of the Sinai.


Jewish Domination - Stage 3: Post-Modern Israel

What will happen during this Jewish Jubilee period of 2015

From a look at the maps above, it is obvious that Jews believe, "thanks be to God", that either all of Syria or most of it belongs to them.

Both maps show all of Kuwait belonging to Israel, which America helped keep out of the hands of Iraq, as well as half of Iraq.

Both maps show all of Lebanon belonging to Israel.

Both maps show all of Jordan belonging to Israel.

Both maps show the Kurdish regions of Turkey and Iraq belonging to Israel.

Both maps show Cyprus belonging to Israel.

Both maps show the Nile delta belonging to Israel.

Both maps show part of Saudi Arabia belongs to Israel.

Guesses of this Jubilee from recent events?
Syria is Shite Muslim dominated and a natural ally of Shite-Muslim Iran. It was natural for Israel to take down Syria first, before they take down Iran over nuclear weapons. Jews want to be the only country in the region to carry on a secret and successful nuclear program. They will kill anyone who interferes.  Just ask the family of JFK.

Since Egypt and Libya have been paralyzed with "The Arab Spring", and since Iraq has been demolished with 34 years of American bombing, the regional powers are powerless to stop any Israeli jihads in the region.

So a natural prediction is for the next Jewish Crusade Jihad of this Jubilee year, would obviously be ISIS-controlled regions of Syria and Iraq.

Syria is being emptied of its fighting age men, allowing Israel to expand into ISIS-controlled territory with relative ease.  ISIS being Israel's SS -- without any Israeli blood being poured.

And of course, Christians in the Syrian Muslim-refugee-filled Europe and America with stand up and applaud Israel for taking down the ISIS power -- which Israel created to help dominate its own Muslim people in the first place.

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