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October 2015 AD

Central Banking BUSTED

In 1913, when the Central Bank was being sold, it was hailed as ridding America of the cursed business cycle.... stay with me  -- I know you already know we have been swindled.

We will get back around to how the most centralized of all central banks, China's very own central bank, has thrown up its hands to fix the Great Fall of China.

But first...Has anyone actually told you what a so-called "central bank" is?

What is a Central Bank?

Easy enough. our Federal Reserve Central Bank is a government bank, established by politicians, with bank deposits coming in from taxes, and no withdrawals allowed by law, except by politicians.

Since the central bank can force deposits from taxes, then it always knows how much deposit will be on hand. Furthermore, since the bank depositors (taxpayers) cannot ask for their deposit back, then there can never be a "run on the central bank".

And since it can literally "print any amount of money" and "set interest rates all on its own" as any tin-horned dictator would do, all without, (many believe) a care for the Law of Supply and Demand, well hallelujah!!

Since it can print money for itself, it cares nothing about how much interest it makes and just sets the rate however it feels like.

Since it is the big hairy gorilla on the block, it can force banks to establish whatever reserves it wants them to have.

Theoretically a perfectly stable situation where the Central Bank becomes the bank's bank.

Business cycle smoothed over and everyone lives happily ever after, end of story.

Except...for everyone is aware.

P.S. For a great read about the FED, look into "The Creature from Jeckle Island"

How did we get our Central Bank?

To establish the American Central Bank in 1913, three things had to happen.

First, to get money into this national piggish bank, the 16th Amendment was enacted to provide for income taxes which would become the central bank's guaranteed deposits. This was in the works for years past, but just happened to be enacted in 1913.  Hence, they got their forced bank deposits lined up.

Second, to keep the States from meddling in all this federal paradise-building, and for good measure, they also passed the unconstitutional 17th Amendment which strips the States of their Constitutional right to vote in the Senate. The States could not be allowed to withdraw the money from the Federal Reserve bank. Again, the ground work was getting the States bambozzled into passing it, and sure enough, in 1913, it passed. Hence, they would prevent any future political "run on the bank".

Third, the Federal Reserve Act was enacted to create the Creature from Jeckle Island, the bank itself we call The Fed. 

Who were the "they" who accomplished all this?  Mostly European Jewish Rothschild family and their money, aligned with a compliant Jewish-owned MSM bought up by Rothschild's prime agent in the United States, J.P. Morgan.

Of course everyone worried about stinky politicians messing with such a huge piggy bank, so they sold it as a quasi-governmental power all its own.

The Federal Reserve Chairman was to be God when it came to America's money -- not to be hassled by any lowly and greedy ordinary politician. 

(Of course, greedy politicians could and would be blamed for all the economic collapses, as we shall see)

In sum,. all three of these tsumanis against America coming together in 1913, the Federal Reserve Act to create the Federal Reserve (bank), the 16th Amendment for income taxes (guarantee deposits for the bank) and the 17th Amendment for the popular vote in the Senate to "depoliticize" Congress (protect and control withdrawals from the bank), were the total package required to implement America's national central bank.

How well has our Central Bank performed?

A miserable scorecard actually!

Compare America's finances before 1913 for a comparison....

Quick, tell me of ANY economic problems this nation had
for the greater part of a century,
from the creation of the U.S. Constitution in 1889 to 1913.

Nope, you can't do it, because we never had serious problems that affected the average American.

In the last century,
we will show that our Central Bank
has throughout its history
actually been far worst for America than worthless.

We pointed out this month in our Shemittah article this month how we have had consistent Jewish-inspired 7 year cycles of despair, which we should have all noticed long ago, ever since we got the Jewish-controlled Federal Reserve in 1913.

Pretty much all Treasury Secretaries and Fed Chairmans are Jewish. These smartest people in the world have a miserable record of doing their jobs.

But then, their REAL job was enriching JEWS, not the Goy.

Federal Reserve Scorecard

1913-1914  7th Shemittah of Jubilee 119

1921-1922  1st Shemittah of Jubilee 120
  1.     Post WW1 Recession
                 Recession said to be caused by cutbacks after WW1
                 NOT the fault of the Fed
                 who pumped money like crazy during the war,
                 meaning?  THE FED cut back causing the Recession

1928-1929  2nd Shemittah of Jubilee 120
  1.      Great Depression, Part 1
                  Schools teach you this was all Hoover's fault
                  NOT the fault of the Fed causing the Roaring 20's asset bubble
                  with easy money, and that mess all falling apart in 1929,  haha

1935-1936  3rd Shemittah of Jubilee 120
  1.      Great Depression, Part 2
                  Not FDR's fault, he spent Fed money like crazy, haha
                  Certainly not FDR having the Fed prime the pump for FDR's 1934 election
                  And the subsequent fall could not possibly be the Fed's fault

1942-1943  4th Shemittah of Jubilee 120
  1.      Great Depression, Part 3
                   Didn't even call it a Great Depression, called it "patriotic rationing"
                   Fault of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Emperor Hirohito,
                   Tyrants appealing to impoverished people in the Great Depression
                   NOT the Fed's fault in making people impoverished in the first place
                   with the NOT-SO-GREAT Depression,
                    thereby radicalizing them with desperate measures.

1949-1950  5th Shemittah of Jubilee 120
  1.       War on Korea
                    Europe and Asia rebuilding -- keeps us going economically
                    NOT THE FED'S FAULT :
                    Even the FED could not screw that up

1956-1957  6th Shemittah  of Jubilee 120
  1.       Europe and Asia still rebuilding
                    STILL, NOT THE FED'S FAULT

1963-1964  7th Shemittah of Jubilee 120
  1.        War on Poverty + War on Vietnam = War on American Savings
                    All done with Federal Reserve printing press money

1972-1973  1st Shemittah  
  1.          Stagflation      
                      Jimmy Carter's fault everyone knows -- And a Democrat, you say!!!
                      Economic Stagnation with Inflation was NOT the fault of the Fed
                      who we are told was powerless to do anything about it,  haha on us!
1978-1979  2nd Shemittah 
  1.          Savings and Loan Crisis
                       Of course, Republicans in Congress's fault
                       The Federal Reserve BANK had NOTHING to do with
                        competing Savings and Loans BANKS failing

1985-1986  3rd Shemittah 
  1.          Black Monday Stock Market Crash;
                      First use of "circuit breakers" in the stock market
                      Thank you FED for our needing them

1993-1994  4th Shemittah 
  1.           Bond Crash and the "Asian Flu" crashes
                      Bill Clinton saved Asia from falling apart
                      Incorrect politically to say that
                      The FED saved Asia's tush by pumping tons of American
                      dollars into Asian foreign accounts

2000-2001  5th Shemittah 
  1.           Internet Bubble Crash; Telecom Bubble Crash; Tech Wreck;
                       Caused by investments in Internet companies with no earnings
                       Don't look to the FED or the SEC for the reason
                       this asset bubble was allowed to blow up.

2007-2008  6th Shemittah 
  1.           The Great Recession;
                       The Housing Crash was George W's fault,
                       NOT the fault of the FED, or its backing of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
                       causing this asset bubble to explode, causing great damage

2013-2014  7th Shemittah 
  1.         The Great Fall of China;
                     China's fault,
                     Certainly NOT the fault of the FED
                     The FED printing endless money for endless deficit spending
                     The FED printing endless money for endless negative balance of trade
                     with China.
                     Naw...that has not created a gigantic
                     Chinese asset bubble....
                     or has it????

Also shortly down the road and naturally -- not the Fed's fault...
  1.         Looming national financial defaults;
  1.         Looming dollar collapse
  1.         Looming European Union collapse

Our economic tidal waves every 7 years are typically blamed on:
      the sitting President, if he is a Republican,
      the previous President, if he was a Republican,
      Republicans in Congress, if they are in power, or
      Republicans in Congress, if they were in power the previous term.

The Federal Reserve bank specifically created to prevent all this is never blamed.

In fact, it is alway said that

It is said that

     "We are a limited government, THERE IS ONLY SO MUCH THE FED CAN DO!!!"

Well, that is now all disproved.

Now we have had the perfect laboratory for a totalitarian Central bank.... China!

China's Totalitarian Central Bank

  1.  China's Central Bank is not beholding to politicians who have to worry about getting reelected....
  2.  ....China is a totalitarian dictatorship!

  1.  China's Central Bank is not concerned by what the MSM will say about them.
  2.   .....They own the Chinese MSM!!!

  1.  China's Central Bank is not concerned even with private companies....
  2. - ....Pretty much all Chinese companies are government owned.

  1.  China's Central Bank is all powerful to keep China's economy on a steady course....
  2.   ....China's economy cannot fail, for it has the perfect Central Bank.


It has thrown up its hands to regulate the economy and China is faltering.

The miracle of Jewish Communist Totalitarianism can hold things up for a while, but the natural law of supply and demand cannot be repealed, not matter how much liberal Jews try to convince the average American.

Not with the Soviet Union, and not with China.

The real moral of the story here? 

We would have been better off the last 100 years on the gold standard and having no Federal Reserve Central Bank.

Our Central Bank has CAUSED incredible economic destruction, not prevented it.

In 1913, you could buy an ounce of gold for $18.92. Today?  Over $1100 for the exact same piece of gold.

What is really changed is that your 100 pennies in your dollar are now only worth 1.72 pennies. The rest of the national treasure over the last 100 years has been stolen, little by little, so you don't even notice. And if you don't notice, then you don't ask that anyone be locked up in prison for theft.

Only the Jews running our Central Bank could do a bank heist of our own bank, right in front of your eyes, and get away with it.

Central banks can’t save the markets from a crash.

They shouldn’t even try

According to some City analysts, the stock markets are pumped with so much cheap credit that a crash is just around the corner. And they worry that when that crash comes, the central banks are all out of moves to prevent the aftershocks from causing a broader collapse.

Since 2008 the Fed has pumped around $4.5 trillion into the financial system. The Bank of England stopped at 375bn. The Bank of Japan is still adding to its post-crash stimulus with around $700bn a year and the Frankfurt-based European Central Bank will have matched its cousin in Tokyo by the end of the year.

In each case, the central bank has adopted quantitative easing, which involves buying government debt to drive up its price. A higher price lowers the returns and encourages investors to go elsewhere in search of gains. It has meant a big shift in the portfolios of fund managers in favour of shares. Apart from a few blips due to the Greek crisis, stock markets have boomed. This summer, the FTSE 100 soared past 2008 levels to top its 1999 peak.

But China, which has borrowed heavily to keep its economy moving, is running out of steam. Beijing has said it does not want to encourage another borrowing boom. But to prevent a crash, it is doing just that. In the last two weeks it has cut interest rates and loosened borrowing limits. It has even invested directly in the market, buying the shares of smaller companies.

So we face the shocking prospect of central bankers, in thrall to stock market gyrations, making the world a more unstable place with promises of yet more cheap credit.

The Guardian  Aug 30, 2015

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