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September 2015 AD

The Liberation of 

The Middle East

In case you had not noticed, the Middle East is being liberated. 

All those liberated Muslims are now in Europe and the United States
-- a free people living among free peoples.

  1.   Curses on you President Thomas Jefferson, our only BAD President...
    1.  For sending marines to the Shores of Tripoli, harming poor innocent Muslims who were just trying to make an honest and acceptable Muslim living by pirating American ships and holding them and their sailors for Muslim ransom.
  1.   Thanks President Franklin Pierce...
    1.  For not objecting to Christian soldiers from England under the thumb of Jewish Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli or objecting to Christians soldiers from France under the thumb of anti-Christian Napoleon III, from being used to defend radical Muslims in the Ottoman Empire from the Christian soldiers under the devoutly Christian Czar in the Crimean War of 1853 AD who were trying to take back Constantinople!  How dare Christians take lands back which had belonged to them for a thousand years. Only Jews can do that!
  1.   Thanks President Woodrow Wilson...
    1.  For helping England liberate all those poor Arab Muslims with brown skin from the evil white-skinned Muslims of the Ottoman Empire after World War 1, because heh, Muslim or not, anyone with white skin has to be the epitome of evil. And as a by-product and as a consequence, thanks for allowing white-skinned Jews to get Palestine from those white-skinned Ottoman Turks who had oppressed that land -- for everyone knew that white-skinned people were about to commit a Holocaust against Jews in the next World War absolutely no one saw coming just 20 years down the road and so, the Jews needed a country of their own ready for that exact moment when that unforeseen event would transpire. Not to be complete by thanking our good president with also helping white-skinned Jews take a good part of those lands from dark-skinned Arabs, because, heh, white-skinned Jews cannot be racists against dark-skinned peoples. A Win-Win, don't you know.
  1.   Thanks President Richard Nixon...
    1.  For liberating Muslims in Cyprus by allowing a Turkish invasion of Cyrus in exchange for your Secretary of State Henry Kissinger working a deal with his Jewish buddies in Israel to trade Christian lands in Cyprus for Muslim lands in Israel, which were ceremoniously handed over to Israel in a famous Kissinger treaty!
  1.   Thanks President Jimmy Carter...
    1.  For liberating the Muslims in Iran from the CIA-installed secular Shah of Iran!  Their kids will also thank you after Israel nukes them next month.
  1.   Thanks President Ronald Reagan...
    1.  For liberating Muslims in Afghanistan from those Godless Christians from Godless Russia!
  1.   Thanks President PAPA Bush...
    1.  For liberating Muslims in Kuwait from Muslims in Iraq led by that proven WMD madman Saddamm Hussein! And ISIS thanks you.
  1.   Thanks President Jimmy Clinton...
    1.  For liberating Muslims in Kosovo, from those Nazi Serbian Christians! And thanks again for bringing these Nazi Christians before Crimes against Humanity trials, for God knows that only Christians can do Crimes Against Humanity! 

  2.   Thanks President BABY Bush...
    1.  For liberating Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq of their frightful leaders so that they could enjoy the peace and quiet they currently enjoy.
  1.   Thanks President Barrack Obama...
    1.  For liberating Muslims in Egypt from their leader secular leader Mubarak!
  1.   Thanks President Obama...
    1.  For liberating Muslims in Libya from their secular leader Quadaffi
  1.  Thanks President Obama....
    1.  For not interferring with Muslim leaders in Sudan from viciously decimating Christians in South Sudan.
  1.   Thanks President Obama...
    1.  For working toward liberating Muslims in Syria from that tyrant secular leader Assad! Everyone knows that Muslims much prefer least the Muslims who still have a head on their shoulder.
  1.  Finally, thanks to all our Presidents overthrowing secular leaders of Muslim countries overseas, who here at home, work endlessly to insure we have a sacred secular leader and not one who would support our own Christian religion or Christian people, for Separation of Church and State is imperative in Christian countries, but an abomination in a Muslim country.

Our Love of Muslims Knows No Bounds

Because we love Muslim people so very much, and we cannot stand to see them suffer so under their own leaders (except for the Saudis as the Queen Bee of the Muslim world), our wonderful leaders have graciously fixed all that for them with vast amounts of our blood and dollars to demolish their homelands.

Now, all those poor persecuted and now homeless Muslims get to live in our very own  "The Land of The Free" under our wonderful marvelous leaders.

Pat yourself on the back. Aren't you proud!!

We are so much better than anyone else. Not even Muslim Turkey would allow fellow Muslims to stay in their country.

Just like Hispanic Mexico will not let Central American Hispanics stay, but send them on through to America, so does Muslim Turkey send Muslim Syrians through their country onward to Christian Europe.

China will not take any Syrian Muslims, but they will make and sell all the things they need with our deficit spending to feed and cloth these poor refugees.

Merkel is Watching YOU!

And if you in Europe are one of those -- German leader Merkel knows who you are ----, "Xenophobes" -- forget about your liberation -- you will be in prison -- no tolerance for you -- no liberation for you -- so says Merkel.

Merkel will not tolerate Christians being intolerant toward intolerant Muslims.

Merkel and Muslims can be intolerant, but Christians MUST be tolerant or expect to be shackled in prison.

President George W Bush could not have been more proud of the brave German leader to have followed in his footsteps by his own commanding punishment upon any Christians of his own country who stepped out of line after 9/11.

Ain't we so tolerantly... inclusively... wonderful???

What becomes of these Empty Muslim Lands?

And for what is left in Syria, Iraq and surroundings, don't fret,
....Israel will kick ISIS tail,
....we will applaud appropriately and admiringly,
....wondering how they did it when we never could,
....saying it was all God's will.
....And Israel will fill up those now empty lands with the Jews from Europe and America we have traded them for Muslims here. 

Because, after all, when the Muslim mess fully blows up and we realize who did this to us, we are going to be fanatically ANTI-SEMITE. Just our nature as Christians and Americans, don't you know.

And as history shows, Jews can always escape the mess they create, by leaving the mess behind.

Migrant crisis:
Merkel warns of EU 'failure'

But she said there would be "no tolerance for those who question the dignity of other people" after a spate of arson attacks on refugee shelters and anti-migrant demonstrations.

"The number of people... helping strangers get through cities and communities and even taking them into their homes is far greater than the number of xenophobes," she went on.

Mrs Merkel's call for greater co-operation was echoed by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who warned that Europe's migrant crisis would be a "long and difficult challenge".


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