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September 2015 AD


Best Zombie Apocalypse


Zombie Apocalpyse stories are abounding all over, but this one has to best all of them.

And why not a 1,000 point drop in the DOW to kick it ll off?

Everyone knows how fanatical Jews are about their HOLY-days such as the Sabbath and about eating Kosher, but many are not aware the number 7 is a magical Jewish number. 

Christians know of the horrors attached to the number 666,
but Christians had better become equally horrified of the number 777.

And being that this September 15, 2015 is the end of the 120th Jewish Jubilee,
Christians should be downright hysterical with fright!!!!!

Sabbath Day (Shabot) (Shabatt)
  1. Every 7 days, Jews are to rest themselves.
Jews are to rest for the entire day.

Sabbath Year Shemittah (Shmita) (Shemitot)
  1. Every 7 years, Jews are to rest their land.
Jews are to rest for the entire year
Jews are to free their fellow Jew of debts
Jews are to free their fellow Jewish slaves
Sabbath Shemittah, (Jubilee) (Yoval)
  1. Every 7 Shemittahs, Jews are to free Israel
To free Israel, Jews are to destroy the World

Jubilee Era
  1. Every 40 Jubilees, Jewish history changes dramatically
The World is never the same afterwards

September 15, 2015 is the end of the 120th Jubilee,
  1. 40th Jubilee since Christ,
  1. 40+40th Jubilee since Abraham,
  1. 40+40+40th Jubilee since Adam and Eve.

September 15, 2015 is the end of the 50th year of the 120th Jubilee

  1. 50 years ago
Since the 119th Jubilee when, following the Six Day War of 1967, Israel expanded into all of Jerusalem, all of the West Bank, all of Gaza, and all of the Golan Heights.

  1. 50+50 years ago
Since the 118th Jubilee around 1915, when Israel, well, got Israel as a prize for winning WW1.

  1. 50+50+50 years ago
Since the 117th Jubilee in 1865 when Zionists started plotting a Jewish homeland by encouraging "freedom". 
Freedom for American slaves
Freedom for Russian Serfs
...and the real object...
Freedom for Jews. 

September 15, 2015 is the end of the last Shemittah of the 120th Jubilee

  1. 7 years
Since the last Shemittah saw the 2008 Housing crash.

  1. 7+7 years
Since the previous Shemittah saw the 2001 Tech Wreck or Telecom Bubble

  1. 7+7+7 years
Since the 1994 Bond crash and the "Asian Flu" Crash that Bill Clinton threw tons of American money at to avert. 
(Why does that matter FAR, FAR, FAR more now?)

  1. 7+7+7+7 years
Since the 1987 Stock Market Black Monday Crash

  1. 7+7+7+7+7 years
Since the 1980 Savings and Loan Deregulation and the Savings and Loan S&L crisis which followed

  1. 7+7+7+7+7+7 years
Since the 1973 Oil Embargo and loss of the gold standard

  1. 7+7+7+7+7+7+7 years
Since... well... we are back to the 1967 Six Day War

Do you think, perhaps, around this September 15th we may find ourselves at a Zombie Apocalypse crossroads!

How is Shemittah Kosher?

Israelite priests maintained the calendars to insure crop are planted at just the right time and to maintain the proper dates for Jewish holidays.

Talk of Sabbath, Shemittah and Jubilee are not just food-based Kosher law for Jewish consumers of food and the Jewish farmers who would make that food.

Fundamentally, Shemittah is really all about individual requirements to save for a rainy day.

For 6 years, Jewish farmers are to work hard tending their fields and are to have built up a comfortable bounty. On the 7th year, they are commanded to be with such a surplus that they can both free their slaves and still have enough saved to live for a 7th year without producing.

Fundamentally, Shemittah is about the fulfillment of the national Mosaic culture of freedom -- freedom won from the Egyptians -- freedom won from the Babylonians -- freedom won from the Assyrains. 

That is why Jews are to free their fellow Jews.

Strangely, while it's true Jews allowed slavery even of their own people, Jewish apologists would surely argue that their "slavery of their fellow Jew" was more like America's indentured servant who was temporarily enslaved until a debt was paid off.

In Israel, that debt had to be paid off within 7 years -- no 30-year mortgages in Israel !!

Fundamentally, Jubilee is all about the Jewish nation preparing the way for a national bounty: preparing for a prosperous Israel for all Israelis.

What is good for Israel,
is usually not good for the rest of the world

Famously, WW1 ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. 

Otherwise, meaningless to mankind.

What should be immeasurably more famous is that WW1 ended a Jubilee year.

A 7th day of a 7th year of a 7th Shemittah.

How did Jews obtain a Jubilee bounty from WW1?   

The answer is easy, they had their surrogate army, the English, defeat the Ottoman Empire, destroy the Ottoman Empire from future interference, and had England hand over Palestine to the Jews as a Jewish homeland.

But wait you say!!  Israel was not created until 1948!!!

House of Israel

True, the Jewish-created "To Rule-the-World" United Nations created Israel just three years after we were all told and believed and cried that the Jews had been wiped out in every manner possible -- all their finances stolen, all the friends who could help them gone with the entire world hating them, and worst, even totally wiped out of their very lives -- with 6 million of their best and finest dead.

While Jews did not move into the House of Israel in 1917, WW1 insured that the foundation for the House of Israel was laid. With the end of WW2, the roof to the House of Israel was completed with a World-wide barn-raising effort in 1948 centered around Tel Aviv.

First Expansion of the House of Israel

The era of which we now live is the era of Israel building extra rooms every now and then as they expand with more Jewish immigration.

God's gift of the Promised Land to the Jews was not just half of Jerusalem and a narrow stretch extending to the Mediterranean.  God's gift was all the lands south to the Suez Canal, all the lands north to the Euphrates River and all the lands East through Jordan.

Egyptians, Lebanese, Syrians, Jordanians and Iraqis have always known this, and surprise, by using this very fact against them, they were enticed by Israel to preempt further expansion by being led into an attack which only allowed for more UN-inspired Home expansion for the House of Israel.

The year 1967 was a Jubilee year of bounty for Israel

       Sept 1917  11/11/1917 (shortly after Sept 1917) Jubilee Year creation of Israel
                 49  7th Smita
      Sept  1966  Start of Jubilee year
      Sept  1967  End of Jubilee year and the Six Day War

In 1967, the House of Israel took control of all lands south to the Suez (temporarily negotiated back to Egypt for a reason this site cannot fathom yet), the Gaza strip (not yet ethnically purged of Palestinians), The West Bank (now being settled by Jewish  colonists), and all of the crown jewel -- Jerusalem (again, not yet purged of Muslims).

Last Expansion of the House of Israel?

What about the this Jubilee?

Will there be another expansion of the House of Israel?

Why would anyone suspect otherwise?

      Sept  1966
                 49  7x7 Shemittahs (approximate)
      Sept  2014  Start of Jubilee year
      Sept  2015  End of the next Jubilee year

Israelis live in the House of Israel, but heaven forbid that they are the construction workers. Israel constructs new additions to her home with Gentile construction workers.

Gentile Christian missionaries for Israel, who would not think of labeling Jews with the hated Crusader epitaph, as they endlessly spit on themselves with self-hatred of their own Crusade for the Holy Lands, are the same Gentile Christian missionaries for Israel who applaud Jews "putting it to the Muslims who hate Jews". 

Never forget that:
  1) Muslims took Christian lands in Jerusalem in 639 AD.
  2) Muslims never ever took a single square mile of land from Jews.
  3) In fact, Jews and Muslims worked hand-in-hand in 639 AD to take lands from Christians.
  4) And don't ever forget the Death of Christ nor the Jewish Massacre of Christians by Jews at Mamilla Pool in 614 AD

Thinking over events in the Middle East in the last "World War" created by Jews, see if you cannot discern a pattern against the Word Wars.

  Think of 2 Shemittahs back (Sept 2015 - 14 years = Sept 2001)
  1.   Sept 11, 2001, sneak "Pearl Harbor" attack by Muslims
  2.   While, many rightfully argue that 9/11 was an Israeli false flag
  3.   England and America mindlessly rush into the Middle East in retaliation
  4.   All the Muslim "moderate" rulers are wiped out
  5.  In this Shemittah year, Jewish investors settle accounts by selling stocks and bonds to clear Shemittah debts, causes the stock market to plummet, and all investors panic, with the result of the economy collapsing.
  Think of 1 Shemittah back (Sept 2015 -  7 years =  Sept  2008)
  1.   The economy is once again in free fall as Jewish investors settle accounts
  2.   America is exhausted in the Middle East from seeing no good results
  3.   And yet, at this point, America hates Muslims more than ever and would not care one whit what Jews due to Muslims.
  Think of the current Shemittah (Sept 2015
  1.   China's stocks are free-falling and the Judeo-MSM reports the Dow is taking notice in response, but we are really witnessing yet another Jewish Shemittah reconciliation of debts.
  2.   OK, Dow drops 1000 points today.
  3.   The American dollar was the last defense of economic free fall from the last two Shemittah, but endless Federal Reserve printing press money is not money printed on trees. The dollar collapse is inevitable as soon as the Fed raises interest rates back to traditional levels and it becomes evident that taxpayers can no longer afford to pay the national debt. Expect those rate hikes any time.
  4.  Internet money called bitcoin, ran by an Internet governing committee just recently handed over to the Jewish-controlled United Nations, is set to become the world standard to replace the dollar as the world's standard.
  5.  Unfortunately, for America, this entails a Zombie Apocalypse.
   Think of the current Jubilee (2015)
  1.  Oil Fracking has driven Middle Eastern producers to bankruptcy, with further instability in the Middle East all but guaranteed.
  2.   ISIS reigns in the Middle East, interestingly in all lands Israel claims north and east as belonging to her; begging for Israel to invade and wipe them out
  3.   ISIS is the Nazi to be defeated at all costs
  4.   How dare !!  ISIS to blow up a UNESO World Heritage Site today.  Those ISIS need "a few good men" to straighten them out. Whether those would be Jewish men or American men remains to be seen.
  5.  Meanwhile, America has its own Neville Chamberlain in the form of Barrack Obama promising "Peace in our Time" with the Iranians"
  6.  Americans would rally around any true effort to defeat Muslims in the Middle East, would rally to an American Churchill to stand up to America's Neville, with its inevitable resultant expansion of the House of Israel.
  7.  Israel would finally establish the full reign over the "Promised Land" God had established for his "Chosen People".  (Scare quotes, as any dedicated reader of this site knows that Christians are God's Chosen People and are the true heirs to the Kingdom of God.)


Silly Christians!!  Who thought the end of the world would be marked by their Gregorian calendars marking years by solar cycles.

The Jewish calendar marks years by lunar cycles.  (Humm... Muslim Cresent moon perchance?)

And, they do not pivot their calendar around the birth of Christ, but rather around the age of Christ first becoming noticed in the Land of Israel, around 15 AD.

(You may say CE for "Christian Era" or BCE for "Before Christian Era".  Either way, this site will not be offended.)

That is why the end of the world was not 2,000 as many silly Christians were led to believe. 

The REAL END OF THE WORLD is September 15, 2015.

The end of this Jubilee on Sept 15 will mark the end of 6000 years of Jewish history.
  1.   2000 years of history before Moses,
  1.   2000 years of history during The Law of Moses and
  1.   2000 years of history during the Messianic Era.

In sum, Sept 15 is the last day of the 120th Jubilee.

  1.   Age of Desolation    : 40 Jubilees or Jubilee 0-40
  1.   Age of Instruction   : 40 Jubilees or Jubilee 40-80
  1.   Age of the Messiah  : 40 Jubilees or Jubilee 80-120

In the picture below, a Torah calendar was consulted for September 15, 2015 AD. Shows we are still in year 50 of Jubilee cycle 120, or a Jubilee year.

Torah Calendar of Jubilee 120

This next picture shows the date of September 16, 2015 AD. Shows we would be in year 1 of the first new Shemittah cycle.

Torah Calendar for Jubilee 121

Notable Shemittah and Jubilee Years

14-15          80th Jubilee   Christ reigns

514-515       90th Jubilee   Fall of Rome --> East and West Christians will become split

1014-1015   100th Jubilee  East and West Christians split; Islam; Crusades defeated --> Hope to retake Holy Lands broken

1514-1515   110th Jubilee  Catholic world divided with Rise of Protestantism; --> Catholic hold broken

1564-1565   111th Jubilee  Fall of Constantinople; --> Eastern Orthodox hold broken

1614-1615   112th Jubilee

1664-1665   113th Jubilee

1714-1715   114th Jubilee  

1764-1765   115th Jubilee   Rise of American Secularism --> British Protestant hold broken

1771-1772  1st Shemittah
1778-1779  2nd Shemittah
1785-1786  3rd Shemittah
1792-1793  4th Shemittah
1779-1800  5th Shemittah
1806-1807  6th Shemittah
1813-1814  7th Shemittah
1814-1815     116th Jubilee  Post Napoleonic Secular Europe; --> Christian centered beliefs hold broken

1821-1822  1st Shemittah
1828-1829  2nd Shemittah
1835-1836  3rd Shemittah
1842-1843  4th Shemittah
1849-1850  5th Shemittah
1856-1857  6th Shemittah
1863-1864  7th Shemittah
1864-1865     117th Jubilee  American Civil War; Post Slavery in Russia/America --> "Freedom preached for Jews"
1871-1872  1st Shemittah
1878-1879  2nd Shemittah
1885-1886  3rd Shemittah
1892-1893  4th Shemittah
1899-1900  5th Shemittah
1906-1907  6th Shemittah
1914-1915     118th Jubilee   WW1 - "The War to End all Wars",
                DEATH of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire,
                DEATH of the German monarchy,
                DEATH of the Russian Monarchy,
                DEATH of the Ottoman Empire,
                DEATH of the French Colonial System,
                DEATH of the British Colonial System,
                DEATH of the Portuguese Colonial System,
                Informal BIRTH of Israel

1921-1922  1st Shemittah  Post WW1 Recession
1928-1929  2nd Shemittah Great Depression, Part 1
1935-1936  3rd Shemittah Great Depression, Part 2
1942-1943  4th Shemittah WW2 - Great War to end "The War to End all Wars"  --> Formal BIRTH of Israel
1949-1950  5th Shemittah War on Korea
1956-1957  6th Shemittah  (What? Did we miss something?)
1963-1964  7th Shemittah War on Poverty + War on Vietnam = War on American Savings
1964-1965      119th Jubilee   Six Day War --> Expansion of Israel

1972-1973  1st Shemittah   Six Day War; Oil embargo; Stagflation
1978-1979  2nd Shemittah  Savings and Loan Deregulation and ensuing S&L Crisis
1985-1986  3rd Shemittah  Black Monday Stock Market Crash; first circuit breakers used.
1993-1994  4th Shemittah  Bond Crash and the "Asian Flu" crashes saved by Bill Clinton with our money
2000-2001  5th Shemittah  Telecom Bubble or Tech Wreck; 9/11 --> America shreds all authority in the Middle East for Israel
2007-2008  6th Shemittah  Housing Crash; The Great Recession --> Just to find work, Americans sign up to shred the Middle East even more
2013-2014  7th Shemittah 
        The Great Fall of China;
        Looming national financial defaults;
        Looming dollar collapse
       Looming European Union collapse
2014-2015     120th Jubilee All the Middle East has been remapped; Israel is preparing for war with Iran;
        House of Israel to be completed

2015-?  America caught in a Zombie Apocalypse blaming anyone and everyone BUT the Shemittah masters.

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