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March 2015 AD

The True Meaning of Catholic

The term "Catholic" means "universal".

Some take this name of Catholic to identify Roman Catholics to distinguish from those of apostate versions of Catholicism, such as Arianism of long past.

Others take the word Catholic to identify the modern day apostasy against Catholicism which we call Protestantism.

But in fact the "universal" definition of "Catholicism" makes good sense if you think about it.

Judaism was for:  one people -- of one nation.

However, God sent Jesus Christ who then reformed Judaism to open it up to all peoples of all nations.

Catholicism was for: all peoples -- of all nations.

The Catholic religion is the universal religion and Catholics were given the Great Commission to bring the universal Church to the universe.

And Jews, who resist their own Jewish Messiah, are apostates.

When Jews create a nation of Israel that has a "right of return" policy for the one people who reject the Messiah and none other, they have created an apostate Nation.

Israel is an Apostate nation.

But let's be clear here. Universal does not distinquish Catholics from a) Arians, b) Protestants, or c) Jews, as a matter of classifying religions, for all those others are apostates of the universal religion.

Apostate means just that -- not a true belief.

For Catholics to say that the word universal equates to apostate makes a mockery of the single universal teachings of Jesus Christ.

The pure intent of Christ was to move Judaism from an insular local religion for a few select Chosen People -- into a universal religion, (a Catholic religion) to bring salvation for everyone.

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