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March 2015 AD

Jews are an

invasive species

One would have a great observation, if he were to think of Jews as an invasive species.

The natural balance of Western Civilization is Christianity.

Introducing the weed of Judaism upsets that moral ecosystem, opening it up to cancerous growth of unhealthy pornography, destructive wars, deadly abortions, slow economic growth,  and a whole host of other malignancies.

No where in the world can a million Frenchmen just decide they want to live in Germany and Germany has to allow it, or two million Italians decide to live in England and England had better not say no to them inviting themselves into England.

Certainly the Frenchmen or Italians cannot denounce the host country as anti-French or anti-Italian.

But Jews seem to believe that no one can put out fertilizer to prevent the crabgrass of Jews spoiling their otherwise perfect green lawn of Christianity and their beautifully crafted national landscaping.

Written by on-line commenter "Extra Salt"

I was just reading a study written by a scientist who was talking about a particular biological issue and he said that the dogma is that diversity is good, but in his study it turns out that what you really need are certain types of species that keep out bad species. And that is all the diversity you need.

And it made me think, duh, how many times have we heard about an invasive non-native species being introduced through human folly and it ruins the balance and processes of the productive native plants or animals that are critical to the local environment.

So certain examples of diversity are a real problem in nature or in the environment if they upset the optimal natural functions of native species and also we as humans can see that diversity is not always and everywhere a good thing.

Plants that cause problems when they are not in their native environment are what we call weeds. Animals that become infected with a sickness may be different from animals that are healthy, but that diversity is not a strength.

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