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March 2015 AD

Israeli exports

black people

to Sweden

Israel does not accept a "black problem", they just deport them.

Every country in the Middle East has millions of refugees they care and provide for, but not Israel -- unless of course, you are of the Chosen People variety.

To be sure, nothing here in The Jerusalem Post article about Israel ethnically cleansing blacks from Israel. Nope, it is all the fault of the United Nations, who just happens to have a branch office in Israel, also which just happens to have black migrants simply wanting a place to call home.

The "Israeli NGO" even went on record as saying that the "Israeli government" had nothing to do with this. Well, that's good to know that the Israeli government has totally "washed its hands of this matter!"  

Jews are so good at washing their hands. Good clean living.

The Israeli NGO representative said a number of the women left Israel for Sweden from the Saharonim prison in Israel's south, where they were being held.

Apparently then, Israel is just like Communist Cuba -- cleaning out her prisons and dumping them on good hearted Christian people.

Eritrean Migrants Resettled

from Israel to Sweden

The Jerusalem Post, by BEN HARTMAN \ 01/07/2014

Dozens of Eritrean migrants have relocated to Sweden in recent weeks following an agreement brokered between the government of Sweden and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Israel, it emerged on Tuesday.

The resettlement - which Israeli NGOs said included 54 Eritrean women – was part of the “ongoing process of willful deportation to Sweden,” according to the Interior Ministry, which reported the deal on Tuesday. They added that the move was also done in collaboration with the United Nations and that each Eritrean migrant received a payment of $3,500.

According to ministry figures, a total of 2,612 migrants willfully left Israel in 2013, of these 1,955 were from Sudan and 461 from Eritrea. The ministry said that in 2012, the number was a total of 461, out of a total of around 54,000 African migrants that are in Israel, according to government figures. The NGO ASSAF, which works with African asylum seekers in Israel, said that they took a role in the process as well, and that the Israeli government was not part of the initiative.

Michal Pinchuk, the Executive Director of ASSAF said Tuesday that a Swedish government delegation was recently in Israel and met with them and other NGOs and African migrants, including women who she said were trafficked to Israel and had gone through torture in Sinai. Pinchuk said these women were not given assistance by Israel, and that her organization helped find a group of these women to sign up for the resettlement. She said a number of the women left Israel for Sweden from the Saharonim prison in Israel's south, where they were being held. She added that Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar gave the approval for them to leave for Sweden.

“As an Israeli I am embarrassed that my country avoided providing support to the victims of torture. The Swedish Representatives heard of the difficult situation the victims were under in Israel and turned to the UNHCR in order to absorb a number who were given refugee status immediately,” Pinchuk said Tuesday.

The Interior Ministry said that their decision to publish the relocation deal on Tuesday was not related to the ongoing protests by African migrants in Israel.

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