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February 2015 AD

Jews HAVE taken over the World !

Many end-of-world conspirators contemplate a group who "takes over the world".

Many Hollywood movies revolve around someone who tries to take over the world and in the end are thwarted in their bold attempt to subjugate all of mankind.

Sadly, this is not speculation -- for it is now an accomplished feat.  

A Jewish elite have taken over the world. They run it. It's theirs.  No question of it.

"Are you crazy?"
"There is not a Jewish Hitler running the World!"

No silly, Jews don't have the iron grip stranglehold power of a Caesar or of a Hitler or of a Stalin; although, Stalin was their baby and an indication of what kind of power they would love to have world-wide.

In reality, what they have now on the world stage is more like the power of our President of the United States. 

Our President has certain powers given to him such as appointing Judges and Cabinet members and negociating international treaties, but he has to convince the Senate to go along with him or the Judges and Cabinet members would not be confirmed, nor would the international treaties become law. 

The Jewish elites have powers like this, and likewise, for their decision to take effect, they have to first convince us -- through their Jewish-owned MSM -- that the decision is the decision of "We The People" and not that of the Jewish elites. 

In other words, once we become brainwashed with the endless Jewish Propaganda of the Jewish-own MSM, then the Jewish elite are free to engage in the actions they had devised for the world all along, such as the United  Nations, One World Government, Israel and a host of other lesser matters.

Take Pearl Harbor for example

To get to Pearl Harbor, you have to first back up to Hitler

By unanimous Jewish decree, Hitler was sentenced to Death

Hitler was declared a world criminal by the Jewish elites because he became "leader" of the "province" of Germany and was using that leadership role -- Braveheart-style -- to challenge the existing Jewish world leadership.

Hence, the Jewish World Judges decided that Hitler had to be eliminated. They only needed to create a world-wide police force to enforce their order for his elimination.

America becomes the Jewish World Policemen
to Arrest the Criminal Hitler

The Jewish elite dearly wanted America to declare war on Hitler's Germany because Hitler had taken Germany out of their Jewish world control.

But Americans were still disillusioned that another World War was needed in Europe so soon after the last concluded.  America was not a member of the much vaunted,  but doomed, peacekeeping League of Nations, and now, most of the League of Nations were in yet another World War.

Why would any sensible American want any part of this mess? 

To save Jews this time?  We didn't even want to join to save fellow Christians in Europe fighting each other, and certainly NOT to kill other Christians in the name of Jews!

At the conclusion of the first World War, much touted as "The War to End all Wars" and "The War to Make the World Safe for Democracy", the reality was a hundred million Christians ended up under an Atheist terror called Judeo-Communism where only Christians were persecuted.

Indeed, the world was NOT made safe for Democracy and with an even bigger World War was on the horizon, wars were not over.

The Jewish elite would have a hard sell to get Americans in this war indeed.

The Japan end run strategy.

So to get America to become their world policemen, they created a strategic plan for an end run.

America would not save the Jews from the bad-boy Christians of Europe. No, that would never sell. 

Instead, Americans would be asked to "save herself" from a non-Christian Asian menace set to invade Malibu Beach at any moment!!

But such a menace would have to be created first and Japan fit the bill perfectly.

The Jewish elite funded and weaponized the Japanese against the Russian Christian Czar, whom they hated with a fierce passion and as a result, exactly as expected, Japan surprised the world by winning the Russo-Japanese war of 1905. 

Japan of course was rightfully concerned about a Russia extending herself all the way to the Pacific Ocean, in a Russian version of Manifest Destiny.

Little did the Japanese know THEN, that the Jews helping them was the far greater danger.

Czar dead, now Jews running Russia became the enemy

But with the Japanese helping to weaken the Czar and his subsequent fall in 1917, the Jewish elites NOW had absolute dictatorial control over Russia.

When the New Jewish leadership of Russia began their funding and weaponization of the Communists in China, Japan knew it had been royally screwed by the Jews.

Grigori Voitinsky, was the Jewish member of Comiterm who initiated China's subversion into Judeo-Communism; while Mikhail Markovich Borodin (aka Mikhail Gruzenberg) was the Jew in charge of arming the Judeo-Communists of China.

If China were to fall to the Jewish Communists, then Russia would have its warm water port long sought after by the Christian Czar, as well as virtual control of all of Asia. 

Czarist Russia was a pussy cat compared to the Soviet Union tiger.

When Hitler challenged Jewish hegemony from the West by confronting Stalin, Japan sought to challenge Jewish hegemony from the Easy by confronting Stalin's attempt to subjugate China.

Japan's first move was to establish control over the much coveted Port Arthur and so invaded Manchuria in an attempt to take that port before Stalin could.

They would also have the added effect of creating a wedge between China and that blood-thirsty tyrant Stalin, so that he could not supply Mao with weapons.

The Jewish plan is hatched to play on Japan's insecurities

Problem is that our Jewish elite saw an opportunity to take advantage of Japan's worries of being surrounded by Judeo-Communists.

Our Jewish elites refused to report the atrocities of Stalin and only reported that of Japan. Constantly! Relentlessly! With great menace!

Of course the Rape of Nanking was horrendous, but in hindsight to the slaughter of 40 million Chinese under Mao, Japan's offense pales to insignificance.

So the America public was unduly alarmed about Japan and was made to believe that it was right and just for America to stop all Japanese imports and exports -- a clear Act of War by the way!

We would embargo much needed oil and steel for Japan's military, which we were led to believe would tame them. 

Did not tame them, it enraged them as any act of war would.

Japan therefor felt justified to and in great need of wildly expanding their previous "sphere of influence" to grab the Indonesian oil fields in order to prevent Japan from being blackmailed by American Jewish elites.

We arm Japan's Worst Enemy

When WW2 started, our Jewish elites were in action again.  If we were not to fight against Hitler, at least we could give Uncle Joe Stalin a fighting chance.

We we started arming  Japan's  Enemy #1.

This was too much!! The final straw!! So, Japan formulated plans to sneak attack Pearl Harbor, so that America would not have the military needed to escort weapons and munitions to Stalin across the Soviet Union's back door in the Pacific.

Getting America into the war was a concern for Japan, but starving Stalin of much needed weapons was of far more paramount importance to the Japanese.

But getting America into a war with Hitler's ally Japan was what our Jewish elites wanted all along.

And so, our Jewish world leaders, put down the German and Japanese insurrection against their world-wide Jewish dominance, just as ruthlessly as any Caesar would quell an uprising in any of his lands.

Neo-Israel was born.

The Jews rule the world.

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