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February 2015 AD

Judaism means Submission

Many believe that Islam means Submission, and that it does mean, but few realize Islam is not alone in this belief.

Judaism also means submission.

Judaism is pretty well centered around Jews being the Master Race, being they call themselves, the Chosen People.

And the Master Race nation of Israel is held by Jews to be the center of this Master Race belief system,  or in Jewish  terms, Israel is The Promised Land.

Few Christians even dispute this fact.

Indeed, most Christians will freely quote Genesis 12:3 as proof that they accept Jews and Israel as the Master Race and the Master Country. 

If there were ever a call to submission by all others, then Genesis 12:3 is all you need.

"God will bless those who bless Israel &
God will curse those who curse Israel."

Therefore, according to Judaism and unthinking Christians, we are all to bow down, genuflect and worship this Neo-Israel which has been created by the Neo-Jew.

But wait one minute!!!

If I were to go down to the corner and buy a Rolex from a man standing on the corner, what are the odds this would be a genuine Rolex? 
  •   The watch looks like a Rolex.
  •   the watch keeps time like a Rolex.
  •   The man even told me it was a genuine Rolex.
  •   But in fact, it is undoubtably a fake Rolex.

That is the predicament we are in today with Jews and Israel. They look like the real deal, but in fact they are as fake as that Rolex watch.

For, you cannot both call yourself a Jew and also reject the Jewish Messiah of Jesus Christ.

Jihadi Jewish State or Kingdom of Heaven?

Many times during Christ's ministry, he was asked if he were the Messiah come with sword in hand to smite the Romans and reinstall Israel to its former glory.

Many Jews would not accept a Jesus Christ Messiah who was not come with the vengeance of the Lord to lay waste to the lands of Rome - Old Testament Fire and Brimstone style.

Sadly for them, they could not accept a "turn the other cheek" Messiah.

The Jewish leadership questioned him about his intentions to lead Jews on a Jewish Jihad.

The Roman authorities, deeply concerned by talk of a Jewish Jihad, also questioned Jesus about his intentions of engaging in Jewish Jihad. 

(With Bar Kokhba, their concerns were well founded.)

Jesus was even questioned about being a fraudulent Messiah, hence being an apostate to Judaism, which was a death sentence per the religious leadership of the Jews.

Indeed, the crime of apostate was determined, and the Jewish Religious leadership handed Jesus over to Pontius Pilate for capital punishment.

The Jewish political secular leadership was so concerned about being cast aside by a pretend Messiah that they tried to have Jesus killed at birth.

Never once though during all these questionings did Jesus say he was here to create a Jihadi Kingdom of Earth, but was here instead to create a Kingdom of Heaven.

Christ told JEWS to go forth to all nations baptizing in his name

Coupled with Christ giving out the commandment to the JEWS OF ISRAEL to go forth and baptize all nations, the message was LOUD AND CLEAR that the Israel of old was not to be reconstituted.

No longer would God only bless Israel and in turn, only bless Jews, for God would now bless and give salvation to the peoples of all nations who follow Christ and God would curse and withhold salvation from peoples of all nations who curse Christ.

Can there be any better act of love and inclusion than this?

The fake Rolex nation of Israel curses Christ and therefore God will curse it.

The fake Rolex Jewish population of this fake Rolex nation of Israel individually curse Christ and therefore God will curse them individually.

The true submission is to God, Son and Holy Ghost.

Christianity means to lovingly submit to a caring and loving Lord.

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