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January 2015 AD

The Interview:

A Potemkin Village

These reviews barely scratch the surface to this masterful propaganda piece, which begins in real life with a "don't let a crisis go to waste" Sony hacking incident to make everyone curious to watch it in order to see what the fuss was all about.

Beware: This is a REAL spoiler alert to the agenda behind "The Interview".

Everyone can see in the trailers that this movie has a dumb and dumber motif and they also know it was directed and stars Seth Rogan.

The first thing we discover when watching the actual film is that "The dumb" is a Jewish Journalist, played by Seth and "The Dumber" is a Gentile Journalist played by Franco.

All other journalists in the movie are implied to be gentiles as well, portrayed as haughty and elitist, which allows the Jewish Seth Rogan character to be portrayed as a seemingly intellectually inferior Jew to the superior Gentile journalists (Journalist Franco excluded, as he is pro-Jewish Seth sidekick)

Hence, this establishes yet another Hollywood worn-out cliched motif -- the underdog eventually outdoing his supposed superiors. (And the real underlying motif of that motif -- the Jewish underdog persevering against those who would oppress them)

Seth's Jew of course does persevere in the end over the gentile elites and manages to enlighten his dumber Gentile sidekick to his masterful observational skills, keen insight and of course, his superior Jewish intellect.

Subtle in the double-take propaganda theme is the truth that the Gentiles doing the mainstream "Serious" news, whom Seth's "non-serious news reporter" Jew confronts, while initially appearing to be propagandists against "gentle", "loving", "prosperous" and "badly-maligned" North Korea, in the end have to be correct in their reporting, for if not, our real-life trust of MSM news would allow questions to be raised and ultimate trust to be lost.

This to me was the extra masterful stroke of genius Seth displayed in the screenplay by his Potemkin village metaphor. The Jewish-owned MSM stations can easily find a Gentile who would accept a $4mil/year paycheck, whose only job is to read verbatim what he sees on his TelePrompter. This is not hard to see in real life. Jewish manipulator David Axelrod easily managed to find a malleable black man who could read well from a TelePrompter in exchange for a pimped-out Air Force One.

This is the real-life Potemkin village of our times -- our MSM reporting.

Jewish-made Potemkin Villages

Many people see the world-wide Potemkin Village created by the Judeo-MSM, and Seth Rogan is fearless in confronting this in his movie.

There is even a Potemkin Village scene in the movie with a fake marketplace, appearing to be filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, complete with a well-fed fat North Korean kid.

Against Seth's Jewish journalist's own Jewish instincts, Seth's dumber gentile sidekick manages to be easily manipulated by the North Koreans seeming good nature and therefore, have you question the veracity of the real-world Jewish reporting, this MSM Potemkin village. In effect, having you believe that our assigned enemies are really the ones who should be our friends (think Putin) -- only to in the end -- have us realize that "our enemies" like North Korea (like Putin), are the ones who are the real master manipulators, and our MSM are the only ones we can and must trust. We are to believe in the end that our MSM is NOT the master manipulators of our world and were right all along.

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