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January 2015 AD

Christian Truths

Christians need to have a few universal truths in order to separate the faiths of Judaism from that of Christianity.

The Promised Land

Christ was made man, but where did Christ tell us his kingdom was, Heaven or Earth?

That's right, Heaven. Christians know that The Promised Land is not awaiting us in Israel, it is awaiting us in Heaven.

The Chosen People

Who did Christ tell us was The Chosen People who would receive his salvation, the Jews who followed Christ, or the Jews who rejected Christ?

Easy answer, salvation is through Christ and Christ alone.

God Bless Israel or America?

Which country has the greatest chance of having God's blessing? 

Does God bless the nation of Israel which rejects the Kingdom of Heaven over their own earthly kingdom and believes they are the Chosen People even after they have rejected God's Son. 

Or, would God rather bless an America filled with Christians who worship God's Son, who understand where Christ's true Kingdom exists and whom have obtained Christ's salvation.

I will pray and continue to sing God Bless America.

Is the word Judeo-Christian acceptable?

In a historical sense of Judaism preceding Christ and Christ's arrival having brought universal truths to not just the Jews but to all mankind, then the new Judaism is Christianity and Judeo-transformed-into-Christianity.

In anything, is it not redundant to say both Judeo as in Old Testament and Christian as in New Testament, if they are one and the same, only at different historical locals?

For many centuries, Christians understood themselves to be Christian even when their ministers were quoting from the Old Testament.

Why the change in recent years?

Truth is that the word Judeo-Christian was created by the politically correct police to have Christians become tolerant and inclusive with the Jews who were dominating their society?

But can Christians, who love Christ, be tolerant and inclusive without appearing to be complicit with a group of individuals who make it their point to reject Christ?

Christian leaders have long taken a hand's off approach to Jesus-denying Jews, a live and let live approach, letting God sort it all out, but Christian leaders have never embraced Judaism as religiously equal to Christianity.  Neither  could you expect for Christian leaders to say Christianity was equal to Islam, or Buddhism, or Hindu.

For religious equality is an absurdity if one side of the equation has Christ and the other side of the equation rejects Christ.

Was Jesus a Rabbi?

You often hear Jews tell you that the meaning of Rabbi is "teacher".

But there is obviously more to the story.

For instance, have you ever heard a Jew call Mohammad a rabbi?  Did not Mohammad teach the entire Koran, making him a teacher?

Do Jews call Confucius a rabbi, or the Buddah?  They were also both teachers.

Nope, Jews only call someone a Rabbi if he teaches Jewish truths.

And the question you have to ask your Jewish friend who tells you they believe Christ to be a Rabbi, is "When do you plan to take your baptism?"

For if Christ were teaching Jewish truths, as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John believed Christ to be doing with him ministry, then your Jewish friend would be a Christian, not a Jesus-denying Jew.

But that is not what the Jews who throw it out mean or intend. They reject all the teachings of Christ.

To a Jew who rejects Christ, Christ did not teach truths, but falsehoods.

To a Jew who rejects Christ, Christ was the Anti-Rabbi.

Was Jesus a Jewish?

Jesus was Jewish if you can find any Jews who agree that someone who is baptized is Jewish.

Jesus was Jewish if the Jews believe the Messiah has come already.

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