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January 2015 AD

Sony and Mossad

In any criminal investigation, the prosecution solves the case by asking questions and evaluating motives, then determining who was at the crime scene when the crime happened and who had the capability of committing the crime.

Same holds with the Sony hack investigation. FBI says they have looked into this and found North Korea to be the culprit.  But can this really be true? Investigators have gotten things wrong in the past and nothing about this case stacks up to cross examination.

First question: What did North Korea really gain by hacking into Sony's servers?

By exposing a vital cyber warfare capability for destruction they would need in a time of war, which could then be guarded against in th West, NK would have left itself vulnerable to attack.

The motive to harm Sony, a Japanese company, can be easily deduced from the persecution Koreans endured against Imperial Japan, and their subsequent anger in Japan comically stating a desire to assassinate their leader.  But there would be a far greater motive to retain this capability in case of actual attack by Japan, or a Japan-backed South Korea.

Therefore, does not make any sense for them to do this. NK would gain nothing of any value by this hack and suffer far greater harm as a result.

Second question: How were so many Sony systems hacked simultaneously?

Sony's payroll system itself, by law and by prudence, would be totally disconnected from all other systems.

The financial systems would disconnected from the email system, which itself would be totally disconnected from the production and distribution computers. 

But all were hacked!

Large corporations like Sony have firewalls between their firewalls.

Third Question: Inside or Outside job?

Each system has its own login screens and passwords, often with different login names for sensitive systems. For this reason, this would not likely be an outside job, but even if it were an inside, the access would have to be a high level person.

A production/distribution IT person, would not (or should not) have access to the email system maintained by that IT person.  And financial  IT would  require  dedicated  IT support  knowledgeable  of those systems.

Hard to see how internal IT could have done this, unless cooperating as a team.

How many North Koreans are employed at Sony in any capacity, let alone at a high level?

As for motives, capabilities, and who was found at the crime scene, certainly Jews would have to be the prime suspect.

Sony Hack a Mossad Operation?

We can certainly see this as a Mossad operation.

Who was found at the crime scene?  Jews, Jews and Jews

There are plenty of Jews working in Sony's entertainment division with high enough access to be able to take down this Japanese company in this manner.

Who had the capabilities?  Jews

We have documented many places where our federal NSA has the capability to  monitor all communications, but we have also documented that the systems being monitored were owned by Jews.

For instance, we have shown where our own NSA shared American raw data to Israel.

We have also shown where our communication systems are Israeli owned.

If all the Sony information resided on Jewish servers, then Sony was already hacked by Jews. No outside hacking needed.

And certainly, at this point, the owners of the Jewish servers could misdirect the FBI easily enough into thinking the problem arose with the North Koreans.

Motive #1: Eliminate the competition

Japanese-owned Sony was the only real competition Jewish Hollywood had in the information market.

Motive #2: Maintain monopoly for Israel's national security

Maintaining a monopoly on all information is critical to Israel having an iron-clad control over America.

Motive #3: Divide and conquer enemies of Israel

Keeping everyone hating everyone else by diversion, removes attention to Jewish agenda's.

The excuse for the hack was in response to long simmering but not vented anger over imperial Japan oppressing Koreans, which finally blew up when a Japanese company played around with the idea of snuffing their leader.

Motive #4: Buy distressed stocks low and get rich!

Sony has already been weakened on their mainstream products and so are vulnerable to cyber warfare. I see them selling off their Hollywood assets to the highest Jewish bidders.

Motive #5: Pure old fashioned revenge

And the Mossad gets an added bonus. They get revenge for Japan siding with Hitler.

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