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December 2014 AD

The Theocracy of Israel

Israel, famous as "The only Democracy in the Middle East" is about to be transformed into Israel, famous as "The only non-Democratic Jewish Theocracy in the Middle East".

It's not like anyone with any intelligence didn't already know this, but it helps that Jews are finally being honest about the issue.

KAFR QASSEM, Israel (Reuters) - Israel is poised to pass one of the most divisive laws in its 66-year history, a bill that would declare it the homeland of the Jewish people only -- and further alienate its Arab minority.

Seen as compromising equality?  Really, that has to be said?  When you enshrine rights in one group, you discriminate against other groups.

Jews in America would be up in arms if that were to occur here.


The legislation, which is seen as compromising equality by differentiating between Jewish and non-Jewish citizens in enshrining some symbolic rights to the Jewish people, could also have long-term practical ramifications for Israeli democracy and jurisprudence.

If Christians did this in America, Jews would say they have no right to exist.  Isn't that the basis for their opposition to the Christian Czar and why they murdered two of them?


Netanyahu, along with other right-wing politicians pushing the law, say it is essential to protecting Israel's identity against those questioning its right to exist.

Centrists are speaking the truth. Everyone knows that Israel is a Jewish state.


Centrists in his government argue such legislation is unnecessary, noting the 1948 Declaration of Independence already proclaimed a Jewish state. They accuse him of pandering to hardliners in his Likud party.

Jews have the best of both worlds.

In Israel, might makes right and the Jewish majority , already having the ability to impose its will, also wants special super-citizen privileges.To hell with the minorities.

In America, Jews use our Constitution to create super-citizenship rights for minorities.


"With this law, the state will be less democratic and more racist," said Arab legislator Jamal Zahalka.

Israeli Arabs make up 20 percent of the population of 8.2 million and have long complained of being treated a second-class citizens.

Others would simply moan injustice like this and let it go by only saying, "If this were happening to blacks, gays, or Hispanics, everyone would be up in arms!"

But I think we should embrace the new Jewish policies. We should celebrate the same standards Jews hold in Israel, right here in America.

Like Israel, America should likewise:
  •   Offer "incentives" for Jews to leave America and relocate to Israel.
  •   Demand they forfeit their Dual Citizenship when they do so
  •   Jews should be given a loyalty oath to live in America and should be strictly held to their oath
  •   America should declare itself a Christian State
  •   America should enshrine certain rights for Christians

Israel is the New Nazi State

If Israel's Nazi leaders pursue this, Christians would be among the non-Jews who would be "politely" to leave Israel and relocate to a future Palestinian state. 

I emphasize the word "politely", because in any other context, Jews would say that this was all a smoke screen and that what would actually happen is that extreme pressure would be implemented to blackmail these poor people into accepting an offer they would not otherwise accept.  For example, Jews lament that many Hispanics in Central America are so desperate for money that they are selling their organs to the highest bidder. Such a nighmare situation is illegal here in America.

Offer Israeli Arabs money to move to Palestinian state: Lieberman

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman proposed on Friday that Arab citizens of Israel be offered financial incentives to leave the country and relocate to a future Palestinian state.

The Judeo-Nazi leaders want Apartheid implemented in the best places of Israel, such as in the Mediterranean coastal cities of Jaffa and Acre.  Apartheid of white South Africaners and blacks was a crime against humanity, but seems to no longer be a concern.

Segregation of the races is now a good thing, if it involves segregating Jews and non-Jews such as Christians. The Jews were instrumental in making segregation a crime against humanity here in the United States, but now it is no longer a crime.


Lieberman, one of the most strident voices in favor of the separation of Jews and Arabs, said Palestinians living in Jaffa and Acre, two mixed cities on the Mediterranean coast far from the West Bank, should be encouraged to move if they want.

There would be no dual-citizenship between Israel and its future next door neighbor, the Palestinian State. Of course, many Jews hold dual-citizenship between America and Israel as if Israel was America's 51st State.


"Those (Israeli Arabs) who decide that their identity is Palestinian will be able to forfeit their Israeli citizenship and move and become citizens of the future Palestinian state," he wrote in the manifesto, entitled Swimming Against the Stream, published on his Facebook page and his party's website.

Strong arm tactics would be the reality, but of course, anyone who would say such a thing would be labeled an anti-Semite.  The public "Carrot" of the economic incentives would have private "Stick" used in conjunction to achieve the aim.

At least that is what the Jewish press would say about America doing such a thing.


"Israel should even encourage them to do so with a system of economic incentives," he said.

Loyalty Oaths?   LOL Wasn't America condemned by Jews for loyalty oaths from communists a few decades past. We didn't even try to ask Jews with Dual Citizenship to take a Loyalty Oath. In fact, the two policies are self-contradictory. You cannot be expected to be loyal if you are a citizen of another country.


Lieberman has in the past called on Israeli Arabs, who make up about 20 percent of Israel's 8 million population, to take a loyalty oath if they want to remain in Israel, a measure that Netanyahu denounced at the time.

If there was anyone who said Israel was not a theocracy, that notion will soon be put to bed. Support for Israel the Theocracy, instead of Israel the Democracy, by our federal government will clearly be a violation of the First Amendment separation of Church and State. Of course, American States used to have laws on the books which required office holders to at least be Christians. In some States, the officeholder had to be a member of a sect of Christianity, such as a Protestant Christian.


But Netanyahu is now backing a contentious bill that would define Israel as the Jewish nation state and enshrine certain rights for Jews. Critics say it would discriminate against Arab-Israelis and put religion and ethnicity above democracy.


A poll carried out in 2010, after Lieberman addressed the United Nations and set out plans for the borders of a future Palestinian state to be redrawn to include Arab towns in Israel, showed that 58 percent of Israeli Arabs opposed the idea.

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