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December 2014 AD

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz as honored speaker to dirt poor persecuted Christians on September 11, 2014 said:
"If you will not stand by Israel and the Jews,
then I will not stand by you!"

Ted Cruz as honored guest to uber-rich Jewish campaign donors at the Zionist Organization of America dinner on Nov 24, 2014 did NOT say:
"If you will not stand by America and the Christians,
then I will not stand by you!"

I do believe Ted Cruz has just become AIPAC's head cheerleader.

Canadian-born, Eastern Ivy-league "Princeton-educated", son of a Cuban, could have been the first clue something was amiss about a Texan being welcomed with open arms at a New York City Rich Jew dinner. Princeton is filled with Jews these days and probably formed many friendships while attending.

We have recently documented how Ted Cruz states he hates Christians (who do not give up their Christian beliefs) and hates Americans (who do not give up their patriotic beliefs). (see: Ted Cruz: Another Blasted Israel Lobbyist)

By Ted Cruz Being a prominent speaker at a Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) campaign dinner is all we really need to know about the traitorous Senator from Texas who presumes to be the next Jewish Puppet President of the United States. 

This first article was sent to Ted Cruz's Senatorial office twice, so his showing up at the ZOA dinner is a clear indication he intends to serve Jews in Israel and not serve Christians in America.

Ted Cruz

outdoes Obama in destroying Constitution

Ted Cruz favoring the religion-based nationhood of another country violates every principle of this country.  Hence, Ted Cruz has already outdone Obama in destroying the Constitution before he has even set one foot into the office of President.

Ted Cruz would continue to establish a Zionist Judaic-based government here in America, in violation of the First Amendment, and would commit treason to the United States by placing the interests of the nation of Israel ahead of the nation he would be elected and sworn to govern.

Sen. Ted Cruz,

’16 Presidential Hopeful,

Woos New York Jewish Donors

Nov 24, 2014

Last night, Mort Klein’s Zionist Organization of America dinner featured Mr. Cruz, known for his steadfast and aggressive support of Israel, in a prominent speaking role.

Attendees included Alan Dershowitz, Pastor John Hagee, and Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus. Those who made the scene at a fancy VIP pre-dinner buffet included billionaire Ira Rennert, Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, former Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro, Public Relations authority Ronn Torossian, Bernstein Global Wealth Management (and recent Observer subject) Jeff Wiesenfeld, plus Rabbis Avi Weiss and Shmuley Boteach.

Reviews of Mr. Cruz were uniformly positive as many New York Jews got their first taste of the tea party darling and discovered, to the shock of some, that the Princeton-educated lawyer was rather well-spoken and engaging.

Ted Cruz

trying to outdo Clinton in Jewish pandering

Bill Clinton invaded Texas and wiped out an entire Christian sect at Waco, then he sold nuclear and missile secrets to the Communist Chinese for illegal overseas campaign contributions.

Meanwhile, the Jew who put anti-Christian, anti-American Bill Clinton into office sees real potential in the candidacy of anti-Christian, anti-American Ted Cruz.

Christians BEWARE!


Michael Steinhardt—the investing legend and megaphilanthropist who chaired the same Democratic Leadership Council that catapulted Bill Clinton to the White House—hosted Mr. Cruz at his investment firm’s office.

This is yet another reflection of Ted Cruz's speech to the persecuted Middle Eastern Christians where he stated he would not stand with them if they did not stand with Israel and the Jews.  Again, all passion about another country, little real passion about America. Just what the roomful of Jews at the ZOA dinner wanted to hear.


“Standing for Israel is a deep passion of mine. But it’s also a manifestation of a basic principle that if I say I’m with you I’m really with you.” - Ted Cruz

Catering to Hispanics -- and blacks -- and women -- and gays -- and poor - and Muslims just to get their block vote as a class, instead of appealing to the American principle of color-blind equality of individuals is a typical communist Democrat Party tactic.

The more I get to know him, the more Ted Cruz is looking like a Democrat.


“Look at recent elections—2004, which is the last time Republicans won. Yes, demography matters. I got 40% of the Hispanic vote in Texas at the exact same time Romney was getting 27% nationwide." - Ted Cruz

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