The Christian Solution

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December 2014 AD

Amid WW1 Death and Destruction

Christians unite in

1914 Christmas Truce

The results of this First World War will see Christians in Russia having their Christian Czar overthrown, leaving them to the barbarity of Jewish commissars where 40 million of them will succumb to the Red Terror, the Gulag Concentration Camps and the Holodomor; will see 2 million Christians in the Ottoman Empire marched out into the Syrian desert to die a savage death; and finally, British Christians will have won a Jewish homeland soon to be called Israel. 

But, in this true story of Christmas 1914, told 100 years later, Protestant Christians in England and Protestant Christians in Germany stopped killing each other for a single special day of truce on the birthday of their beloved Lord.

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The Christian Solution             First Release: March 15, 2008