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December 2014 AD

Power to the Jews

Throughout history, the tactic used by Jews has been a simple one

If someone else has power -- demean, attack, and overthrow

Alinsky tactics for sure.

European Queens, Kings and Czars

Saintly and Christian Queen Victoria's family was being dragged through the mud with accusations of association with Jack the Ripper in 1888, but DNA now proves that Jack the Ripper was a Jewish immigrant named Aaron Kosminski.

Christian Czar Alexander III's father was beloved for freeing 23 million serfs on March 3, 1861, 2 years before the American Emancipation Proclamation, but was still assassinated by a Jewish gang on March 13, 1881. 

Because of his sorrow, this son of Czar Alexander the Liberator was naturally assumed to be an anti-Semitic. 

By immoral association, the atrocities of Muslim Ottoman Turks against entire Christian Armenian villages, was the libelous example of what the Jewish press said the Christian Czar had planned for the Jews.

After the Communist Revolution in Russia, Czar Nicholas II, grandson of Czar Alexander III, along with his entire family, were lined up against a wall by the Jews and shot like common criminals on orders of Jewish Commissar Yakov Sverdlov (aka Solomon) and carried out by Jewish assassin Yakov [Jacob] Yurovsky.

If someone else has power -- demean, attack, and overthrow

American Presidents

Meanwhile, by September 6, 1901, our own President McKinley would be assassinated by a anarchist disciple of Emma Goldman, a Jewish immigrant from Russia, allowing America's first Judeo-Progressive to become President - that of Teddy Roosevelt.

Later, our own President Kennedy would be assassinated with all fingers pointing to the Jews. 
  •  Kennedy against the Federal Reserve - The Fed was created by Jews.
  •  Kennedy against the mob - the mob was Jewish controlled by that time.
  •  Kennedy against Castro - Castro is still a beloved Judeo-Communist dictator.
  •  Kennedy against nuclear proliferation - Jews were creating nukes at Dimona.
  •  Kennedy's Judeo-communist sympathizer assassin killed by the Jew Jack Ruby (Jacob Rubenstein); murder scene evidence by Jew Abraham Zapruder; murder weapon by Jew Deputy Constable Seymour Weitzman; tied to the assassin is Jew George Mantello, founder of Permindex
  •  Kennedy replaced by Israel's best friend in the House, LBJ
  •  LBJ engages an endless War on Poverty funded by Jewish Federal Reserve debt
  •  LBJ never lays a hand on next-door neighbor Castro with Castro's refugees in plain sight for all to see in Miami, for fear of upsetting the Chinese, as he sends American troops across the Pacific to fight in Vietnam right right under the nose of the Chinese we vowed to not upset again after the Korean War.
  •  LBJ allows the Jewish mob to move into Las Vegas, Atlantic City, the porn industry, the pill, abortion, and their vice becomes mainstream.
  •  LBJ allows Israel to develop 300 nukes in violation of international treaty;

If someone else has power -- demean, attack, and overthrow

American Voters

Jews immigrating to America praised her principles of equality given to Jews, and yet...

Constitutional power ultimately resides in the States and in the People.

State power in the federal government was destroyed by the 17th Amendment wherein the States no longer enjoyed the right to appoint their own Senators to the U.S. Senate.

The People thought they had added the power of the Senate to their power of the House of Representatives.

Who were "the People" talked about in the Constitution?

They were White Christian Men.

If someone else has power -- demean, attack, and overthrow

Oct 2, 2014 article by the Daily Kos
showing how divide and conquer works, trying to prove how they have marginalized "White Male voices" to  being only 7.9% of the population.

Are White Male Voices Being Stifled on The Daily Kos?

% of Non-Hispanic white people in America:62.6%

% of males in America: 49% (49% of 62.6%=30.7%)

% LGBT people in America: 3.8% (96.2% of 30.7%=29.5%)

% of middle class people in America: 45% (45% of 29.5%=13.3%)

% of Americans with a disability: 19% (81% of 13.3%=10.8%)

% of Americans who say they are Christian: 73% (73% of 10.8%=7.9%)

Jews told us that Black men should have the right to vote. The States, whom were elected by voters who were all White Christian men, agreed.

Jews told us that Women should have the right to vote. The States, whom were elected by voters who were all White and Black Christian men agreed.

Jews told us that Hispanic illegals should have amnesty -- and the right to vote. White Christian men agreed, twice already, once under White Christian man Ronald Reagan and again under White Christian Man George W. Bush, and now, are being asked to give amnesty a third time.

Then, Jews told Blacks, Women and Hispanics that White Christian Men were cruel and evil.

Blacks, Women and Hispanics all agreed!

For good measure, Jews told poor White Christian Men that rich White Christian Men were cruel and evil. Poor White Christian Men agreed and joined unions -- which seemed to work for a while.

Women, the majority, could only be persuaded to vote against their husband's best interests for a little before the wife realized it affected her life as well; therefore, women were told they didn't need men; women could raise their children without a husband, without a father.

Married women were found to be largely still voting with their husband, but unmarried women were voting  against evil and cruel White Christian  Men.

Unmarried mothers of hungry children, on the other hand, were voting for food stamps to feed their children, by voting for the Jewish-selected candidates who would provide that care.

Blacks were voting for affirmative action preferences, by voting for the Jewish-selected candidates who would provide that care.

Hispanics, not that long ago illegal themselves, were voting for their illegal brothers and sisters to be given amnesty, by voting for the Jewish-selected candidates who would provide amnesty.

Muslims, recently imported, were against White Christian men by nature.

Gays and especially lesbians, were against White Christian men by nature.

White Christian Men Union workers from a) the Roaring 20's wealth gap days and b) the Great Depression no wealth days, united to deprive the RICH White Christian Men of their power in corporations, and the Jewish union bosses told them how. Today matters are far worst. There is combined a) a greater Roaring 20's wealth gap between White Christian Men and Jewish financiers, Jewish Hollywood Stars, and Jewish Internet moguls, while b) White Christian Men are simultaneously in a Great Recession no wealth era.  And, unions of White Christian Men are no longer in vogue.

If someone else has power -- demean, attack, and overthrow


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