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December 2014 AD

Jack the Ripper

Perversion and Diversion

The perversion of Jack the Rippe
r was in the depraved manner women of London were surgically and methodically hacked up, giving the implication that you could not trust an educated man, even a doctor.

The diversion of Jack the Ripper was in placing the suspicion of blame on the royal family or on the  surgeon of the royal family, giving the implication that the Royal family were not loving and caring of the English Christian people over whom they ruled.

The diversion of Jews, we still see today, as we witness in the Jewish Forward article of November 17th titled, Jack the Ripper, one of us, no Thanks!

An article where England is libeled as anti-Semite for daring to believe one of 100,000 poor innocent Jews living in the White Chapel district could have possibly been Jack the Ripper.

Jack the Ripper, one of us, no Thanks!

Sir Robert Anderson, the assistant commissioner of Scotland Yard’s criminal investigation department during the murders, claimed in his memoirs (published in 1910) that the Ripper “and his people were low-class Polish Jews.” Anderson accused the Ripper’s “people” of covering up his identity and of refusing to give him up “to Gentile justice.”

Assistant Chief Constable Sir Melville Macnaughton joined the Yard in June 1889, after the last Ripper murder. He identified three suspects, including Kosminski, a Polish Jew and resident in Whitechapel. “He had a great hatred of women, specially of the prostitute class, & had strong homicidal tendencies,”

Because of the lack of actual proof of his guilt, Kosminski was discounted as a likely candidate for decades — until 1987, when a copy of Anderson’s memoirs was found. It contained handwritten margin notes by a chief inspector overseeing the Ripper case, indicating that an eyewitness identified Kosminski as the Ripper.

Like Anderson, House suggests that the Jewish community could have had a motive for concealing the Ripper’s identity, even though he knows of no evidence that anyone did so. “[A] Jewish witness would certainly have been aware of the potential consequences if it came out that Jack the Ripper was a Jew,” he writes, adding that the Jews worried about the threat of pogroms.

Do you really understand what a pogram is?  A pogram is a day to a week of Christian rioting, after years and decades of Jewish abuse against Christians.

Anyway, we scientifically now know this was all diversion indeed since modern DNA evidence has positively identified exactly who Jack the Ripper really was, enlightening as to the fact that  Jack the Ripper was an immigrant, not an Englishman, and furthermore, that Jack the Ripper was not a Christian either.

DNA evidence taken from a bloody shawl found at the murder scene links one of the three top suspects in the infamous Jack the Ripper case to that of a recent Jewish immigrant to England, Aaron Kosminski. (see: Jack the Ripper Unmasked)

Can we examine Jewish Serial Killers?

Much has been made of the fact that serial killers always seem to be white men, so how about let's start a list about Jewish serial killers?

One even commented that white men are always the serial killers because they are too smart to get caught.

How much more the case for smart Jewish men being too smart to get caught, even after 126 years?

Took 126 years to solve this case and that is only because no one of the day would have ever thought their own DNA would have been able to implicate them.

Jewish defense? 

Aaron Kosminski was mentally retarded. He could not have been Jack the Ripper.


Really? DNA proves he was at the murder scene, but we are to believe that a mentally retarded man was able to elude the elite Scotland Yard in 5 infamous murder cases and not get caught? Most sane man of high intellect could not have done that.

Not even Jew Leo Frank, with all the Jewish press maligning the facts of the case in the public mind, accompanied by high-profile Jewish lawyers at his disposal, against a small-time Southern police force, could accomplish as much with only one murder.  

The only inescapable conclusion one could derive from the Jewish viewpoint of "Kosminski was too mentally incompetant to have done the heinous crime" was that Kosminski was helped by the entire Jewish community in the cover-up in order to protect themselves from a pogrom.

a sole mentally deficient individual Jew committing crimes would not justify a pogrom against a group of Jews, but a group of Jews covering up a crime and libeling the Royal family as suspects would justify a pogrom in most people's eyes.

Not necessarily related to Jack the Ripper, but for historical sake, let's look into the aspect of Jewish immigration into England before and after the crime period and coverup of Jack the Ripper in the 1880's.

Jewish Immigration into England

1066 AD - 1290 AD

Norman Conquest of 1066 AD brings the first Jews into England

There were no Jews in England before the Norman Invasion of 1066 AD, at which time the conquering Norman invaders invited a handful of Jews into England to be their tax collectors.

Jews as outsiders were always counted on by Kings to be the tax repo man, and the King would protect them for that benefit to him.

The Normans were also busy conquering portions of the Byzantine Empire in Southern Italy between 1059 AD - 1085 AD, contributing to the weakening of the Byzantine Empire so that the Seljik Turks could eat away at the Byzantine Christians between 1064 AD - 1096 AD.

By 1070 AD, the Norman Christians stopped cannibalizing Byzantine Christians for a short while when it was realized that the Byzantine Civil War opened the Byzantine Christians to a Turkish conquest of Constantinople.

So, with a possible fall of Constantinople begging for the First Crusade being called in 1096 AD, Christian attentions were focused toward the East, and Christians started marching East on Crusades against Muslims where they would encounter fierce Jewish troops in places like Haifa and Jerusalem. Meanwhile, European Jews were focused West and headed west toward England under the protection of the Normans.

Jews and the Crusades (1096AD -  1272 AD)

The Jews almost single-handedly defended Haifa against the Christian Crusaders, holding out in the besieged town for a whole month (June–July 1099 AD) in fierce battles. At this time, a full thousand years after the fall of the Jewish state, there were Jewish communities all over the country. Fifty of them are known and include Jerusalem, Tiberias, Ramleh, Ashkelon, Caesarea, and Gaza.

Jews fought side-by-side with Muslim soldiers to defend Jerusalem against the Crusaders.

1290 AD - 1655 AD

Edict of Expulsion of 1290 AD by King Edward bans Jews in England

Since Jews were never considered British subjects and only Christians could hold political office, and since there were so few Jews, then it was easy to throw out the Norman tax collecting Jews  who had devalued the money to half of what it used to be by slowly clipping away the edges of the coins they collected as their own "tax collecting surcharge".

Officially, there were no Jews in England from King Edward I's Edict of Expulsion in 1290  AD forward.

1655 AD - 1753 AD

Not-so-Puritan Oliver Cromwell Allows Jews back into England

Oliver Cromwell may have been heartless to any Christian beliefs other than his own militant Judeo-sect of Puritan Christianity, but he had a love affair with Jesus-denying Jews and worked with them against Catholic Christians in Spain after he invaded England.

The "Lord Protector" would be instrumental in NOT protecting "the purity" of his own Puritan Christian sect, let alone protecting the purity of the Lord and his teachings, by allowing Jews from Holland to travel over with him to infect a pure Christian country.

The Judaising Protestant Reformation placed a huge emphasis on the Old Testament of the Jews, and they joined Jews in fighting the Catholics, who, so happened, still followed the New Testament faithfully.

English shipping officials correctly warned that they would be wiped out by the newly arrive Jewish merchants, but Cromwell figured correctly that the Jews would suck the lifeblood out of others and provide more tax receipts to him.

1753 AD  - 1841 AD

Jews allowed to become British Subjects

The Naturalization Act of 1753 AD allowed Jews, who were previously looked upon as guests, to now be considered "members of the family" or royal subjects.

Slowly, England was setting itself up for its doomed fate.

1841 AD - 1884 AD
Jews allowed to hold political office

Finally in 1868 AD, the first Jew to rule Christian England as Prime Minister was Benjamin Disraeli, a CINO, a Christian in Name Only, and at the behest of Benjamin Disraeli, in 1884 AD, Nathan Rothschild became the first Jew in the House of Lord, a man not even Christian in Name.

1881 AD - 1915 AD
Jewish Invasion of England

Innocent Jewish behavior up to now had slowly lulled British acceptance of Jews into the unsuspecting British Christian population, but now the die was set for massive Jewish invasion.

When we are guests in another's home are we not on our best behavior?  It is when friends overstay their visit that they become obnoxious.

And that is what the Jews proceeded to do to England.

Starting with a manageable 46,000 Jews in 1882 AD, and with those 46,000 Jews crying about Holocaust in Czarist Russia, English Christians were softened up to allow "Jewish refugees" to infiltrate England until 1919 AD there were a quarter of a million Jews living in England.

By 1919 AD, only 1 in 5 Jews were native-born Jews in England.

The rest were comrades of Jack the Ripper.

England had been talked into defending the crumbling Muslim Ottoman Turks against the advancing Christian Czar of Russia during the Crimean War of 1883 where Palestine was saved for the Jews, and had just fought its first World War for the Jews in 1917 which captured Palestine for the Jews, and finally with still more great blood and treasure, was talked into creating a Jewish homeland called Israel in 1948.

Jews were securing Palestine for them as a homeland, as they were still setting up house to also live in England.

As the British Empire was crumbling, with the loss of India, South Africa, China, Singapore, and other African countries, the Jews were busy getting comfy in their very own country of Israel -- A country having no Christians to rule over them nor tell them what to do.

Now, they tell America what to do and we are in year 24 of a Middle Eastern war to protect the interests of Israel, seeing no end in sight.

Perversion and diversion of national interests are the hallmark of Jewish power.

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