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December 2014 AD

HR Commissars

Ordinarily this web site does not delve into personal issues, but this writer is not immune from the world of which he writes.

Definition of Irony
  •   Irony is defined as one getting fired from a previous job because he would not stop talking about politics and religion, in a company blatantly sponsoring its own brand of religion and politics; a company with Muslim prayer rooms and company sponsored gay/lesbian posters, and then, "learning his lessons" in this brave new world, sets a personal policy to refuse to discuss politics and religion in any new jobs going forward even if everyone around him were doing the same. But this time, he is now refused to be hired into another position in another company contracting to the federal government because he REFUSED to discuss politics and religion, which he would have been doing if he had given them the name of his web site they demanded to know, and thus, would have allowed his coworkers to read all about his politics and religion on his web site.
  •   Irony is defined as having a federally protected right to freedom of speech, freedom of the press (this web site) and freedom of religion, and then being refused a job because he exercises a right to silence by not self-incriminating himself about his politics and religion (by refusing to reveal the name of this web site press).
  •   Irony is defined as having a President in the ultimate position of public trust with whom no one knows anything of his history, his true birthplace, his true father, his real religion, his real politics, his education, nothing; while, this most transparent (sic) administration requires the utmost transparency in the lowest rungs of government, in a non-political position, in a technical contractor for the government.
  •   Irony is defined as there being said to be no blackmail liability in the office of public trust of the White House Chief of Staff detected in Rahm Emmanuel, a man born in another country, a man whom is the son of an Irgun terrorist and a man whom holds a dual citizenship with the foreign nation of Israel.  Meanwhile, this writer is deemed a blackmail risk for having this web site telling of Rahm Emmanuel having an allegiance with another country which would actually not require him to be blackmailed to help, and raised by a father who was a member of a Jewish terrorist thug gang identified in the book Churchill and the Jews, as murderers of Christian British UN Mandate peace-keepers in Jerusalem.
The problem is American workplaces have had a Soviet-style bevy of Commissars implanted into Human Resources departments, turning a large amount of control of our commerce over to a fascist, totalitarian, police state, reminiscent of the old Jewish-ran Soviet Union.

Starting with a government who used to embrace the rugged individual, we are now confronted with a maze of innocent sounding names invoking diversity, tolerance, "equality, fraternity and brotherhood", as our government implements class-based, Soviet-style 5-year plans across all of society.
  •   Five year plan to implement affirmative action for the class of blacks
  •   Five year plan to break the glass ceiling for the class of women
  •   Five year plan to install Muslim prayer rooms for an up and coming new class
  •  Five year plan to give the class of lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals and transgendereds  workplace protection in benefits and rights
  •  Five year plan to import a foreign class of Hispanics into the unskilled workplace
  •   Five year plan to import  a foreign class of non-Christian and non-American Indians and Chinese into the professional workplace
The ones given responsibility to insure that companies hew the fascist government line on class warfare is the "HR department". 

To meet fascist government established goals, HR departments are first themselves filled with the targeted government-desired classes of workers: women, blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, foreigners and non-Christians. 

Once being the only part of the company looking out for worker rights, these American apparatchiks currently infecting HR departments across the country are now given the fascist duty to insure the workers are complying with all governmental decrees (for fear of being sued in the government's courts naturally), no matter how much it violates the Constitutional principles of equality of each individual. No matter how much it violates the Constitutional principles of separation of Church and State when the State at the federal level is making laws on religion it is not allowed to make, as the federal government was not created to decide religious issues like Muslim prayer rooms or the morality of religious issues like gay marriage.

There are four types of people who work in HR departments. 1) The liberal socialist who actually loves drinking the class-warfare koolaid, 2) the brainwashed useful idiots who have not figured out the implications of what they are doing, 3) The Constitutional and/or Christian individualist conservative who says nothing for fear of losing their job and 4) The former HR employee who spoke up and is now collecting unemployment checks.

Sadly, many in HR Departments do not see themselves as Communist Party Commissar appartchicks, but as the righteous socialist heroes of the workplace, where the Jewish owner is not recognized as Jewish, just unjustly rich, and the workers under him are seen as their sheep they are to shepherd.

The boss is no longer the boss in this Brave New One World society. His hands are tied by the commissars in the HR department. The HR department filters out "undesirables" before the boss can decide who to hire. The HR departments then continue the filtering process in the name of lay offs, insuring the proper proportion of classes are maintained which will not allow any one class to monopolize the power of the only class which is allowed to monopolize the workplace and is not talked about in the workplace -- the class of Jews.

While is is deemed important for society to know how many of the women class are working as engineers, it is not deemed important to society to know how many Jews are CEOs or on the Board of Directors, in a position to decide all matters. In fact, to raise the question would be to invite catcalls of anti-Semitism.

And yet all these HR commissar decisions are being made by the Board of Directors.

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