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December 2014 AD


In Django Unchained, there was at least one "good" white man (Christoph Waltz), in the tale of a black slave (Jamie Foxx) slaughtering an entire plantation filled with white men.

Not so with Malificent.

There are no "good" men in this 100% male-hating movie.

Of course, in this modern-day retelling of Sleeping Beauty, we need to understand what turned Malificent from Saint into Demon and back to Saint again, but we are not to understand why the former King hates Malificent or why he hates Mother Earth's creatures so badly that he wants to wipe out Malificent's kingdom.

Pure male greed we are to deduce; pure hatred of the environment another.

For defending her homeland of Gaia's Enchanted Woods innocence, the once trusted boyfriend of Malificent takes the greedy challenge of bringing Malificent's head to the king in exchange for the throne. That this young man could not bring himself to actually murder his former lover Malificent in cold blood, but cuts off her most cherished possession, her wings, in a rape analogy, may be pointed to as evidence that this man harbors no absolute hatred toward women -- If that is any consolation.  But, he did have a pre-meditated intent to murder.

Angelia Joli portrays a powerful woman, and that is what young girls need to see we are told.

Young girls need to see a powerful woman who needs no man.

None of the former Disney classics of honorable men respecting women to the point of placing their own life in great peril to protect them from other men with evil intentions, or of protecting them from a an evil witch. 

No such thing as an evil witch in this take, nor of honorable men.

Ironically, in the original Disney Sleeping Beauty, the woman witch was the all powerful  figure, who was only saved from doing evil when the three  pixies  gave Prince Charming the power to resist  her.

Now we have to know why a powerful  woman was so evil -- and it was all because she was victimized by men.

So she turns a raven into a man and enslaves him. There will be no Django Unchained against this female slave master, for she had a good reason to enslave a man. 

The moral of the story here: Men deserve to be enslaved.

Prince Charming is the closest example to a respectable man in this man-hate movie, but he clearly does not harbor "true love's kiss" in his heart since his kiss was unable to awake Aurora from her Sleeping Beauty phase.

The implication can be made here that Aurora's desire for Prince Charming, a future King, would be turned to hatred against this Aurora same as King Stephan turned to hatred against Maleficent.

No, it turns out, only a woman can harbor "true love's kiss" after all, and only the kiss of the now loving Maleficent can awaken Sleeping Beauty. 

In doing away with the old gender stereotype of "a damsel in distress in need of a valiant knight",  Disney is not creating a healthy gender equality movie feminists would love. Instead, Disney goes into full overboard mode by creating a entirely new unhealthy and evil stereotype.

A stereotype that women , and by default, their children, do not need a man.

A stereotype that women should not ever trust a man.

A stereotype that only women have decent worthy lives.

A stereotype that there will be no valiant knights coming to save the day, because there are no men who are valiant knights.

A stereotype that a woman has to kill or enslave the men in their lives in order to have a safe, decent and rewarding life.

And strangely, there are millions of people who believe this virulently anti-man pornography is healthy entertainment for 5-year-old girls to watch.

The Hollywood JEWISH MEN who produce this Jewish pornography are trying to create a war against Christian women by first creating a war against Christian men. Divide and conquer at its best.

Results of this polarization and divisiveness will continue to be politicians intent to protect women and opposing politicians intent to protect men, divided and fighting the wrong dragons.

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