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December 2014 AD

The Miracle of the Democratic Party

The head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee whose role consists of being the Democrats' propaganda machine which led the Democrats to their bruising defeat in 2014 is Steven Israel. 

Steven Israel has just acknowledged his failure by resigning.

Any question which country Steve Israel had really been supporting? 

A hint besides the not-so-subtle one already given is : It's not America.

Another Jew with a decidedly dual citizenship pedigree was Rahm Emanuel, who ran the DCCC from 2004 to the winning 2006 midterm elections due to dissatisfaction from the "Compassionate" Conservative leadership of President George W. Bush, paving the way for the glorious palm-lined entry of Obama into Jerusalem 2 years later.

Meanwhile, the head of the Democratic National Party is Debbie Wasserman Schultz, another Jewish leader.

But let's examine the Democrat Party members.

Coalition of the Willing

Feminists (Democrats) supported gay men (more Democrats) during the AIDS epidemic, but the feeling does not seem mutual.

A Democrat-loving feminist supporter of gay men recently charged that Democrat-loving gay men never support women's rights in reverse.

Rose McGowan attacks LGBT community for failing to campaign for feminism: 'Gay men are more misogynistic than straight men'

“[I have] heard nobody in the gay community, no gay males, standing up for women on any level… I see now people who have basically fought for the right to stand on top of a float wearing an orange speedo and take molly. [Gay misogyny] is a huge problem.”

I know the feeling Rose. Christians always support Jews, but both Jews and Christians never support Christians.

Misogynistic means haters of women, which sorry to say to the politically correct, probably includes far more men who reject women (ie gays) over men as actually being haters of women.

Hard to see how this accusation of hatred toward women could include very many straight men who love women's breasts, bottoms, legs, and all other parts of a woman with a lustful passion they can hardly resist.

Rose McGowan is stating common sense. The War against Women could only be gay men.

Single women feminists, which include lesbians and divorced women, are led by the Judeo-MSM to believe men are haters of women, but married women know better and believe as this commenter states:

Not the brightest bulb in the single bulb lamp. She is just now figuring out that homo's (men who don't like women) like them less than men who like women (straight guys)? REALLY?!

To which a gay man retorted the classic puzzlement of the Democratic Party:

Very true. We have no use for women as it is entirely possible to lead our lives without having contact with them. It doesn't mean we hate women, it just means we don't care about them.

Jumping on this gay mea culpa, a straight man  points to a  rule of life:

Exactly, as a straight man its why I don't care about gay rights, gay marriage, gay bashing or helping the LGBT community in anyway. I already have the one agenda that matters to me. It's nice to see gay people are just as self absorbed and self centered as everyone else.

Coalition of the Unwilling

So, how is it that Jews like Steve Israel and Debbie Wasserman Schultz hold together a "coalition of the unwilling"?

Blacks (Democrats) in low wage jobs don't care for even lower wage Hispanics (Democrats) to immigrate taking their jobs.

Jesus-loving religious Hispanics (Democrats) don't care for the anti-Christian world of gays and lesbians (Democrats).

Gays and lesbians (Democrats) don't care for the gay beheading Muslims (Democrats).

Fanatical Muslims (Democrats) don't care for Jewish Crusade into the Middle East called Israel by Jews (Leaders of the Democrats).

Only liberal Jews "seem to be concerned" about all others in the coalition, but in truth,  for Steve Israel and Debbie Wasserman Shultz to retain leadership of the Democrat Party, this "concern for others" is the magic of their success.

This coalition of the unwilling is a modern day miracle, and it is only possible because of the artful Jewish tactic of making each disparate class inside the Democrat Party think that the Democrat Party is all about their own personal agenda.

Along the same lines, this is why perennial British-French hatred could be put aside along with British-French Christian hatred of Islam, in order for these British-French Christian allies to protect and defend Ottoman Muslims against fellow Christians from Russia in the Crimean War. Yes, all thanks to the Jews ability to married together otherwise incompatible peoples.

Brits joining hands with Frenchmen joining hands with Muslims!!  Only Jews could pull off such a feat.

This is why America's hatred of Europe's wars, made more intense by the bloody and seemingly useless first World War to end all wars, coupled with America's hatred of Stalin's totalitarian communism could all be put aside in order to fight against Hitler and alongside Stalin, instead of against Stalin. 

America was duped into fighting Germany again by a constant barrage of hateful Jewish propaganda against Japan, whose main sin was in opposing Stalin's bloody expansion into China. This was coupled with complete Jewish silence about Stalin's murderous Jewish-led regime, resulting in our arming Stalin and alienating Japan to the point Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, and by association, got us into a fight against the Jewish boogyman Hitler.

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