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December 2014 AD

The Messiah is a Pariah

Obama the Messiah has lost his luster.

The 2014 Mid Terms have given Republicans a majority they had not seen since Herbert Hoover -- if that is not foreboding enough!

America's Congress is almost where it was before our long slide downhill with FDR and LBJ -  or is it?

Will this be a historic repudiation of the Socialist/Communist/Progressive Movement of Teddy Roosevelt/Woodrow Wilson/FDR/LBJ/Bill Clinton/Obama as some are crowing about? 

Or more likely, will the Republican Christian Constitutional Patriots screw up with their current weak leaders and allow Democrat socialists to come back stronger than ever when they vote again in the 2016 Presidential elections?

How can this be seen as a lasting Ronald Reagan revolution when all the Ronald Reagans are being sidelined in the Republican Party?

Will the total control of Congress result in well-deserved impeachments of many executive officials, including Obama, or will "Control of Congress" more likely result in a "reaching across the aisle" as we so often see in our "maverick" conservative politicians like McCain and as we see when our real mavericks like Ron Paul are shoved aside.

America was a great country from 1776 till 1901 when Progressives first came to power.

Teddy Roosevelt was not elected President when President McKinley died in 1901, allowing Teddy to be President.

Immediately Teddy was using his federal governmental "Walk softly but carry a Big Stick" to regulate business for the first time in America. Governmental regulation had always been a State function before Teddy - not a Federal function.

Teddy split the Republican Party when he created the Progressive Party in 1912, throwing the election to an  even more tragic American President --  Woodrow Wilson.

Woodrow Wilson created the Federal Reserve "Creature from Jeckle Island", a massive financial regulatory central planning monster; while at the same time, passing the 16th Amendment (Income Tax) allowed Woodrow Wilson to bypass State governments in collecting money for its operations with a direct tax income on private citizens along with the 17th Amendment, allowed Woodrow Wilson to bypass the States in running the Senate by taking away the right of the States to appoint Senators for their States.

As we will find later, Woodrow Wilson was blackmailed into placing the first Jewish Supreme Court justice on the bench when love letters surfaced, in Jewish hands of course, written by Woodrow to a married wife of a fellow Princeton professor when he taught there.

Ever since the Roaring 20's was created by the centrally-organized, central banker Federal Reserve, who then pulled the props out in 1929 from under the Roaring 20's speculative bubble it had carefully crafted, Democrats have led the blind to blindly blame capitalism, and not to rightfully blame socialism.

From the creation of the Federal reserve in 1913, the Federal Reserve seems as helpless to "fix" the economy at the ripe old age of 101,  as it was helpless to "fix" the economy at the youthful age of 20 in 1933 when FDR came onto the stage. 

The real fix for the progressive was the Federal Reserve's ability to actually putting in a fix to destroy the economy, therefore requiring socialist intervention.

It's 2014 - What has Changed with Progressives?

For in the 2014 mid-term elections, voters were faced with both a "capitalist" 1920's oligarchy and a "capitalist-induced" 1930's  Great Depression. 

Gee, the worst of BOTH WORLDS!!!!

The rich are richer and the poor are poorer.

The difference this time?

The rich are Jewish and the poor are Christian.

While liberal progressives, with their Jewish screenwriters, road into power over a hundred years ago saying they could fix all the excesses caused by the conservatives, these far worst excesses of today in 2014 are all liberal owned.

Blaming the Koch Brothers for having a lot of money can only go so far when the blamers are billionaire Hollywood film director propagandists, billionaire social media web site owners in cahoots with government total surveillance under Obama, billionaire hedge fund managers with their massive derivative frauds and last by not least, billionaire sexual perverts blackmailing the world's leaders with underage sex slaves.

Blaming the Koch Brothers who employ thousands of well paid workers in the booming oil business for all our economic ills seems a bit much when coming from the mouths of accusing Hollywood executives slimes who film in Canada, by accusing West Coast liberal slimes like Apple execs who build iPhones in China, by accusing Intel exec slimes who builds fabs in Israel, and by accusing bankster slimes on the dole from the federal government but not loaning to ordinary citizens.

Jewish Hollywood actors are no different than the "The Messiah" they worship : for once you get them saying anything not written down in a movie script or on a teleprompter, we discover how evil they really are.

The voters are restless as proven in this Mid-Term election.

The Messiah is now the Pariah.

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