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December 2014 AD


into Jewish Ears

The English news site, The Guardian, was looking for a way to allow sources to secretly communicate with The Guardian. Newspapers need anonymous sources to provide much needed insider information to newsworthy events.

The Whisper App was going to be just the ticket they needed.

Except, when The Guardian began collaborating with Whisper, they discovered that Whisper was monitoring their own users' data and location.

Quoted from the Guardian article

A team headed by Whisper’s editor-in-chief, Neetzan Zimmerman, is closely monitoring users it believes are potentially newsworthy, delving into the history of their activity on the app and tracking their movements through the mapping tool.

A Jew? 
Naw, tell me it isn't so!"

Catholic Confession - Jewish style!

This Jewish organization has a wiretap on their open mike to the Whisper App, able to bug each and every thought Christians believed are being told in secret.

Unlike confessions to a Catholic priest, Whisper is closer to being a twitter post to all the Jewish intelligence agencies!

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Revealed: how Whisper app tracks ‘anonymous’ users

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