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November 2014 AD

12 Ebola Monkeys

Rush Limbaugh has been called a racist on this already, so why not this site?  I love to relate similarities and coincidences I see as well as the rest of you.
  •  12 Monkeys (1995 movie about suicidal spread of plague using air travel)
  •  12 Years a Slave (Rush Limbaugh acknowledging that "Ebola is all our fault")
  •  12 Angry Men (Henry Fonda telling us not to be bigots - its our fault)
  •  12 Monkeys (Yet-to-be-released 2014 TV remake, just in time for...)
  •  12 Muslim Ebola Monkeys (...Yet-to-be-released Islamic Suicide Plague)
The word "monkey" is often used by "less refined elements of society" to reflect members of our society who originated in Africa.

To this perverted thinking, America brought many more than 12 monkeys over from Africa to be our monkey slaves for much longer than 12 years.

Having freed them, Abraham Lincoln established in Africa the nation of Liberia (derived from the word Liberty), so he could resettle our 12 million monkeys back to their native African habitat.

Now Rush Limbaugh has told us, (not what he thinks, but what the degenerate rulers of this country thinks), that...

"Ancestor's of America's 12 million monkey slaves, who were resettled to their native African habitat, are now returning to America infested with Ebola to exact an African 12 monkey version of Montezuma's Revenge."
--Paraphrasing Judeo-liberal thought

And per liberal thinking,
"We deserve it"!

Per Rush, we may not be stopping flights from Liberia and the British equivalent of Sierra Leone, out of a guilt trip, for to stop flights from monkey-home Africa would leave one open to accusations  of racism against monkeys. You would be engaging in racist profiling if you allowed Brit lions into America but you did not allow Liberian monkeys into the country.

We MUST NOT allow ourselves to be labeled with the Scarlet letter of R -- Racist!!!

What is the function of

Since 911, we have protected our airports from Muslim suicide bombers carrying box cutters, shoe bombs, underwear bombs, you name it.

Both the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), like every other governmental bureaucrat we have, can be counted on to fight the last war, and can thus be counted on to entirely miss this new terrorist threat to Christian society.

The TSA will continue to check you for metals and chemical explosives of all sorts, but will miss and ignore mankind's most deadly enemy through the ages, the microbe, and especially, a microbe carried by men with evil intent.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC), is so busy alarming us about the Bird Flu mutating to infect humans, that they will also be "surprised" to see a major outbreak of Ebola in this country.

As for Judeo-liberals, they are hoping to jump in jubilation soon enough, for they have long cherished telling whites they are responsible for wiping out the innocents of the New World through disease just to make room for their own evil invasion of Mother Earth's most noble human inhabitants. Be it smallpox given to American Indians on infected blankets, or be it the viral devastation Christian Spaniard Cortez "planned to be exacted" on the  Aztecs led by Montezuma during his white European invasion.

Since Judeo-liberals control both the TSA and DHS, as well as control the CDC, don't expect sympathy should they accidentally let a few dozen Ebola-infected, 12 African monkeys into our country.

In fact, it is already being said, by way of diversion by the Judeo-liberals, that this is all the fault of Red State, conservative, red-necked, incompetent Texas, and not at all the fault of the TSA, the DHS, the ICE, or the CDC, all created to prevent this scenario.

"If only Texas would cooperate,
we Feds could have done our jobs",
--they all say.

Muslims on the other hand have just witnessed the future of Allah's will.

Muslim's Montezuma Revenge

If there is anyone who wants revenge against Christians today, it would be the Muslims whom we relentlessly bomb day and night in their lands.

And I imagine they are already well on their way now in the planning stages of perfecting this new means of terror.

Muslim ISIS teams will have one of their own suicide Ebola infectors travel from a known infected area to what is seen as a clean area, for the only ones TSA will be checking for are travelers from infected countries. In a word, the TSA can be counted on for their  simple-minded incompetence.

In this safe zone, they will have 12 suicide Muslim monkeys infected from the infected original, then jump onto 12 planes headed to the capitals of 12 Western Christian countries, where they will actively try to infect as many Christians as they possible can before being caught. Most likely by infecting even more suicide viral bombers in the host country, who will not be traceable by past travel.

The reboot of the TV version of 12 Monkeys is timed perfectly.

Twelve Monkeys is a Judeo-liberal's fantasy come true, where an Ebola-type virus wipes out 5 billion people, driving humans underground, where Mother Earth's innocent animals once again have free reign to freely roam the Earth's surface.

Pan-Atheist Liberals, Jews and Muslims, all working hand-in-hand to destroy Christianity.

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