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November 2014 AD

Dracula Untold

A Christian Tale

We will take, where we may, our Christian heroes allowed us from our Jewish masters -- even if that means we must accept the anti-hero Dracula we get in the newly released movie Dracula Untold.

You do not have to look hard to find Christian themes in this movie, for they permeate the entire movie. No wonder rates this movie so low -- for a movie displaying Christianity in a positive light, like Dracula, cannot be allowed to see the light of day.

After the historical telling of the cruel Muslim anti-Christian practice of Janissary which Prince Vlad had to endure, the movie begins with Vlad already released from his Janissary duties to the Muslim Caliph.

Peace and good will are ideals of Christian life which we find Prince Vlad earnestly holds in his heart.

And yet, even when confronted by the evil of Ottoman Turkish Muslim totalitarianism, all good intentions in mind, Christians know that if you become evil to fight evil, it is still just as much Christian sin as the Muslim sin you are confronted with.

Thus when their Christian leader, Vlad Dracul, becomes the evil of Dracula, in order to fight the apparently greater evil of Islamic death and destruction, all the Christian subjects of Prince Vlad instinctively knew that an evil ruler is ever as much to be feared, as the fear of being invaded by an evil ruler, no matter the good intentions we are always told our modern rulers actually hold in their hearts.

On the Muslim Side :: Mehmet the Conquerer

Mehmet II was already the famous Muslim conquerer of Christian Constantinople in 1453 AD. 

This Sultan had just completed a historic 800-year Muslim Jihad against the Christian Byzantine Empire, first began with the conquest of the Byzantine Christian town of Jerusalem in 638 AD.

Having finally conquered the Christian Byzantine Empire, the last remnant of the 2,000-year-old Roman Empire, Mehmet proceeded to self-appoint himself Caesar.

In the eyes of all Muslims, this Sultan earned the title "Mehmet the Conquerer".

Now, setting a new long term jihad lay in subduing Rome itself, so Mehmet began his goal of achieving the conquest of Rome by first subduing the Balkans.

Just 6 years into that  new jihad against Rome, Mehmet the Conquerer encountered Vlad the Impaler.

On the Christian Side :: Vlad the Impaler

Defending the Balkan state of Wallachia in 1459 AD was Vlad the Impaler, aka Count Dracul or officially known as Vlad III Dracul, a member of the Order of the Dragon, which was founded to protect Christianity in Eastern Europe.

While Christian Europe was still shuttering in fear from the Fall of Constantinople, Vlad the Impaler began cutting wide swaths of destruction through the ranks of the Muslim Invaders entering his lands, and seriously stunting the push of Islam into Christian Europe.

Historical Comments about the Great 15th Century Battles?
  •  On the Muslim side was great fame and admiration for Mehmet the Conquerer. Countless parks, roads, bridges and new born babies were named after him.  He was even given the name Faith, as in Defender of the Faith of Islam.
  •  On the Christian side, Eastern European Christians, who had to endure the blunt of the barbaric heartless Muslim blows, worshiped Vlad the Impaler as a Christian hero - defender of Christianity. Defender of Freedom!!!
  •  However, Western Christian Europeans, with the help of Bram Stoker's book Dracula, and with countless Jewish movie productions to carry on the legend, would come to look upon Vlad as the epitome of satanic evil; a blood sucking Christian who sold his soul to the devil, preying upon his fellow Christians; a man of derision and hatred; a man to be feared, defended against and despised; not a man of great admiration.


Dracula Untold is a movie Mel Gibson was born to make. All the more remarkable is that  Dracula Untold was directed by Gary Shore who up to the making of this film was known only for the making of high-end commercials  for some of the world's biggest brands. Since most commercials these days involve sophisticated CGI, translating that into a full length movie was achievable for this talented man.

Adding Christian themes to concepts of war, Director Gary Shore has delivered us  heroic resistance to brutal foreign (and internal) occupation not seen since since Mel Gibson's Braveheart.

Since Gary Shore is Irish, a people brutalized by the English even more than the Scots were brutalized, it is not surprising to see Braveheart elements in his movie Dracula Untold.

While on the surface, Braveheart was all about Christians in Scotland defending their homeland from fellow Christian invaders from England, Mel Gibson gave no reflection of Christianity as being their guide to moral life in his movie.

was a totally secular Hollywood production. Not so with Dracula Untold.

Dracula Untold is all about valiant Christian resistance to Muslim invasion and occupation, with heavy doses of Christian morals in depicting the need for Christian rejection of sin, while expressing Christian acceptance of the outcome of accepting sin into your life. 

In obtaining the power of Dracula, Vlad knows he must accept the consequences of his sinful actions against God. There was only to be Christian forgiveness for the first three  days, before the final judgment of Hell.

Thus, making this movie about Dracula even better subject matter for Mel Gibson's style of Christian-based movie making.

Think about Dracula Untold as a mixture of Mel Gibson's Braveheart and Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, along with a good dose of Christian Tolkien's The Hobbit tossed in.

Not counting the modern-day sequel set-up at the end of the movie, even the satanic darkness of Dracula portrayed in the movie ends the movie on a Christian note in the saving of Dracula's Christian son.

Who would have known that there was such a Christian basis to Count Dracula?  Certainly nothing I would have deduced from previous Dracula movie pulp we get from Judeo-Hollywood.

Hollywood Jews have long ago hypocritically blacklisted Mel Gibson for expressing his devout Christian beliefs both on-screen and off-screen, while playing up his alcohol and marriage problems.

Too bad! -- For I would have loved to have seen Mel's un-censored take on producing this movie.

And Oh Well! -- We take what we can get from this Judeo-Hollywood Dracula movie even though it was filmed in devoutly Catholic Ireland, and thus, we can only imagine what we could have gotten with a real Christian movie crew.

Or, perhaps Gary Shore will be unleashed to offer Christians much more in the future. This web site will be eagerly awaiting the sequel set in modern times with a new evils confronting Christians, with an established, experienced and polished Gary Shore.

What will Turkey
think of this movie?

It will be interesting to see what our "beloved NATO ally" Turkey has to say about the expose of their sordid past of Muslim conquest against Christian Europe.

The dark-skinned Arabic Muslims surrounding Israel, Americans have long-ago been carefully trained to hate; but evidently, we are now allowed to be reminded of Turkish atrocities against Christianity; and thus, Christians are allowed to once again hate even fair-skinned, white Muslims.

Why Jewish Hollywood moguls are exposing this brand of Muslim atrocity against Christians makes for good discussion, for it is not their normal Jewish modis operendi.

Jews have historically for centuries had a love affair with Turkish Muslims.

The Jews of course were supporting the Ottoman Empire while the Ottoman Empire was at its height in grabbing Christian lands and genocidally subduing them, as depicted in the time period of this movie about Dracula.

Even as the Ottoman Empire was crumbling in 1853 AD, Jews talked Christian England and Christian France into supporting a crumbling Muslim Ottoman Empire against a resurgent Christian Russia trying to retake some of those former Christian lands; in particular, trying to retake Constantinople in the Crimean War. 

For the Jews knew well that all the world's Muslims would throw themselves at a hopeless defense of Constantinople, lose Constantinople, and thus leave all Muslim lands open to Christian conquest.  Most importantly for the Jews -- leaving Jerusalem open to being retaken by Christians -- dashing all hopes for Jews to retake Jerusalem for themselves.

Jews could not allow this, so they supported the crumbling Ottoman Empire against Russia in 1853 AD, just as they had support the Ottomans when they were all powerful and marching on Vlad's Wallachia past the fall of Constantinople in 1453 AD.

By the time of WW1, Jews stopped supporting the Ottomans; for they saw their opportunity to have their gentile English slaves be the ones who finished off the Ottoman Empire, with the promise from Britain that Jews would get the spoils of war by having Palestine. The British price for sending British boys to slaughter in the Ottoman's WW1 bloodbath at Gallipoli? -- The Jewish MSM press in America would deliver American boys into the meat grinder of WW1. 

Balfour Declaration in hand, the Jews turned on the lost cause of the Ottoman Empire, and Palestine was now "a British mandate". But the Jews were not yet consolidated enough in Palestine to effectively take it over. That would require another World War.

The Turks were again defeated in WW2, but we decided that we didn't want the Turks to become Judeo-Communist, so we invited them into our military fraternity of NATO.

Why?  Not because of any true fear of Muslims becoming Judeo-Communist, but to keep Turkey looking forward toward Europe, and not looking behind them toward what the Jews were doing to Palestine.

Recently, the Turks are experiencing a resurgent Islamic fever, which this movie will go a long way to feed.

The reasons for Jewish actions are often hard to fathom in the short term, but they always become crystal clear later in the context of the history which unfolds.

Reason being: anything to help the Israelis obtain and defend "God's Promised Land" being the guiding principle.

Movie Synopsis of Character...
"Vlad the Impaler"

When we first see Vlad Tepes in this movie Dracula Untold, he is already well renowned as Vlad the Impaler.

We are to learn that this horrific reputation was actually an act of compassion to his fellow Christians. 

Vlad's father was forced by the previous Sultan, to accept both his submission of tribute to the Ottoman Empire; as well as having his a young son Vlad III being conscripted into the Sultan's Muslim army, in an infamous Muslim military draft known as the Janissary system.

Normal Muslim practice is to tax Christian subjects disproportionally compared to Muslim subjects to help pay for their Islamic pirate raids on Christian lands. This Islamic tax against non-Muslims is called Jizya. But the Ottoman Turks seemed to think it better that Christians do both; pay the Jizya tax and also die in jihadi wars instead of Muslims.

Perhaps, Christians who could not afford the Jizya tax to help pay for Muslim conquest, could instead paid their Jizya tax debts by supplying their young sons for Muslim conquest instead. Perhaps that is also why rich Jewish families were able to hold onto their sons and not have them taken  away as Jannissaries.

The Jannissary system removed very young Christian boys from their parents, (never Jewish boy by the way). First placed as orphans into Muslim homes to be taught Islam, they were later sent to Muslim military schools to obtain years-long, Islam-infused, Jihadi boot camp training -- somewhat akin to the slave-based gladiatorial schools we saw in Spartacus, Blood and Sand.  This gave the Muslims a much better fighting man, than recruiting him from Christian areas after they had grown up as Christians. (Did I mention that young Jewish boys were never conscripted?)

With this systematic method for the elimination of Christianity in conquered Christian territory (with the definition of conquer meaning that all men of fighting age are slaughtered), then the defeated Christian peoples were made to  pay for their resistance by  being forced to  supply  its young boys to be raised as Muslim Jihadi warriers, with the goal to use these Christian boys  in future Muslim expansion into even more Christian lands.

Vlad grew up in one of these Janissary gladiatorial camps becoming one of their best Jihadi warriers. When asked to wage war against his fellow Christians though, Vlad devised a means of total warfare which impaled all the village's inhabitants. To him, this was an act of mercy, because the next 9 Christian villages he invaded were so afraid of his reputation they gave up without a fight, thus saving the lives of their families.

Better yet, without resistance, there would be no need for a Janissary army; no need to remove young Christian boys to be raised as Muslim terrorists and pirates.

(In real life, Vlad impaled Muslims)

Movie Synopsis of Character...
"Vlad Tepes,
A good family Man"

In Dracula Untold, having fulfilled his military Janissary duties, and true to the promise Vlad's father had received from the former Sultan that there would be no more Janissary recruits, there was now peace in the land (albeit, an Islamic peace) and he was a benevolent leader of his people.

What Vlad did not count on, what turned Vlad Tepes from a good Christian family man to the dark side like some Anakin Skywalker becoming Darth Vader, was the insatiable desire of the new Sultan Mehmet II for Christian lands. The new Sultan Mehmet began laying out plans to take the great and strong bastion of Christianity, Rome. For this battle, the Sultan needed a vast Janissary army of young Christian boys.

The Sultan demands 1,000 young boys, including Vlad's own son, to be sent to him for Janissary training.

And as the movie unfolds, we see this reneging on Muslim promise is what prompts Vlad into his "Breaking Bad" transformation from loving family man to what we know as Count Dracula.

Movie Synopsis of Character...
"Vlad as Dracula"

Vlad vows to resist the latest conscription of 1000 Christian boys from his kingdom, including his only son, but in order to save his kingdom and family, Vlad is forced to enter into a Faustian deal with a vampire, which we discover is the blood-thirsty former Roman Emperor Caligula.

No where in this movie are Jews to be found; although, anyone who has ever researched history in much depth with an open mind, knows that the Jews are always in the shadows advising the Ottoman Muslims in how to defeat Christians and how to take Christian lands.

After all, the time period is 1459 AD, and the Christians of Spain, for just this treasonous reason,  are on the verge of the Reconquesta of Spain from the Muslims ; and in doing so, in expelling all the Jews from their kingdom in 1492 AD for their agreeable and whole-hearty Jewish support of the Moorish Muslims during their previous 800 year occupation of Spain.

Vlad the Impaler

His father, Vlas II Dracul, was a member of the Order of the Dragon, which was founded to protect Christianity in Eastern Europe.

In 1436, Vlad II Dracul ascended the throne of Wallachia. He was ousted in 1442 by rival factions in league with Hungary, but secured Ottoman support for his return by agreeing to pay the Tribute to the Sultan.

At 13, Vlad III and his brother Radu were held as political hostages by the Ottoman Turks. During his years as hostage, Vlad was educated in logic, the Quran, and the Turkish language and works of literature. He would speak this language fluently in his later years. He and his brother were also trained in warfare and horsemanship.

Despite increasing his cultural capital with the Ottomans, Vlad was not at all pleased to be in Turkish hands. He was resentful and incredibly jealous of his little brother, who soon earned the nickname Radu cel Frumos, or Radu the Handsome. Radu was well behaved and quickly earned the friendship of Sultan Murad's son, Mehmet. Conversely, Vlad was defiant and constantly punished for his impudence. It has been suggested that his traumatic experiences among the Ottomans may have molded him into the sadistic man he grew up to be, especially in regards to his penchant for impaling.

[In reaction to the fall of Constantinople in 1453 AD to the armies of Sultan Mehmat II], in 1459, Pope Pius II called for a new crusade against the Ottomans, at the Congress of Mantua. In this crusade, the main role was to be played by Matthias Corvinus, son of John Hunyadi (János Hunyadi), the King of Hungary. To this effect, Matthias Corvinus received from the Pope 40,000 golden coins, an amount that was thought to be enough to gather an army of 12,000 men and purchase 10 Danube warships. In this context, Vlad allied himself with Matthias Corvinus, with the hope of keeping the Ottomans out of the country (Wallachia was claimed as a part of the Ottoman Empire by Sultan Mehmed II).

Later that year, in 1459, Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II sent envoys to Vlad to urge him to pay a delayed tribute of 10,000 ducats and 500 recruits into the Ottoman forces. Vlad refused, because if he had paid the 'tribute', as the tax was called at the time, it would have meant a public acceptance of Wallachia as part of the Ottoman Empire. Vlad, like most of his predecessors and successors, maintained the goal of keeping Wallachia independent. Vlad had the Turkish envoys killed on the pretext that they had refused to raise their "hats" to him, by nailing their turbans to their heads.

Meanwhile, the Sultan received intelligence reports that revealed Vlad's domination of the Danube. He sent the Bey of Nicopolis, Hamza Bey (also known as Hamza Ceakirdjiba), to make peace and, if necessary, eliminate Vlad III.

Vlad Țepeș planned to set an ambush. Hamza Bey, the Bey of Nicopolis, brought with him 1000 cavalry and when passing through a narrow pass north of Giurgiu, Vlad launched a surprise attack. The Wallachians had the Turks surrounded and defeated. The Turks' plans were thwarted and almost all of them caught and impaled, with Hamza Bey impaled on the highest stake to show his rank.

In the winter of 1462, Vlad crossed the Danube and devastated the entire Bulgarian land in the area between Serbia and the Black Sea. Disguising himself as a Turkish Sipahi and utilizing the fluent Turkish he had learned as a hostage, he infiltrated and destroyed Ottoman camps.

Sultan Mehmed II's invasion of Wallachia

In response to this, Sultan Mehmed II raised an army of around 60,000 troops and 30,000 irregulars, and in spring of 1462 headed towards Wallachia. This army was under the Ottoman general Mahmut Pasha and in its ranks was Radu cel Frumos. Vlad was unable to stop the Ottomans from crossing the Danube on June 4, 1462 and entering Wallachia. He constantly organized small attacks and ambushes on the Turks, such as The Night Attack when 15,000 Ottomans were killed. This infuriated Mehmed II, who then crossed the Danube. Radu cel Frumos, brother of Vlad III and ingratiate of the Ottoman Empire, was left behind in Targoviste with the hope that he would be able to gather an anti-Vlad clique in Wallachia that would ultimately establish Radu cel Frumos as the new Voivode of the region. Vlad's rule falls entirely within the three decades of the Ottoman conquest of the Balkans, conquering the entire Balkans peninsula.

Vlad the Impaler's attack was celebrated by the Saxon cities of Transylvania, the Italian states and the Pope. A Venetian envoy, upon hearing about the news at the court of Corvinus on 4 March, expressed great joy and said that the whole of Christianity should celebrate Vlad Țepeș's successful campaign. The Genoese from Caffa also thanked Vlad, for his campaign had saved them from an attack of some 300 ships that the sultan planned to send against them

Vlad III is revered as a folk hero in Romania as well as other parts of Europe for his protection of the Romanian population both south and north of the Danube

Mehmed the Conquerer

Later that year, in 1459, Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II sent envoys to Vlad [the Impaler] to urge him to pay a delayed tribute of 10,000 ducats and 500 recruits into the Ottoman forces.

Vlad III Dracul refused and had the Ottoman envoys killed by nailing their turbans to their heads, on the pretext that they had refused to raise their "hats" to him, as they only removed their headgear before Allah.

Meanwhile, the Sultan sent the Bey of Nicopolis, Hamza Pasha, to make peace and, if necessary, eliminate Vlad III. Vlad III Dracul set an ambush; the Ottomans were surrounded and almost all of them caught and impaled with Hamza Pasha impaled on the highest stake, as befit his rank.

In the winter of 1462, Vlad III crossed the Danube and devastated the entire Bulgarian land in the area between Serbia and the  Black Sea, for letting the Ottomans stay near the frontier of Wallachia and thus, for contributing to the invasion of the Ottomans to Wallachia.

Disguising himself as a Turkish Sipahi and utilizing his fluent command of the language and customs, he infiltrated Ottoman camps. Vlad III ambushed, massacred or captured several Ottomans forces, then announced his impalement of over 23,000 captive Turks.

Mehmed II abandoned his siege of Corinth to launch a punitive attack against Vlad III in Wallachia but suffered many casualties in a surprise night attack led by Vlad III Dracul, who was apparently bent on personally killing the Sultan. When the forces of Mehmed and Radu the Handsome came to Tirgoviste, they saw thousands of Turks impaled around the isolated city. Appalled by the sight, Mehmed considered a withdraw but was convinced by his commanders to stay. However, Vlad's idea of a new crusade war against the Ottomans was not very popular, Vlad was betrayed by pro-Dăneşti boyars and his best friend Stephen the Great who had promised to help him in his crusade, but instead attacked him from the other side trying to conquer Chilia back. Vlad III had to retreat to the mountains


From the 1380s to 1648, the Janissaries were gathered through the devsirme system which was abolished in 1638. This was the taking (enslaving) of non-Muslim boys, notably Anatolian and Balkan Christians; Jews were never subject to devşirme, nor were children from Turkic families.

According to military historian Michael Antonucci and economic historians Glenn Hubbard and Tim Kane, the Turkish administrators would scour their regions (but especially the Balkans) every five years for the strongest sons of the sultan's Christian subjects.

These boys (usually between the ages of 6 and 14) were then taken from their parents and given to Turkish families in the provinces to learn Turkish language and customs, and the rules of Islam.

The recruits were indoctrinated into Islam, forced into circumcision and supervised 24 hours a day by eunuchs.

They were subjected to severe discipline, being prohibited from growing a beard, taking up a skill other than soldiering, and marrying.

As a result, the Janissaries were extremely well-disciplined troops, and became members of the Askeri class, the first-class citizens or military class.

Most were non-Muslims because it was not permissible to enslave a Muslim.

They campaigned with their own medical teams of Muslim and Jewish surgeons and their sick and wounded were evacuated to dedicated mobile hospitals set up behind the lines

Greek Historian Dimitri Kitsikis in his book Türk Yunan İmparatorluğu ("Turco-Greek Empire") states that many Christian families were willing to comply with the devşirme because it offered a possibility of social advancement. Conscripts could one day become Janissary colonels, statesmen who might one day return to their home region as governors, or even Grand Viziers or Beylerbeys (governor generals). (TCS: As depicted in Dracula Untold with Vlad returning to lead his people as a former Jannissary)

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