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November 2014 AD

Religious Evolution

Many devout Christians do not believe in biological evolution.  But  true or not, the assertion that we are all descendants of Apes  is wrong from  either perspectives.

BOTH apes and man would have been descended from a more primitive animal.

In fact, under the theory, apes would also have themselves evolved, or perhaps even devolved from these more primitive animals.

The religious decision to ascertain is when in God's 7 day creation, did he put a soul into one of his animal creations. Seems an easy answer from reading the Bible, but that is not the point of this article.

In the same vein, we are to postulate here that Christians are not religiously evolved and descended from today's Jews, but instead, the truth of the matter is that today's Jews and today's Christians are BOTH descended in evolution from the Israelites of the Old Testament.

Religiously, this is a very fine distinction when reading Genesis, as well as the New Testament.

Today's Jews are far less Israelites of the Old Testament, while Christians are more so than they know (or are led to believe).

Protestant Misconceptions
Begins against fellow Chritians

Catholics love to point out that they are the legitimate Christian religion because they were the first -- pointing to a direct line of succession from Peter -- that the Catholic Church had always been there, and that all other Christian sects are little more than Johnny-come-latelys.

Protestants counter that they were actually the first, because the early Christians were as they are - individual Christians praying directly to God -- and that the Catholic Church is a Babylonian monstrosity built up only since the time of Constantine until now.

What is hard to fathom is the huge illogicalities in Protestant arguments.

In arguing against the Catholic faith as legitimate, Protestants are hard forced to explain why Christ left the Church he founded for a thousand years, while the "Babylonian Whore of Rome" was destroying real Christianity.

Protestants would have to argue that their Catholic fore-bearers from European history did not have Christ helping to preserve Christianity from pagan Huns and pagan Viking raiders as well as from Muslim fanatics hell bent on decapitating every Christian. That is, Protestants since the time of King Henry VIII would be forced to argue that the Catholic Church of their fathers did not preserve the Bible they embrace today. 

In other arguments, Protestants have reared to a higher level and reverently embraced the "written" Word of God, not the "spoken" word of Man, to an unquestioned absolute rigor; yet, in their embrace of "Early Christians", they ignorantly ignore the facts that the Early Christians were listening to the Word of God from his very mouth, not from a book God had delivered to them from on high; and more importantly, that the books of the Bible are mostly man-written versions of speeches given word of mouth by the early fathers, clearly the "spoken" word of Man. Mathew, Mark Luke and John are the first 4 books of the New Testament, and they are all men who each wrote a book about what they saw and heard, not what they had read. Most importantly, later still books are mostly written down speeches of early Christians getting the Word of God from the Word of Man, such as the words of sinners like Peter and Paul.

In fact, based upon Protestant certainties given us about faith, were not the Early Christians much better (i.e.more evil) Catholics than the Catholics, because Catholics did have a Bible?  And, were not the Early Christians worst Protestants than today's Protestants,  because Early Christians did not have a Bible at first?

Non-Denominational Evangelical Protestants have taken Protestantism to its logical conclusion -- where each and every Christian is his own self-appointed minister -- and yet, I have yet to see a Christian of this type who did not have his own take on the Bible he was willing to share -- including his take of the Bible which says that you can only gain faith through reading the Bible -- Automatically meaning whatever this modern-day Protestant says is a total anti-Biblical waste of breath.  How can I take his word that the only truth is the truth which can be read from the Bible, if I hear it from his sinning mouth?

But the most heretical argument of many Protestants is that the Israelites of old, live on, in the Jews of today, and that they are still blessed and protected by God.

Protestants say:
"Jews are blessed by God"

And here is why the Protestant beliefs are heretical that the Jews of today are still  God's Chosen People.

As easily as Protestant Christians damn their fellow Christians of the Catholic faith to hell, they just as easily worship Jews as sacred; Jews being held sacred, who are not the least bit ashamed of rejecting altogether, Christ and the message of salvation Christ delivered.

Clearly any coherent reading of the New Testament points to the fact that only the Israelites who "evolve" to embrace Christ will continue to be blessed and beloved by God. 

Any Protestant who claimed that Jews are illegitimate, who only believed in Noah and who do not believe in the later Moses and follow his Ten Commandments, are the same Protestants who would have us believe that Jews who believe Moses but not Jesus Christ and his commandments are the real legitimate Jews.

Protestants know this fundamental fact about salvation through Christ, because their most fundamental belief is a belief that the only blessing God will give to mankind are his blessings to people who are "born again"  And ironically, yes indeed they proudly beat Catholics over the head with their boiled down version of Christianity being nothing more than to be "born again"; while at the same time entirely letting off the hook Jews who do not even believe in Christ at all.

In this religious evolution from Adam, to Noah, to Moses, and finally to Christ, Protestants jumped off the evolution bandwagon.

The Israelites who did not evolve to Christ were deemed just as evolved as they were -- indeed, even more so -- because they had to be protected at all costs. For God said so way back in Genesis, and we all know (sic) how that trumps anything Christ said about salvation being only through Him.

Therefore, these "un-evolved Israelites", these poor huddled masses of Jews, had to be protected by Protestants from the "unholy" Christian Czar, from the "crazed with power" Christian Kaiser and from the so-called "Holocaust-bent" Christian Hitler. If not great examples of Christians, they led countries filled with Christians who suffered greatly in the Crimean War and World Wars. 

Even today, we are told by th Like of Ted Cruz, that the "un-evolved Israelites" are to be protected from the "evolved Muslims" in the Middle East.

Yes, Muslims too claim the fathers of the Israelites as a basis of their religion, but we must kill Muslims to protect Israel. Yes, in years past, we must kill millions of Germans to protect Jews. We must praise the Jews leading the Communist Revolution because we are told, Jews and Christians alike were better off under Communism than under the Czar.

(For other arguments, yes, Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. Big deal and perhaps worth protecting with the life of your own son, but not worth the life of protecting with my own son, since I don't care a whit about the Middle East other than for a Christian Crusade to retake the Holy Lands which were violently taken from Christians.  For I know the Evangelical Protestant argument about democracy to be a specious argument anyway. They don't care a whit about either Liberian democracy or Peruvian democracy.  Liberia filled with our former slaves which we may still hold a smidgen of responsibility toward and for the most part are fighting a Protestant Christian battle against Islam, and Peru filled with the Catholics Protestants love to hate)

Problem is:
"Jews are evolved as well"

While the Jew of today may not believe in Mohammad or Christ, it is a mistake to believe that Jews have frozen their religion at the time of Moses of Egypt, for later there was Daniel of Babylon and Esther of Persia.

Truth is that Judaism has continued to evolve away from our cherished Israelite heritage -- and certainly away from Christian thoughts and deeds.

In fact, Jews of today have their own "New Testament", called the Talmud.  None of which correlates to the word of Christ. 

Look it up and you will be amazed.

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