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November 2014 AD

IPO for Alibaba

and the

40 Thieves

Jack Ma of Alibaba IPO fame has been given the secret password of "Open Sesame" by a band of 40 Jewish thieves, not to steal from them; heavens no!  But to steal from the ones the 40 Jewish thieves steal from - us.

Two Cheers for Alibaba

The business model would be cutting edge anywhere, but it is revolutionary in China, where businesses have traditionally been forced to curry favor with local officials, often by paying bribes, to acquire the goods they need.

I suspect recognition of the corrosive effects of communism on business is one reason [Jack] Ma named his company Alibaba.

In the Arabian Nights story, Ali Baba discovers the secret password used by a den of thieves—“Open Sesame”—and thanks to the help of his faithful slave girl, thwarts their mischief.

Alibaba has helped to circumvent an even more pernicious mischief. On some days, Chinese customers arrange more than 100 million shipments through Alibaba services.

While Jack Ma may believe the 40 thieves in his story to be corrupt local Chinese middle-men, Americans need to examine the 40 corrupt local-to-America Jewish thieves in this story as well.

Where is SEC regulation of Alibaba?

With the IPO of the Chinese company Alibaba, the Jewish-dominated SEC has abrogated all means of regulating the securities market.

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- China's largest e-commerce company surpassed the world's largest brick-and-mortar retailer by market cap... At closing, their market caps were about even around $246 billion... However, its sales are still a fraction of Wal-Mart's. In the second quarter, Alibaba posted sales of $2.54 billion, compared with Wal-Mart's $120 billion.

Where is our famous MSM watchdog of Alibaba?

The Jewish-dominated MSM has done nothing but rejoice in jubilation when reporting the IPO offering of Alibaba, giving it tens of millions of dollars in "free advertising", but reporting about Alibaba in a fawning way, instead of the critical way they would have done to a Tea Party organization, or a Koch Brothers industry.

(BTW, we are not endorsing either the Tea Party or the Koch Brothers, as both are secret fronts for the same Jewish interests who are behind this Alibaba venture)

Alibaba's Fraudulent Activities

A shell-company, based in the Cayman Islands as Alibaba has done would have, in the not-too-distance past, by itself, have raised all sorts of eyebrows and red flags about income tax evasion and all types of securities frauds.

Imagine if even the Jewish Koch Brothers, based in New York City, engaged a shell company in the Cayman Islands to funnel all their business through, let alone God-forbid, a Christian-based company like Chick-fil-a doing such a thing.

Yet a company based in Communist China just did so to great Jewish MSM fanfare and a wink from our very own SEC!

But worst, both the shell company created by the company Alibaba, and as well Alibaba itself, will have:
  1.  No production facilities in the United States.
  2.  No sales force or marketing arm in this country.
  3.  No brick and mortar department stores on American soil.
  4.  No real owners living in the United States.
  5.  Indeed, No commitment to this country in any way.
Instead, Alibaba will use the American invented and developed Internet to make sales inside the United States, while being totally based in China.

By American Law, Alibaba will be free to purchase any and all American assets it desires whether that be companies or technology or raw materials, and will as well be free to sell its completed products to any and all Americans

By Chinese Law, not a single American businessman, American investor, or American politician will be able to have any direct ownership or control over any part of  Alibaba.

Free Trade,

Judeo-Chinese Style

I thought free trade required a basis in freedom?

Yet, no Americans will have the freedom to purchase any real interest in the now largest Internet company in the world.

In fact, even if Americans could own Alibaba stock directly, Alibaba is structured in a way which violates all SEC regulations as to governance. Except for a few "insiders", stockholders (i.e., THE OWNERS), will have little say in how Alibaba is ran.

Not to mention, that Alibaba technically violates current Communist Chinese rules about corporate ownership and hence; can seize control of Alibaba at a moment's notice.

Do not be fooled that our Jewish merchants have not cut a back-door deal here. The stench of this rot is unmistakable.

In investment, "Risk is the name of the game" -- but truth as well is that -- "FRAUD" is corrupt, immoral, unfair, and regardless of how they are being enforced, illegal.

Two Cheers for Alibaba

Alibaba’s corporate structure ensures that Jack Ma and the other insiders retain absolute control, even though they own only a small percentage of the stock.

The insiders are the only ones who can nominate directors to Alibaba’s board of directors, and they can put their directors on the board even if Alibaba’s shareholders do not approve.

If Ma and his associates ever lose their Midas touch, shareholders can’t do anything about it.

Alibaba argues that Ma needs free rein to work his magic, just like Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook. His genius is indeed essential, but it is always risky to take away other shareholders’ authority.

Scarier still is the risk that the Chinese government will pull the rug out from Alibaba’s business.

As L. Gordon Crovitz recently pointed out in The Wall Street Journal, China forbids foreigners from owning a majority of the stock of companies in “strategic and emerging industries” like the internet.

Alibaba has sidestepped this restriction by offering investors interests in a “variable interest entity,” rather than in Alibaba itself.

So far the Chinese government has looked the other way, but Chinese authorities could change their minds, seize the business, and expropriate investors’ interests.

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