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October 2014 AD

War on Women

“Scott Walker has given women the back of his hand.
I know that is stark.
I know that is direct.
But that is reality,”
-- Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.)

There is no War on Women by conservative Christian men in America, regardless of what liberal Jewish feminists like Debbie Wasserman Schultz say.

A man giving a woman the back of his hand is actually a humane way to put a devilish woman like Jewess Wasserman Schultz in her place.

A true Christian gentleman would not give a "so-called lady", who advocates the killing of  innocent babies,  a full punch to the face as if she were a man, but instead would merely give her "the back of his hand".

To be sure, while few good Christian gentlemen are giving bad non-Christian women the back of their hands these days, thus allowing bad non-Christian women to flaunt every measure of Christian civilization, Jewish  spokeswomen like Debbie Wasserman Schultz  all but ignores the barbaric, brutal and Islamic Totalitarian War on Women.

It took Christian Republican MEN to fight the Totalitarian Taliban Muslims of Afghanistan, while at the same time having liberal Non-Christian Democrat poodles like anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan constantly snipping at their heels the entire time, with the Jewish MSM playing her up for months. Now there is a woman in need of the back of a man's hand, along with an entire press corps in need of a good kick with a boot.

The more likely war scenario in a War on Women would see the belligerents against women to actually be liberals.

  •  Liberal icon Teddy Kennedy may have the first recorded kill in the War on Women with his dead secretary Mary Jo Kopechne off a bridge at Chappaquiddick
  •  Ted Kennedy's son Patrick and nephew William Kennedy Smith were out on a commando raid of a nightclub filled with war-time booty, when William also participated in the spoils of the War on Women with the rape of an enemy combatant.
  •  Liberal icon Bill Clinton is a War-time serial rapist, adulterer, and thus abuser of his wife while fighting as the Commander in Chief during the War on Women
  •  Liberal hero  Dr. Kermit Gosnell had many a 'friendly fire' in the deaths of baby boys, but 50% of his kills were baby girls, and he even had the beneficial collateral damage to the enemy of emotionally scarred mothers.
  •  A general on the side of the Christian Men was Alaska governor Sarah Palin, elected to office by the REAL MEN OF ALASKA. But the liberal Jewish-controlled Psychological Warfare department had Sarah Palin defeated without firing a single bullet, when she was handed defeat through demoralized Christian Men following her fickle command who had  watched a liberal Conservative put-down comedy act from Jewish-controlled enemy territory, New York City, called Saturday Night Live, where her truthful statement "You can see Russia from Alaska" was psy-opped into a satirical "You can see Russia from my front porch".  I think it would not take a man in this case, for Sarah Palin would have been quite capable of giving Jewish comedian Tina Fey the back of her hand.
  •  While George W. Bush was accused of making men unemployed in the construction industries, it would be a decisive war secret that liberal Muslim-loving Barack Obama was most damaging of women's careers. Not since 1988 have women had less of a percentage of their own in the labor force.  And Obama never even resorted to  his  favorite Air Drone Force to devastate the Labor Force in his War on Women.

War on Men

As with many Jewish-pushed ideas, the real objective is the exact opposite the stated one. There is a War on Men in actuality.

A War on White Christian Men.

A War on any and all men of influence in our society.

  •  War on College Men -- when you read about the college date rape  scene  which  somehow was not discredited by the Duke Lacrosse persecution by the Jewish MSM.
  •  War on Catholic Priest Men -- a war Christians cannot win because any defense of anything less than absolute perfection is merely seen as a dodge. Jewish religious leaders abusing their esteemed positions?  No one talks about that.  School teacher abuse, where the majority of young people are for the majority of the time?  Nope, again, not given the 24/7 Judeo-MSM press.
  •  War on Boy Scout "Men" - The highest ideals of society are enshrined in the Boy Scouts, but the Judeo-MSM decided that acceptance of gays trumps everything else the Boy Scouts stand for.
  •  War on Husband Men - This war has been raging for decades in Hollywood where most husbands are portrayed wearing "Wife Beaters". The family courts  are hostile territory for any husband and father.
  •  War on Christian Men - Christian Men are embodied in Judeo-MSM as Anti-Semites, Nazis, Nationalists, Conquistadors, Crusaders, Fascists.
  •  War on White Men - A long time has passed since the White Man was blamed for all of civilization's woes. Now, it is now common practice in Hollywood movies to depict heroic black men righteously killing white men, be it black men killing Southern Plantation owners as in Django Unchained, or black men killing Russian Mafia as in The Equalizer.


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