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October 2014 AD

Our Swiss Health-Care

Note to politicians:
Do NOT let THE PEOPLE decide for themselves if they want socialism. The Swiss had such a choice and they voted it down. If you, Mr. Politician, insist upon moving from a ObamaCare-type system to a full government-ran single payer system, you must be the one who votes socialism into existence for the "children" you represent.

Note to American Citizens:
Insist upon as much Democracy as the Swiss have when deciding your family's fate.

Our Affordable Health Care Act, AKA ObamaCare, was foisted upon the American  people to  bring us in line with the European Swiss system. Obviously, even that was not enough for liberals in Switzerland and voters there had enough freedom to reject full socialism.  Hurray for them!

History of American HealthCare

Our country started out with private health-care. The family doctor made house calls at our farmhouses, miles out into the countryside to check up on our sick children.

With corporations came corporate-provided health-care.

Government politicians created this system, not by waving the "stick", but by giving generous tax-break "carrots" to corporations to goad corporations into providing health-care to heavily unionized workers, who were also heavily vested in obtaining this coverage for their union members.

So the triple power of the governmental power overseeing the health-care system, especially with their tools of taxation, FDA, CDC, Medicare, Medicaid, and Department of Human Services; the  corporate power; and the union power; insured that politicians were well funded by corporations, insured that corporations had the people envying corporate jobs and insured that the unions bosses were fat and rich as well.

So long as the majority worked for corporations, this Fascist-system of government-directed, corporate-ran, health-care was all the rage.

Then the corporations started outsourcing jobs to overseas facilities and the majority of corporate job holders became a minority in this country.

Not only that, but health-care was not getting any cheaper with more and more industrialized medicine such as MRIs, CAT scans, complex blood tests, and the like, all conspiring to make health-care astronomically more expensive.

Along with the legislative branch of government making this arrangement financially feasible for corporations tax-wise, you may as well add in a hyper-active judicial branch of government allowing astronomically priced lawsuits against the medical profession, along with an over-zealous executive branch of government in the FDA bureaucracy, which added layers and layers and layers of additional quality checks, without actually adding any quality -- but that's government for you!

Finally, the final straw -- you add in a large dose of federally-caused housing bubble creation which resulted in a fiery crash, that threw massive amounts of people in factory jobs out on the streets; now, without their fascist-created, corporate-provided health-care.

Does not take a genius to figure out where this is headed.  The federal government is famous for having an answer to all the problems it creates.

There is a huge medical industry, supported by massive infusions of federal dollars, who have a vested interest in keeping the patients coming in, saddled with millions of frantic Americans who still want health-care, but no longer holding a corporate job that provides such care.

This is what a politician would call an "Opportunity too good to pass up". Or in Jewish Rahm Emanuel-talk, "You never let a serious crisis go to waste".

All in all, that is how ObamaCare came into existence!

And as the Swiss can relate -- like drug usage -- a stepping stone to the hard-stuff --  total socialism with total state control over health-care.

We will not be so lucky to get to vote on the matter in this country.

We didn't get to vote if we wanted untold generations, with untold millions of people, dependent upon the  government  for their retirement, yet one legislative session of Congress, taking advantage of the immediate pain of The Great Depression (which the government's Federal Reserve caused), dictated Social Security for the next 100 legislative sessions. (Yeh, try to wean people off SS after you have people become totally dependent upon it. A genius play!)

We didn't get to vote for our children to have Obamacare and certainly our children don't get a say on the matter either, even when they grow up and start voting for themselves. By then, it will become just as securely entrenched as SS is entrenched now.  More  than likely, this will end up as single-payer, without a single citizen getting a vote in the matter.

A Better Way

Instead of heading in the direction of an All-State (play on words) health insurance solution, we should return to our roots of a No-State solution.

Yes, the State would not even be involved in taxing our contributions to a private Health Savings Account (HSA).  (Thus, giving us the same tax breaks Corporations have long enjoyed!)

Yes, we save into our own accounts while we are still young and strong, to have savings for our old age illnesses when it is really needed.  (Thus, we are not dependent upon government politicians blackmailing us to vote for him upon reaching old age)

Yes, like anything else, we prudently purchase cheap insurance should we become long term disabled. Or just pay for the HSA payments out of the general long term disability insurance we have bought. (Thus, we are not blackmailed by corporations to work for them long term just for the benefits)

For all terms of unemployment, we have a rainy-day accumulation in our HSA to bridge us over until the next job comes along. (Sounds like unemployment insurance from the government doesn't it? Imagine cutting out the middle man hear!!)

Yes, PRIVATE CHARITY can provide payments ONLY to those who are already seriously ill and cannot pay for an HSA themselves, but the usage of the insurance is still directed by the individual, even in this case, out of his or her own private health savings accounts. (Thus, we know the true price of charity and knowingly give to deserving individuals.)


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