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August 2014 AD

Citizen Koch

Citizen KochWhile on a business trip to California's city of Irvine, I happened upon the opening of the new movie Citizen Koch.

While waiting in the lobby, a man sat down beside me. Soon he was joined by a lady...and then another...and another still. After about 6 ladies and feeling a bit envious, I asked him his secret. Turns out that he was the organizer of a Meet-up group who were meeting to see the movie we were waiting to watch. Nicely of them, I was asked to participate with them in that night's activity.

After the movie, we all went for a little snack at a nearby diner where we discussed the movie.

Sure enough, even though I was smack in the heart of the most strongly conservative patch of California, they were all die-hard California liberals.

The entire movie revolved around the election and aftermath of the election of Wisconsin's Scott Walker and his effect on public unions.

In particular, the movie was concerned about the affect of the Citizens United PAC on the election, which the movie producers believed was instrumental in Scott Walker's election win. 

Of course, the reason why the Koch Brothers are mentioned in the title is because they helped fund Citizens United. 

Lastly, the movie covered the Supreme Court ruling that Citizens United can be funded by a corporation -- because a corporation is a person and as a person, they should be allowed to contribute 10,000 times or even 100,000 times as much money as any ordinary red-blooded person.

So at the after-movie dinner, my question to the group was,

"Of all the rich guys funding election, why do liberals hate the Koch Brothers with such a passion?  Why not Soros as well?
The answer was

           "Because he uses his company's massive amount of money to buy elections"

Fair enough. So I asked,

          "Isn't the MS of MSNBC a corporation? In fact, isn't NBC also a corporation?"

"Doesn't rich corporations owning 24/7 news organizations of their liking, constitute a far greater unfair advantage against the common man?"

Their reply,

"No, no, you don't understand. The difference is that Koch Industries is a "Closely-held corporation" while Microsoft and NBC are merely "publically-held corporations.""

That sounded strange to me, so I asked,

"You mean to tell me that if a man who owned the entire corporation, as do the Koch Brothers, and then use their corporation's money -- that is, their own money -- to fund conservative political campaigns of their liking, then that is the work of a richly immoral and utterly corrupt man.  But on the other hand, when Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, who only owns but a fraction of Microsoft, and who uses the Microsoft corporate money of millions of ordinary citizens who have invested in his company for its software products, most of whom by definition are conservative, to fund a highly liberal and partisan news network like MSNBC -- a news network whom no one would seriously deny was successful in promoting Obama into the national spotlight -- then he is a moral and incorruptible man?"

Silence......Chirp, Chirp....Chirp, Chirp.

Well, point being made, I told them that the movie missed the main point -- the fact that money from out-of-state was pouring into Wisconsin to influence their state.  And THAT is what is mostly immoral and corrupt in all of this.

Just as the United States should not stand for a Chinese official to fund someone running for President of the United States, so too should the citizens of Wisconsin raise bloody hell that massive amounts of money was flowing in from the "foreign" states of New York and California to fund someone running for governor of Wisconsin.

On that, everyone agreed. 

But I suspect it was agreement only in regards that the Koch Brothers of New York City should not be allowed to corrupt the politics of Wisconsin. 

Wanting to stop on a positive point, I did not push the envelope.

I did not even try to get them to agree that -- more importantly -- Wisconsin should have laws that the ultra-liberal media corporation of MSNBC, headquartered in New York City, along with all the other media monopoly headquartered in New York City in the "foreign" state of New York, should be barred from commenting on politics in Wisconsin.

Other than that, the dinner went great.

Even the public school teacher who deliberately choose a profession which she knew going into her degree in education, has historically paid a low salary, but did it for "the love of teaching children" don't you know; who socialistically complained over and over about others who chose other professions which paid more money but who greedily did not want to share the money they made with her in excess taxes in order to pay her more money from the government; who nevertheless, as you can guess "cares little about money" other than to complain about not having any; yes, even she was charming when off political subjects.


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