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August 2014 AD

The Deported Jew

Many have suggested that the French hate all foreigners -- "so what's new" they ask?

But French comedian Dieudonné Mbala Mbala is going too far in ruffling French feathers in the politically correct arena.

Now understand that both Dieudonné and Sarkozy are Christians, with Sarkozy loudly proclaiming his Catholic faith, but understanding that Sarkozy's grandfather was a Jew.

Dieudonné who is half black from Cameroon, started his career as the black man who joked about Jews and his partner was a Jew why joked about blacks. The balance of both joking about each other was unimpeachable in comic circles. Now that the two have parted ways, Dieudonné is now taking the heat for anti-Semitism; although, his attack on America was as vicious as any I have ever heard.  Which drives home the point that only attacks on Jews are taboo in society.

Needless to say, Dieudonné plays off the corruption of France's president Sarkozy (Czar-kozy) writing his own dictatorial "executive orders" that all 5th-graders in France, who already study about "The Holocaust [TM]", as opposed to "A Holocaust", will now be required to study the personal lives of a Jewish child his own age during the Nazi era.

Not only is Dieudonné ridiculing Czarkozy, but the current socialist government is trying to line him and his Czarist family, up against a communist firing squad.   Senior magistrate Gilbert Azibert engaged in electioneering, but what is really interesting is how Jewish lawyer Thierry Herzog is involved in the election money laundering from the late Muslim leader Moammar Khadafi of Libyia.

Jews are always associating with Muslims and I am not a bit surprised that a Jewish  lawyer has been implicated in this influence peddling involving Czarkozy.

Czarkozy faces Socialist Uprising

Sarkozy's longstanding lawyer Thierry Herzog and senior magistrate Gilbert Azibert were charged with the same offences.

The case was launched after judges looking into the alleged financing of Sarkozy's 2007 election campaign by former Libyan dictator Moamer Kadhafi obtained an unprecedented and controversial authorisation to tap the former president's phones from April 2013.

At its root are allegations that Sarkozy was helped to victory in the 2007 election with up to 50 million euros ($70 million at the time) from Kadhafi and envelopes stuffed with cash from France's richest woman, L'Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt.

Investigators suspect Sarkozy tried to obtain information from Azibert about confidential proceedings in an illegal election campaign financing case being considered by one of France's highest courts, and that he was tipped off by a senior figure when judges tapped his phones last year.

-- Sarkozy hits back at 'political' corruption charges

Back on the story of Dieudonné, in his comic act, with so many Jewish holocaust movies and plays abounding, and of course, even in France, still no Holodomor movies and plays, Dieudonné is taking Sarkozy's dictatorial mandates to the next level.

The next level being that in the near future, every public performance in France will be mandated by government to have "A Deported Jew" in the performance to show that the French will NEVER FORGET what they did in Vichy France.

So the Jew in the concentration camp "PJs", playing an innocent, "I didn't do this" Jew, has been recruited to be his affirmative action "Deported Jew".

Jews are always innocent, don't you know...

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