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August 2014 AD

Ron Paul was SOOO Right!

NSA did not see Iraq Insurgency

How could someone so right about everything be ignored, even spat upon, by so many everyday Americans in the last two Presidential elections?

Where has Ron Paul been found wrong in his prognostications?
  •  Ron Paul says, "The Patriot Act will enslave us!"
  •  Ron Paul says "The Middle Eastern Wars will win us nothing!"
  •  Ron Paul says "The Bankers will bankrupt us!"

As the cartoon above so sadly chronicles,  WE DIDN'T SEE THIS COMING!"

The Patriot Act is proving that the NSA, TSA and the Department of Homeland Security have nothing to do with monitoring and controlling Islam in the Middle East but everything to do with monitoring and controlling Christians in America.

Ron Paul was right!

Nixon's nation wrenching crime was bugging the Watergate offices of his political opponents and trying to cover it up. Obama is now bugging the entire world and trying to cover it up!  The IRS scandal itself, against ordinary Americans trying to petition their government, is a far worst scandal than Watergate ever could be.

The Jewish Zionist NeoCONs in the Republican Party get support from a Protestant NeoCON Zionist like National Review's Victor David Hanson, a registered Democrat and hawk for going into Iran to create an even greater mess.  Hanson tries to paste over the Republican NeoCON failure in Iraq by pointing fingers at Democrats collaborating with them to remake the Middle East, but the facts bear out that the Middle East was far more peaceful without the United States playing daddy and telling them how to run their countries.

Ron Paul was right!

Yes, life has been more peaceful for Israel, but isn't that the point?

American Christian soldiers have become roadside bomb target fodder in Israel's place, so that Israel does not have to endure any more 6-day wars or Yom Kipper wars.

Just like the Great Depression, Ron Paul told us that pouring oceans of printing press paper money at the problem does not fix the problem. Going into our sixth "Recovery Summer", the news is the the economy is slipping again.

I suppose the NSA is also not monitoring the economy either because the New York Times Reports,

Many jobless and marginally employed not knowing that the "Recession ended" a longtime ago, the New York Times writes:

"The beginning of the year was not just bad for the United States economy; it was — on paper at least — the worst quarter since the last recession ended five years ago."

Ron Paul was right once again!


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