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July 2014 AD

Christian Solution

to Boko Haram

The civilized world was saddened to hear that Boko Haram Muslim militants swept into Nigeria's town of Chibok and abducted 276 Christian (and secular Muslim) girls from the school.

The bloody Muslims in Sudan's Christian Darfor region are now repeating their horrific "reign of terror" game plan in oil-rich Nigeria.

Surely Muslims are not trying to control more of the world's oil!!!

Africa Free of "Evil" Christian Colonists

The ugly veil of Islam spreads deeper into former colonies of European countries.

Africans are so gracious that the Europeans left them Christianized --  and then left!

But perhaps all those who speak ill of the immorality of European colonies can now speak for the bloodbath of Islam in the void which was left.

Israel's Guilt in Nigeria

The government of Nigeria is accused of being corrupt but none are more corrupt than the government of Israel.

Israeli drone manufactures have stolen all their drone technology from their American competitors and then have sold that stolen technology to Nigeria for their own Jewish enrichment.

Problem is that they have sold this military equipment without proper safeguards in place to insure that their weapons would actually be effective when the dire need arose.

The kidnapping of 276 girls was such a dire need.

In the Judeo-MSM, the fact that Israeli drones were totally ineffective is being blamed on Nigeria, not on Israel.

Widespread corruption means a lack of investment in training and failure to maintain equipment. Money is often wasted.

Nigeria bought Israeli surveillance drones in 2006 that might have been used to hunt for the girls, but poor maintenance has left them grounded,
the aircrafts' [JEWISH] manufacturer said.

Special Report: The rifts behind Nigeria's mass kidnap

Israel knew full well that Muslims have an exceptional corrupting influence in the internal operations of the military of Nigeria, yet they did not take the proper precautions to really help Christians in Nigeria against the Muslims.

Thus, Israel cannot so easily escape responsibility when Christian girls are kidnapped, raped and sold into slavery by Muslims.

I suppose the anti-missile weapons we sell to Israel are expected to work when Muslim missiles are incoming into Tel Aviv.

We would not be allowed to say that the Israeli government is corrupt and had added their own modifications which resulted in their malfunction.

In fact, I know during the Iraq War that some Scuds from Iraq were not being intercepted by our Patriot missile defense system and everyone was blaming the American manufacturer, not the Israelis operating them.

Anyone who even hinted at such an Israeli corruption would have their career destroyed.

Fight Fire with Fire

Christians need to kidnap Muslim girls

A saying I always heard in growing up was that you "Fight fire with Fire".

Of course, we believed we were doing so when we invaded their countries with all our military might and installed "Compassionate Conservative" Muslims into office in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Since Islam was born to fight -- born to Jihad -- what we accomplished was a reawakening of a slumbering Islam.

And since Christianity was born to peace -- born to turn the other cheek -- what we really accomplished was a betrayal of our own religious principles when we took up arms against Islam.

This is a battle Islam is equipped to win and one Christianity is equipped to lose.

All we did was give Muslim terrorists a local target to aim for. Indeed, the theory was to take the fight to the Muslims -- and we did so in spades.

How did that turn out? 

As this article is being written, radical Muslims are advancing in jihad on Baghdad to slay moderate Muslims.

From the start, a quick and simple solution for America  would have entailed expelling all our Muslim criminals (In no inexact terms -- that would be all Muslims) and locking them up in the penitentiary of the Middle East where they could no longer do the civilized world any damage, but instead, we left our local Muslims in place inside the United States with the full faith and protection of the federal government telling us to be good Christians and not harm our Muslim "guests" -- who the Feds let immigrate our country.

Intead, we "took the fight to them". Clearly, we Christians do not rape and pillage like a true Muslim, so our response to fanatical Islam was fighting a forest fire with a match stick.

Compassion against the enemy in not a word Islam understands.

In the advance of Islam, surrounding Christian countries to Muslim countries do not have our luxury. Islam invades their porous borders and then dominates by among other tactics, kidnapping innocent children and raising them to be the next Islam jihadists against their own kin.

The Ottoman Turks perfected this technique so well they had a name for it -- Janissaries.

In the 1300s the Ottoman Turks kidnapped young Christian boys and essentially brainwashed them into being loyal to the Sultan, the ruler of the Ottoman Empire.

Hard-trained, these boys became the elite military unit in the Middle East, and perhaps Europe.

They were called Janissaries.

Interestingly, Islam prohibited the use of Muslim boys under the age of 15 in war, but made no such protections for Christians or Jews

The History of Child Soldiers

Of course, the object of kidnapping Christian women is to fill harems and quickly produce many Muslim boys as well for jihadi cannon fodder.

A quick and simple solution for surrounding Christian countries would have them reverse the Muslim game plan and kidnap hundreds of Muslim girls and boys.

"But, but" you say, "Christian Solution, that is not Christian".

Indeed it is Christian as Christians believe in free will  -- and in Christ being the only means of salvation.

Taking Muslim girls and boys away from Islamic criminal parents would give these poor children an actual chance in life - a chance in salvation.

We would be treating these children as we would want to be treated. Since the parents are criminals, we are not obliged to treat them as we would want to be treated. Indeed, if we commit crimes OR SUPPORT crimes against humanity in the name of our religion, we would expect to be punished by our civilized brethren. 

Muslim children have no viable choice in life.  It's either Islam or death!

In a fight fire with fire scenario, Christians need to start invading Muslim areas, taking their children and allowing their children to convert to a more enlightened and peaceful religion, as  Ann Coulter is famously vilified for saying.

And perhaps, just perhaps, there may be a beneficial Muslim blow back -- Muslims may not like the new way we fight Islam and stop taking our Christian children.

Indeed, Turkish Muslims were stopped and no longer engage in the Janissary system against Christians.  It can be done.

Israel Kidnaps to Obtain Hostages

For all the Christians who defend anything Israel-based, but will condemn this "Solution" to Boko Haram's reign of terror, just know that Israel is not at all shy about kidnapping members of society who have kidnapped their own.

Friday, March 6, 1998

Details from an original report by Tracy Wilkinson Los Angeles Times

Human rights and legal experts strongly condemned a recent Israeli Supreme Court decision permitting "Arabic non-citizens" to be held as "bargaining chips" for use in securing the freedom of Israeli prisoners of war. The high court admitted that imprisoning Lebanese guerrillas and other Arabs, many of whom have not been tried or have served their sentences, is a "painful" violation of human rights. But Israel's security concerns and the desire to retrieve missing or captured Israeli soldiers outweigh the abuse of human rights according to the court.

"The high court has legalized hostage-taking,"said Elizabeth Hodgkin, a senior analyst with Amnesty International in Tel Aviv. "This is a terrible decision. . . . If an armed group takes hostages, it is universally condemned. And now it's OK for a state to behave like an armed group? It's OK for a state to hold hostages?"

In fact, Israel just kidnapped more hostages in response to the kidnapping of three Jewish teens this week.

Israel arrested 40 Palestinians in a raid Tuesday while it also imposed new punishments on Hamas prisoners as the hunt expands for three Israeli teens who Israel believes Hamas operatives abducted in the West Bank.

Tuesday's arrests brought the total number of Palestinians detained since the teens disappeared Thursday to more than 200, most of them Hamas activists, the biggest West Bank crackdown on the militant group in almost a decade. Israel has vowed to exact a heavy price from Hamas, saying the aim of the military operation goes beyond searching for the boys.


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