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June 2014 AD

Hollywood Fraks Up

James O'Keefe wins himself another Pulitzer Prize!  (If Pulitzer Prizes were not biased against conservatives)
  •   O'Keefe has shockingly shown that Hollywood environmentalists would freely engage in a conspiracy with Muslim dictators in the Middle East to secretly and fraudulently hide the source of their funds obtained from the Muslim dictators in the making of an anti-Fraking movie.
  •  O'Keefe has shockingly shown that these Hollywood ultra-liberals would freely and without remorse help Muslim oil producer ultra-conservatives in order to hurt American oil producer conservatives.
The premise proposed by James O'Keefe:
  •  O'Keefe states that Hollywood environmentalists who hate the oil industry hypocritically have no problems teaming up with non-environmental oil producers in the Middle East.
Unfortunately, with their hypocrisy blown for all to see, O'Keefe stalls in his final analysis.

O'Keefe will only go as far as attacking them using their own world view -- "oil interests" are always evil.

Actually, this is very wise of James O'Keefe.

Considering the way he presents his story as simply a non-religious-based hypocrisy committed by environmentalists, there is no possibility charges of anti-Semitism could be seriously leveled against him.

But that does not stop this site from being even more courageous in the telling of truths.

We will take advantage of James O'Keefe's original groundbreaking work.

Hollywood Jews team up with Middle Eastern Muslims

James O'Keefe has made the conscious decision to not show the hypocrisy of Jews in Hollywood linking up with Muslims in the Middle East against Christians in America.

But why?

Hollywood Jews commit TREASON!

Here is the reason why!

You and I both know that James O'Keefe would be utterly destroyed if he even hinted at such an alliance of Jews who live in a Christian America while making their living in our Christian country selling propaganda movies to Christians in America,  being traitorous to their country by conspiring in lies and deceit with Muslim leaders of a hostile country in the Middle East.

These Hollywood Jews have been proved to be willing and conspiring to place American national security into the hands of Muslim countries we are at war with.

After watching these videos by James O'Keefe, I am a witness to Jews in Hollywood giving aid and comfort to our Middle Eastern enemies and I would be willing to provide testimony as a witness to this overt act of treason in a court of law.

Treason is punishable by death!!!

US Constitution
Treason against the United States,
shall consist only in levying War against them,
or in adhering to their Enemies,
giving them Aid and Comfort.

No Person shall be convicted of Treason
unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act,

or on Confession in open Court.

United States Code at 18 U.S.C, section 2381 states:
"whoever, owing allegiance to the United States,
levies war against them
or adheres to their enemies,
giving them aid and comfort
within the United States or elsewhere,

is guilty of treason and shall suffer death,
or shall be imprisoned not less than five years
and fined under this title but not less than $10,000;
and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States."

Jews want America

to remain dependent

upon Middle Eastern oil

This is not really an environmental issue.

The environmentalist's mantra is "Oil Interests". 

If so, then they would run as fast as they could to get away from a Middle Eastern oil producer who wanted to defraud the American public in the name of their own personal Middle Eastern "oil interests".

Truth is that Jews don't want a free and independent America.

If America were no longer dependent upon Middle Eastern oil, then American would quickly and rightfully lose all interest in the Middle East.

And if America lost all interest in the Middle East, then Israel would have to fend for itself in their embattled Crusader position in Jerusalem.

And finally, that cannot happen be allowed to happen under any circumstances, for Israel's survival absolutely depends upon its enslaved attack-dog America being at its beck and call!


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