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June 2014 AD

Men's pay less than 40 years ago

German and Russian economies

both take off after Jews Leave

Germany went to full employment as soon as Hitler dismantled the corrupt and inept basket-case of a hyper-inflated, Jewish-ran government - The Weimar Republic.

Hitler did this while the rest of the world was still mired in the Great Depression.

Germany is resurgent again now that East and West Germany are reunited and Germans are allowed some semblance of self-government after the Cold War ended. Germans are the powerhouse of Europe now with few Jews left to interfere with their progress.

As soon as most of the Jews who ran the former corrupt, evil, stagnant, equally-poor, Jewish-ran communist Soviet Union left for Israel and America,Russia's economy started booming once again under Putin.

Not saying that dictators are the prescription for an ailing economy, unless the dictator DICTATES that government should get out of the way of its citizens who will make good lives for their families if given the chance.

We used to have a Constitutional government where the Constitution DICTATED that government would keep out of our business.

There does seem though to be a strong correlation to a Jewish-ran society and stagnation and misery.

The great and telling exception to the rule being the Zionist Nationalistic Israel.  But that is all self-serving, as even a dog is smart enough to know not to mess his own sleeping area.

Now that Jewish puppet leaders George Clinton, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Barrack Obama and Ronald Reagan have all had their chance to run the country, our nation has lost its way.

Yes, I include Ronald Reagan as a Jewish-led leader.

Not that Reagan was not a powerful champion of Christianity, for he was, but because, behind the Reagan curtains was a menagerie of Neo-Con Jewish Republicans in his cabinet.  Even though Reagan  backed  Afghanistan  Muslim  fanatics  against  Russian  Christian air crews who were slaughtered by our Stinger missiles and even though Reagan ushered in the age of the Middle East wars for Israel, Reagan made us proud once more to be Americans and Christians.

Before Stagflation, 

there was REAL GROWTH

There was a 42% rise in real incomes starting from when the Census first started recording this measurement in 1960 to the stopping point in the year 1973 where it maxed out at $51,000 for men. 

Imagine how much real incomes have improved since the days before planes, trains and automobiles.  Since the days when everyone worked manual labor on farms.

And yet, with the completion of the Industrial Revolution these last 40 years, real income has not changed.

Men Who Work Full-Time

Earn Less Than 40 Years Ago

For the last 40 years, that real income has been as level as a table top.

This was not natural to be so flat after a steady rise beforehand. This was not imposed by the laws of supply and demand. This was orchestrated to occur by the powers who run this country.

For instance, why did women's wages continue to rise but not that of men?  Women's wages kept rising until they also maxed out in 2007.

As everyone knows, political demands required companies to place and reward women over men. This was not a natural outcome of the laws of supply and demand.

Another indicator that something is amiss is the fact that real incomes should have INCREASED DRASTICALLY since 1973 as we were in the mists of a computer revolution increasing productivity exponentially; as, the brain-based computer revolution complemented the muscular-based industrial revolution.

The communications revolution, the computer-based supply chain revolution, the plastics revolution, the computer-based, paper-less financial revolution,  and  many more should have  increased productivity  greatly and thus pay.

Sending all our "low wage" assembly jobs overseas established a working revolution, where the remaining workers should have moved up into the higher paying jobs.

Problem is: The only thing

which has grown greatly since 1973 is Government.

Greedy Government growth has ate all the productivity gains of the last 40 years.

You don't see the government do this in increased taxes.

You see this in cleverly HIDDEN schemes by the Federal Reserve printing bogus inflation dollars and redistributing those bogus inflation dollars to others who have not earned it.

This is basically a pre-tax payment to the government. Taken out of your check (through inflation), before you get paid.

Your computer revolution productivity pay raise increases are being squandered by the federal government.

As you don't figure out that you are not sharing at all in the productivity gains of the computer revolution, so much the better then for the politicians to get away with it all.

Just because our Jewish corporate leaders are smart enough - and powerful enough - to reward themselves with massive CEO bonuses for laying off Christians in America and hiring non-Christians in other countries and just because fraudulent Jewish stock market manipulators like the Wolf of Wall Street are smart enough to take their wholly unfair cut, all brought about by the productivity gains created by the inventiveness of Christians in the workforce, does not mean that the government is off the hook.

Myself - I helped revolutionize communications to such a degree where talking to someone in India is marginally more expensive than talking to a cube-mate down the hall, and the same for email. Under this scenario, work from India is the same as work from America in my profession, and I worked myself out of my own job. Indians now do the job I used to do. (To be absolutely correct, YOUNG Indians now do what I used to do.)

Government did not have to allow these productivity improvements to be enjoyed by foreigners in India and China at the expense of the ones who invented and designed the improvements for their own country, but our government allowed it.

Men's Wages Since 1973

Women's Wages Since 1973

Young Men Earn

Much Less Now

than in 1973

  •  Ages 25-34. Down 27 percent. Peaked in 1973.
  •  Ages 35-44. Down 19 percent. Peaked in 1973.
  •  Ages 45-54. Down 17 percent. Peaked in 1999.
  •  Ages 55-64. Down 13 percent. Peaked in 2003.

Ah, but, young WOMEN's wages have increased drastically since 1973 so the world's fine.

As we have said before, AVERAGE men's wages stagnated in 1973, while AVERAGE women's wages continued to rise in real wages until they also stagnated 35 years later in 2007.

If your wife worked, then odds were that your salary was still slowly rising. But if you were a single wager earner family, then you have been left behind for the last 40 years.

Could all this be related to women entering the world force at a lower rate, thereby holding down the wages of men?   All in abeyance of the laws of Supply and demand?

Women in my field make on average more than the men in my profession, so the fact that the charts show them making $10,000 less is purely statistical. Females teaching for 9 months do not make as much as men plumbing for 12 months, even though we respect the women teachers of our children more than we respect the guys who get our toilet working again.

Fact is that men and women in the workforce prior to 1973 continued to see a bit of increase, but men and women entering the workforce after 1973, ages 25-34, saw much more drastic changes in compensation.

Prescription for a Sick American Economy

  •  If we were to take away the economic reigns of power from the Jewish-ran Wall Street tycoons who use our 401K-pension-plan money to buy their way onto the Boards of Directors of major corporations, putting their buddies on the Boards of Directors...
  •  And, if we were to take the monopolistic national microphone out of the hands of the Jewish-ran Mass Media MONOPOLY....
  •  And at the same time, if we empowered our States in the United States Senate to once again reign-in the out-of-control federal government, as it once used to do prior to FDR's time -- prior to the 17th Amendment which emasculated our States...
  •  Then our economy would flower as beautifully as the post-Weimar Republic Germany, current Germany, or the Post-Soviet Union economies blossomed after the Jewish shackles on their economies were taken off.


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