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America's Bread and Circuses

The Jewish Plantation

Question:  "Why would a rich Jew like Donald Sterling of the LA Clippers own a basketball team filled with black players if he hates blacks so much?"

Answer:  "A rich Jew can hate blacks and still like the fact that they make him a boatload of money."

Basically, this is the exact same complaint  Northerners had against Southern Plantation Owners. 

Sadly, most Christians  do not  believe Jews, i.e. The Chosen People, feel that way toward  everyone.  BTW, Donald Sterling's real name is the more Jewish sounding name of Donald Tokowitz.

Where have the

Donald Sterling PC Police

been for the last 20 years?

For talking dirty to his girlfriend all hell breaks loose.

But yawn and ignore a Federal lawsuit where REAL RACISM again blacks and Hispanics is done by this dirty JEW Donald Sterling.

BTW, where have all these NBA players, coaches, and executives been? 

Aren't they co-conspirators ever as much as Bishops were held liable, indeed, entire Catholic jurisdictions were held financially liable for priests molesting children?

Buggering teenage boys far worst you say?  Not according to the level of vitriol being leveled at Donald Sterling it's not, so I feel on safe ground to equate the two.

Will the NBA be sued out of existence as is being done to the Catholic Church?

In 2006, Bomani Jones wrote a piece for with the headline, "Sterling's racism should be news."

At the time, Sterling was sued by the Department of Justice for allegedly refusing to rent apartments in Beverly Hills and Koreatown to black people.

He paid $2.73 million to settle that suit in 2009, a lawsuit which quoted Sterling as saying, in sworn testimony mind you, "Hispanics smoke, drink and just hang around the building," adding, "Black tenants smell and attract vermin."

Behind the scenes, dozens of NBA players, coaches, and executives have alleged racism from Sterling in their interactions with the Clippers owner.

Legal Microphone of James O'Keefe

Compared to Illegal

Donald Sterling recording

The national Judeo-MSM decides what is news in this country and how the news is interpreted.

In the case of Donald Sterling, a life-time ban of an 85-year-old is a Nuremberg-level penalty on a Jewish hater of blacks and Hispanics. The guy will be dead next week for heavens sake!

But for James O'Keefe, endless lawsuits await the man for doing what "60 Minutes" used to do on a regular basis.

Project Veritas

James O'Keefe

Have you been following the media response to the vile and reprehensible comments made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling?  According to, he was ‘James O’Keefe’d’.

Of course, the big difference is that we follow the law....

One thing struck us, however.

When the media gets a story based on a hidden-microphone recording that fits their narrative, they run with it, no questions asked.

By all accounts, Donald Sterling is a bad guy. In this case, however, the recording most likely broke the consent requirement of California law and involved pillow talk. 

But based on how the media is reporting this story, illegal recordings are okay and pillow-talk is on-the-record – as long as they agree with who’s being targeted. 

But as we’ve seen with the media response to our Project Veritas investigations, when legal hidden-camera recordings expose corruption on public officials in government, the media attacks the messenger, not the corruption that was exposed.

President Barrack Obama

addresses comments

by LA Clipper Owner Donald Sterling

Being President of the United States is an incredibly difficult job. Especially when you are the most powerful man in the world, and you have to take time out of your busy schedule to make a Presidential pronouncement on the private affairs of the private conversation between a "respected" business man talking privately to his girlfriend, and the business is nothing more than a boy's game of no national significance.

President Barack Obama, asked to respond at a news conference with Malaysia's prime minister during Obama's visit to the country Sunday, called the reported remarks "incredibly offensive racist statements."

"I don't think I have to interpret those statements for you, they kind of speak for themselves," Obama said. "When ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don't really have to do anything. You just let them talk. And that's what happened here."

Obama also expressed confidence the NBA would address the situation, and said the United States still wrestles with "the legacy of race and slavery and segregation."

"Obviously, the NBA is a league that is beloved by fans all across the country," Obama said. "It's got an awful lot of African-American players. It's steeped in African-American culture. And, I suspect that the NBA is going to be deeply concerned in resolving this."

--Fox News

Rich Jewish Basketball Commissioner

Adam Silver

to slap

Rich Jewish Basketball owner

Donald Sterling

on the wrist

Now this will prove to be rich. Adam Silver is a member of Donald Sterling's tribe.

Can we say, "Conflict of Interest?"

Obama talking about

Sterling who is

a minority persecuted Jew!!

I can't believe the anti-Semitism of our President to call this fine Jewish owner of the LA Clippers -- IGNORANT AND RACIST !!!!!

Donald Tokowitz (legally added Sterling as his last name as an adult) was born in 1934 in Chicago, Illinois. He and his family moved to the Boyle Heights area of Los Angeles when he was two years old. His parents, Susan and Mickey, were Jewish immigrants.

Wikipedia: Donald Sterling

Minority Jew Donald Sterling
had(!) a dual minority girlfriend !!

How can a minority Jewish man be a racist is he is dating two minorities in the same girlfriend?  --  A black and a Hispanic?

Four minorities are involved here, all precious as can be, all protected, with absolutely...
  •  no white honkey KKK men
  •  no Christian radical fundamentalist, wife-beater, anti-Semitic men
  •  no Yankee Gringo men
and yet, charges of racism is leveled.

You have to have either white honkey KKK men or Christian radical fundamentalist, wife-beating men or Yankee Gringo men for charges of racism against blacks, anti-Semitism against Jews, anti-immigrant racism, or even charges for male chauvinism against the GF to be allowed on the American stage.

So, how can this be?

The recording that surfaced Saturday identified Sterling as the man heard demanding that his girlfriend — reported by TMZ to be V. Stiviano, who is of black and Mexican descent

-- FoxNews

Sterling is a Compassionate Jew
who hires

"poor black children"

If Donald Sterling is into slavery, then the millions he pays his plantation slaves are the richest slaves history has ever seen.

Donald Sterling was a loving compassionate Jewish man who only wanted to "offer a lot of money to a poor black kid".

It was whitey he was screwing.

Gotta love a Jewish man who screws whitely!!!

In February 2009, Sterling was sued by former longtime Clippers executive Elgin Baylor for employment discrimination on the basis of age and race.

The lawsuit alleges Sterling told Baylor that he wanted to fill his team with "poor black boys from the South and a white head coach".

The suit alleges that during negotiations for
Danny Manning, Sterling said "I'm offering a lot of money for a poor black kid."

The suit noted those comments while alleging "the 
Caucasian head coach was given a four-year, $22-million contract", but Baylor's salary had "been frozen at a comparatively paltry $350,000 since 2003".

Wikipedia: Donald Sterling

Bread and Circuses
Needed to keep us distracted

from our many pains and sorrows

Anti-Semitism against Jews are frowned upon in the Judeo-MSM.

I suspect this will all blow over soon.

Will the NBA be sued into bankrupcy for systemic racism as the Catholic Church was sued for not holding their priests accountable? 

I would not hold your breath for the NBA to be sued and put out of business for running a plantation system, filled with rich Jewish owners making billions off the backs of poor black kids -- after all, the Bread and Circuses must go on.


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