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May 2014 AD


was a Jew

All Muslims will tell you they are descended from Abraham through Ismael. Well, there is far more truth to this than any Muslim would ever admit.

For if Muhammad was to have descended from Ismael, then his mother had to have been Jewish.

Thanks to a note from a non-believing Jewish writer to this website, it now seems she was and the unmistakable profundity of this fact bears out the Earth shattering statement --  "Muhammad was a Jew"!.






Even before Muhammad began his religion, the fact that he was Jewish through his mother and had a Jewish first wife explains why Jewish tribes trusted Muhammad to lead them.

The more difficult explanation to make is to explain why Jews were so open to following Muhammad into his new religion of Islam , a religion much like their own in terms of Jericho-like "kill all the men, women and children", don't eat pork, and yet different in other areas, circumcise the men in one versus the women in another, rake in interest in one versus being forbidden in the other, and so on.

After our required history background refresher course, in "How Jews got to Arabia," we will explain how ordinary Arabs came to trust Muhammad as well, and in the process, got swindled into the religion of Islam. 

Lastly, since the Jews are traditionally such an exclusive tribe, we will also explain why the Jews even felt the need to convert these pagan Arabs.

How Jews got to Arabia

  •   Even before the Roman Era, being the traders they are, Jews had long been in Arabia as part of the silk route trading between the East and the West.

The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire
by Edward Gibbon,
volume 5, page 202:

“Seven hundred years before the death of Mahomet the Jews were settled in
Arabia; and a far greater multitude was expelled from the Holy
Land in the wars of Titus and Hadrian. The industrious exiles
aspired to liberty and power: they erected synagogues in the cities, and
castles in the wilderness; and their Gentile converts were confounded with the
children of Israel [Jews] ...”

The Israelites had been aligned with the Persian Empire ever since the day Persian Emperor Cyrus the Great freed the Israelites from their Babylonian Captivity. 
(For Rush's people in Rio Linda, Persia is today's Iran and Babylon is today's Iraq)

Twice thereafter, the Eastern Persian Empire, with their Jewish allies, tried to subdue Western Greek civilization.  Once on the plains of Marathon under Persian King Darius where he was soundly defeated, and again, by his son King Xerxes, husband of the Israelite's very own Queen Esther.

With the West victorious in both encounters, Alexander the Great would take the fight to the Persian Empire and subdue all of Persian and beyond under Hellenistic rule.

The Jews could not have been more unhappy and when the Western Romans overtook the Western Greeks, bringing Roman legions into Jerusalem, the Jews were lowered deeper into desperation.

Christ came of this desperation, and as Christ predicted, destruction would come on several fronts
to the Jews who rejected Christ.

The Jews' first disappointment
against Roman occupation
came on the battle field.

In their First Jewish Rebellion of 67AD-70AD against Roman rule, Roman punishment came as night follows day -- Rome's iron-handed destruction of the Jewish Temple, along with the taking of slaves to spread  throughout the Roman Empire.  Along with the losses of Jews into slavery within the Roman Empire, already there started a scattering of Jewish refugees into the Persian Empire and into Arabia in what the Jews have called their Diaspora.  But Jews were still the majority in Palestine.
  •  Jewish refugees from the First Jewish Revolt of 67-70 AD arrive in Arabia, helped by the resident Jewish traders.
In Arabia and Persia, the Babylonian Talmud was begun to record their side of history for all eternity.

As for the Jews in Diaspora throughout the Roman Empire, they attempted to duplicate what had worked so well for them in Babylon -- rot the empire from the inside.   One region pitted against another -- conquered nation against conquering nation -- slave against master -- man against woman -- young against old -- rich against poor-- aristocrat against plebe, so that an outside power could be convinced to take it without a fight.

And indeed, while not as much as they would have hoped for, they had success! 

Just like the 1,000 year old Babylon Empire fell apart by Jewish subversives, just a generation after absorbing the Jews they thought they had conquered, allowing for the Persian King Cyrus to take Babylon without a fight, so did the 500 year-old Roman Republic become rapidly ruined by Jewish subversion from within to the point that within a generation of Rome taking Palestine, a Roman General named Caesar killed off the Roman Republic in all but name only.

By 132 AD, the Jews figured they had subverted enough slaves and other disgruntled people yearning to be free throughout the Roman Empire, that they, the Jews, would lead the revolt against Rome.

And they had just the Messiah to accomplish this herculean feat - Simon Bar Kokhba.

It worked for a spell. Israel was free for a few years while Rome was busy putting down the internal rebellions the Jews had stirred up among their own people.

So many Jews believe that Simon was the messiah that they renamed Simon Bar Kosiba their liberator as Bar Kokhba, "son of the Star," a reference to a verse in the Book of Numbers (24:17), "There shall come a star out of Jacob,"

An clear allusion to the arrival of a messiah  when numbers alignment in Numbers 24:24  is read,

"They shall come in galleys from Italy,
they shall overcome the Assyrians,
and shall waste the Hebrews,
and at the last they themselves also shall perish."

Indeed, the rebellion of the false messiah Bar Kohkba allowed for Rome to finally lay waste to Israel, as every Jew the Romans could capture was relocated to the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean, in what is now Spain. 

  •   Jewish refugees from the Bar Kokhba Revolt, ones the Romans could not find, who had escaped to Arabia and even Persia, were helped by the Jewish traders and Jewish refugees in Arabia from the first revolt
There would be one final Cyrus the Great moment when in 617AD, the Jews had persuaded the Persian Empire to once again strike at the West, not as in Darius and Xerxes days, but as in the overthrow of the Babylonians.

For 5 years this worked. The Jews once again had their homeland back from the Christians, but Byzantine Emperor Heraclitus was finally able to  route the Persians and laid waste to all of Persia. Weakening them into societal collapse was the devastation so complete.

But it was a Pyrrhic victory, as both empires laid knockout blows to each other.

Lucky for the Jews that they had a backup plan waiting in the wings in Arabia.

The Jews' second disappointment
against Roman occupation
came on a peaceful note.

The message of Christ was rapidly spreading far and wide in the Roman Empire. A empire who reluctantly opened its arms to the message of Christ, even with subversive Jews trying their best to have Rome persecute and destroy the fledging religion, but it was of no avail.  The result was an increasingly Christian Roman Empire.

As areas Christianized, they expelled the Jesus-denying Jews in their ranks, many of whom ended up in the only locations available to them, with their tribes in the Persian Empire and the Arabian desert.

  •   Jewish refugees from the Roman Empire Diaspora, kicked out as parts Christianized, started arriving in Arabia to join the other 3 waves of Jewish immigrants to Arabia.

This last wave of immigrants included people who are known in Islamic literature as the Aus and the Khazraj.

Around 300 CE, they were forced out of Syria by the rising strength of Christian Rome, and the adoption of the Ghassan leader, Harith I, of Christianity.

At first the Aus and Khazraj lived on the outskirts of Yathrib. According to Islamic sources, the Khazraj, headed by Malik ibn Ajlan, sought and obtained military assistance from the Bani Ghasaan; and having enticed the principal chiefs of Yathrib into an enclosed tent, massacred them.[4]

Then the citizens of Yathrib, beguiled into security by a treacherous peace, attended a feast given by their unprincipled foes; and there a second butchery took place, in which they lost the whole of their

4.See Katib at Wackidi, p. 287.
5. "Life of Mohamet I", by Sir Walter Muir, Chapter III, Section 6

Even by 300 AD, the Jewish homeland itself was majority Christian.

  •   Jewish refugees from the Jewish homeland itself arrived in Arabia.

This alone could not stand.

But religions know no borders and Christianity was also beginning to make in-rodes into Arabia, where the Jewish refugees were congregating.

With their backs to the wall, this threatened their very existence.

The era of Paganism
was quickly coming to a close 

and the Jews knew it

The Roman and Greek gods had been no match for the Christian God and the Jews knew that it was just a matter of time as well before the Arabian Gods of Al-Lah and his three daughters would be thrown away for a love of Christ.

The Jews knew that their religion would not be the answer; for otherwise, the Roman Empire would have been Judaic by now, would it not?  Instead it was devoutly Christian.

Judaism was an abject failure in winning over converts from either Christians or pagans.

Already the future prophet of Islam himself, Muhammad, living in non-Roman Arabia had a Christian uncle-in-law.

If Jews did not want Christianity to kick them out of the entire civilized world, they needed a counter-measure of equal and opposing strength.

And for their counter-attack, they needed to at least retake ground they had lost to the Christians -- they needed to retake Jerusalem.  For a good balance, they also needed to take at least half of all Christian lands.

Their Messiah would be Muhammad.

the Jewish Messiah

But why Muhammad?

This site first discovered that Muhammad was trusted by the Jews to such an extent that 9-year-old Aisha was given to Muhammad by her Jewish father as his second wife to replace the first one who had died.  But that does not explain why all Muhammad's top generals at the time of his death had been raised Jewish.  Why would they follow a non-Jew as a Messiah?

Did not make sense.

Subsequently, this site has discovered that Muhammad's first wife was the Jewess Khadija.  So that seemed sufficient at the time for the Jews to trust him, since all his descendants would have all been Jewish.

So both the Arab tribes trusted him for being Arab and the Jewish tribes trusted him for haven taken a Jewish wife.

At least that began to make sense.  But before Muhammad started his religion, his first wife had already died, so there were no longer those Jewish strings in the wife, as Esther had with King Xerxes.

So, this still did not make sense.

But in fact, turns out even this was all
all stealth and guile on the part of the Jewish masterminds of this plot.

Father or Mother linage?

In most of the world, the father defines the lineage.

In that sense, to all Arabs, Muhammad was a fine outstanding Arab member by birth  of the Banu Hashim clan of the Quraysh tribe. 

The rewards (i.e. Jewish bribery) for this is that the Jews would insure that the Quraysh gained supremacy and produced the three dynasties of the Ummayad Caliphate, the Abbasid Caliphate and the Fatimid Caliphates.

However, in the Jewish world, the hand that rocks the cradle is from whom the lineage is traced - the mother.

So, to all Jews, making the most sense of all this would be the assertion out on the web that Muhammad's mother Amina was a Jewess.

Muyhammad's Jewish Mother, Amina

And here is where it all ties together.

The father of Muhammad was of the priestly pagan tribe of Quaraysh, chiefs and keepers of the national treasure of the Kaaba, married to a Jewish lady who would insure Muhammad would be a Jew with divine rights to determine the fate of the pagan Kaaba - few questions asked by the Arabs.

The ones who did ask were beheaded.

Add in the power and might the large contingent of Jews in Arabia gave Muhammad, and he was all set to become their Messiah.

With Jewish help, Muhammad crushed all Quraysh resistance and forcibly converted them all to Islam. the rest of Arabia easily fell in line behind the "priestly tribe".

From there it was on to Jerusalem and beyond from one bloody battle to another.

Within 100 years, Jerusalem was free of Christianity, half of Christianity was in the hands of the Muslims and all of the Persian Empire was now Muslim.

God's Chosen People were once again saved. 

Saved indeed from the followers of God's own Son, Jesus Christ.


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