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Common CORE



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The schooling of children has always been a hot topic.

COMMON CORE is the latest attack on our children,
but social engineering in schools has been going on for a long time now.

History of Social Engineering in Schools

In my youth, parents sending their kids to private Catholic schools were labeled un-American, since it was said, "Their children would not be immersed in a DIVERSE society of Catholics and Protestants, all unified in a "melting pot" of national culture".

Public schools were to integrate Catholics and Protestants together for the COMMON GOOD.

So the parents of Catholics, finding themselves impoverished with property taxes for public schools, placed their children in public schools.  (And with the help of rising Catholic tuitions caused by a shortage of nuns working for free, but now having to pay lay teachers a real salary.)

But in the end, there was to be no religious DIVERSITY.

Soon the national courts were telling parents that there was no good to come out of having DIVERSE Catholic and Protestant faiths in public schools; hence, these DIVERSE faiths were subjugated to the one PUBLIC GOOD of the public school -- by being muffled into silence.

Catholics and Protestants were now integrated, but neither would be allowed to exercise their own religious beliefs.

About the same time, all white parents were now being called un-American, because it was said, "They are racists sending their kids to segregated schools."

While blacks were told to show pride in being DIVERSE African-American, and Hispanics were told to show pride in being DIVERSE Hispanic-Americans, whites on the other hand, were made to feel shame for being NOT-DIVERSE European-American.

And yet, all this proud black and Hispanic pride stopped at their own schools, for everyone was told that "Their DIVERSE proud black and DIVERSE proud Hispanic children had to attend schools with the shameful white population exploiters in order have any hope of succeeding in life". 

Blacks, Hispanics and Whites are now integrated in public schools, but If not now, then soon, none will be allowed to show pride in their ethnic backgrounds, for that viewpoint has to melt into DIVERSITY with the newly arrived DIVERSE elements -- Muslim Arabs, Buddhist Chinese and Hindu Indians.

DIVERSE Asians were never told such nonsense about their needing whites to succeed -- and they did succeed.

How has all this emphasis on equality in education brought us?

Well, from episodes of Jay Leno's Jay-walking, we know that our typical high school graduate cannot tell you which century the American Revolution was fought versus the century in which the American Civil War was fought vs the century in which the two World Wars were fought.

To be sure, our children today are expected to be dumbed down in religion and ethnicity. They are not expected to know anything about their our religious beliefs from public school training, nor are our children expected to know anything about their ethnic culture.

The area not expected to be dumbed down however, but instead, to be greatly enhanced, is the area of government. Every expert should agree that today's students graduating from government-ran public schools should know something about their government who runs the public school they have attended. Meaning they should know American History -- which is mostly the history of how our government came into existence!

So everyone can agree -- there is plenty of room for reform in education.

Federal Reformers to the Rescue

The preceding title is misleading. In actuality, federal "reformers" have been a great contributor to the problem.

Where has this so-called reform been coming from?  -- the federal government is the answer at every turn.

Department of Education

Many believe that President Jimmy Carter started the ball rolling with his newly created Department of Education on October 17, 1979.  Truth is that the D of ED is not as radical as it seems on first blush, appearing to go from nothing to a cabinet level in a presidential pen stroke.

Sputnik and War on Poverty

In fact, most of the functions were already present in other cabinet level positions created in the Sputnik Challenge under Eisenhower and the War on Poverty days of LBJ. 

Hence, the Department of Health, EDUCATION and Welfare (HEW) created by Eisenhower, was renamed after the education parts were stripped out to make up the Department of Education, to being now called just the Department of Health and Human Services.

The former 3,000 employee strong -- Office of Education (under HEW)
became a 17,000 employee strong -- Department of Education.

Spending was $12 and $14.2 billion dollars before and after.

"No Child Left Behind"

Took our very own "Compassionate Conservative", President George W. Bush, to  bring  his idealistic policy of "No Child Left Behind" from operating at the state level in Texas, to the federal level for all.

Before No child left behind the DoED budget was a massive $46 billion dollars.
After No Child Left Behind, the DoED budget was a more massive $60 billion dollars

"Let no Crisis go to Waste"

The 2008 depression threatened to cause an avalanche of local school teacher layoffs and local school closings.  Property taxes are the primary means of  funding public schools and the 2008 housing crisis  was  just what a  Department of Education ran by Jewish Rahm Emanuel' types was looking for.

Race to the Top

President Obama waved federal dollars in the face of local school districts with a federal program called "Race to the Top". (Otherwise known as R2T, RTTP, or RTP.)

And the entire country got sick with the COMMON COLD.

COMMON CORE was "the strings" attached to RACE TO THE TOP.

If the states wanted their children to be educated, they had to agree to educate their children the federal way.

David Coleman, Jewish Indoctrination Commissar

As many times we see in national Teutonic shifts, there is a Jewish revolutionary behind the change.

The man behind COMMON CORE is a Jew named David Coleman.

Goals of

Goal #1: Collective power over the Masses

Naturally, David Coleman is the President of the College  Board which administers both the SAT and the AP tests.

Already then, Coleman has massive power to influence the direction of education in the entire United States for any child hoping to get into a good school with a high SAT or AP test score.

The SAT and AP will be converted to test to the COMMON CORE agenda.

If your Christian child is not CC trained according to the wishes of Jewish David Coleman, then your child will be guaranteed to have no future in this country.

Goal #2: Corporate cogs for the machine

David Coleman is controversial in emphasizing the teaching of non-fiction over fiction.

"What employer hires someone for having read Moby Dick" has been a CC refrain.

We have seen this in Communist countries. Students will be graded into worker categories, as seen strangely in the  fictional movies DIVERGENT and THE HUNGER GAMES.

The "so=called classless" communists were the most class-conscious government one could imagine. 

For instance, a Communist Chinese girl who was proficient in gymnastics, would be taken from her parents for years of intensive training, spitting out an Olympic Gold winner in their gymnast assembly lines.

This will turn America into the mold of another fictional movie GATTACA, where everyone is classified, labeled, and productized by DNA analysis, psychologically testing and longitudinal studies.

The state will tell you what you will be when you grow up and none dare resist.

You will learn only what you need to know and nothing more. 

No need for training in religious morality or ethnic cultural heritage, just a need to know what is needed for the fascist corporate meat-grinder.

Goal #3: Centralized Control

Your child will not just be tested academically to determine their ability to add and subtract, but will be tested with every instrument and technique known to man.

All this data mining of every detail of your child's persona will be fed to federal NSA-styled computers who will be able to almost predict your every behavior into adulthood. Akin to yet another fictional movie called MINORITY REPORT. 

Our future Communist Party members (consisting mostly of Jews like David Coleman as the Soviet Union model showed showed the world), will the the ruling class.

Everyone else will exist for the "good of the state", providing exactly what the state needs in a collective whole.

Strangely resembling yet another fictional movie named THE MATRIX.

Goal #4: Destruction of freedom of choice

Private Health Saving Accounts with private ownership rights and responsibilities is the solution to Health reform needed from years of government meddling in the health care industry, having pushed prices sky high with endless FDA regulations, corporate  tax incentives to give corporate health care instead of private individual care, and endless lawsuits to sue every medical device into the price stratosphere.

Instead we got ObamaCare -- even more government meddling. even has the audacity to call this "THE MARKETPLACE"!

There is nothing Marketplace about forced coercive buying of health insurance. Ironically, from the same GREEDY INSURANCE COMPANIES we were programmed to hate in getting us indoctrinated into accepting ObamaCare.

Likewise, private Catholic and Protestant schooling has had long histories of turning out truly model citizens for this country. Not the robot citizens we will get with COMMON CORE.

And yet, again we get a "one size fits all" government "solution" to years of government meddling and destruction in COMMON CORE.

This country will become COMMUNIST TO THE CORE, instead of the country who but a few short decades ago -- out-innovated and out-produced all the world combined -- in a free society.  Even countries with a thousand year head start on us.

Goal #5 :  Jewish Commissar indoctrination

With education in the hands of Jews like David Coleman, Christian children will be totally indoctrinated to their agenda for the nation.

Even for my kids, I noticed that the most non-politically charged subject -- math -- was basically the only homework assignment. That was the part of public schools parents got to see in helping with their children's homework.

The politically charged parts of the education remained locked inside the school house where parents were not allowed without a pass from the princiPAL, who was nobody's PAL.

Matters will only get worst with this latest power grab in COMMON CORE.


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